Nonpareil 360 Security Cameras for Optimum Scrutiny

In your absence, what happens to your beloved property? For instance, how are pets doing? Certainly no wonder, these are some of the great concerns. But people care about them the least. However, these concerns are growing. Certainly security threats are not uncommon these days. Luckily, there are 360 security cameras. So, you can install those to check if a certain place. Otherwise you can have a glance to get rid of unwanted tensions. 360 security camera can protect your property and loved ones thoroughly

List of 10 Best 360 Security Camera Product Review

10. Outdoor PT Wi-Fi IP 360 Security Camera

Outdoor PT Wi-Fi IP 360 Security Camera

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A wider viewing angle is the specialization of this camera. Besides, it provides 1080P video capturing. Additionally, in this setup, the primary lens ensures a 70-degree viewing angle. But, you can pan the camera 320-degree and can tilt 90-degree. As a result, the camera ensures complete 360 protection.

To capture reliable night vision it uses an 8 pcs LED array. Moreover, this camera comes with IP 66 rating. To clarify, it refers to certified waterproofing. Even a handy app for IOS, Android, or windows. 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band is there for communication. In addition, a built-in microphone and speaker are available. Moreover the microphone setup helps in real-time communication.

What we like

  • 1080P Video streaming capability with 128G local storage capability
  • Seamless 360-degree view. Yet, with speaker and microphone support
  • IP 66 rating for waterproofing
  • Efficient and reliable software service


  • Doesn’t come with a memory card

9. Zmodo Torch 360 360 Smart Home Wireless Camera

Security Camera

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Surely, the Zmodo Torch Outdoor camera can be a great tool. Though for not only security but also for enhancing the ambiance. In addition, you can mount it as a light in any light case. Moreover, you can control the light shed to crank up the aesthetics. Besides, it ensures a complete 360 surveillance. In fact, it allows you to pan across by using compatible IOS, android apps, or desktop web apps.

In addition to all these, cloud plans are available for storing the captured videos. Consequently, they provide you options for download and edit from those clips.  Interestingly, the system searches for any moving object in the range. Likewise, a motion alert in the camera sends a notification. Consequently, you can pan or zoom to detect the object and can take steps if necessary. It needs no extra wiring and hassles. That is to say, the installation of this camera is easy.

What we like

  • Sleek design helps to blend the camera in the surroundings
  • Numerous color options for the light shed
  • Helpful cloud service and all-rounder app for a one-step solution
  • You can install it wishfully and easily.


  • Price is higher than in regular surveillance cameras.

8. Amcrest 4K Outdoor POE IP 360 Security Camera

Security Camera

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Amcrest Outdoor security camera is a POE camera with all the standard features. Interestingly, you can mount this camera on any surface. Additionally, it remains almost hidden from sight. But, the high quality camera provides a greater viewing angle of 112-degree. Additionally, it receives power from the POE switch. Sony IMX 274 sensor with Ambarella S3LM chipset enables 4K video streaming. Again, the setup has a night vision mode. Luckily, motion alert sends notifications if it can detect any moving object

For controlling the camera you have an app interface namely the Amcrest View app. And with its help, AWS secures recordings. Moreover it is accessible through the cloud subscription. Also, you get 1-year of manufacturer warranty along with lifetime support. But note that, all the equipment is not included with the camera but Amcrest sells all separately.

What we like

  • Sleek design for mounting at any service surface
  • Greater viewing angle
  • Hassle-free cloud-based service with a handy app
  • Manufacturer’s warranty with lifetime support


  • The alert delivery interface is a bit clumsy.

7. 360 Security Camera Outdoor, Goowls

360 Security Camera Outdoor, Goowls

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Goowls outdoor security camera is a rather simple looking camera. That’s because it comes without any fancy features. But it has a greater viewing range of 355-degree horizontally and 110-degree vertically. Significantly higher than most other options, undoubtedly. Additionally, with the help of a standard integrated arm, you can mount it on any type of wall or ceiling.

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band is there for transferring data. And for that, a micro SD card (4-64GB, FAT32) acts as local storage. However, cloud storage is optional. But you can receive alerts or access videos through the app. Anyways, motion alert is the sole alert type of this camera. Also, this camera is compatible with Alexa supported devices. Finally, IP 65 rating of this equipment certifies its ability to withstand dust and water. 

What we like

  • Greater viewing angle
  • Alexa Supported, local storage and cloud base service with a handy app
  • IP 65 rating
  • Sleek, conventional yet practical design


  • While streaming, lag occurs due to server issues

6. TETHYS Wireless 360 Security Camera

TETHYS Wireless 360 Security Camera

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Greatly, capability with Alexa devices makes the operation of the camera smooth. On top of that, the physical dimension of the camera is suitable for mounting it on any surface. Moreover, the night vision is good with 32 ft. coverage at low light. Luckily, the setup provides 1080P video streaming with sharper quality.

Of course, a 350-degree horizontal and 100-degree vertical viewing range is enough. As a result, it ensures proper scrutiny of your property. Again, their app offers a one-stop service that offers easy controls. Micro SD card is there for local storage. Otherwise, you can go to cloud storage.

What we like

  • Elegant design with practicality
  • Alexa devices supported
  • Useful app environment
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • The sound quality of the built-in speaker is average.

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5. YI Indoor Wireless Wi-Fi Security IP Camera

YI Indoor Wireless Wi-Fi Security IP Camera

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Eventually, an indoor camera is usually considered for surveillance and also for interaction. Ultimately, this is the design philosophy for YI indoor cameras. Visually this reflection gets a display throughout. Firstly, the camera has an effective microphone and speaker system. It allows you to interact with your kids at home. Secondly, fast and efficient cloud servers relay the communication to the app.

Amazingly, Alexa support is there to help you. So you can pan, zoom, or tilt the camera with verbal communication. Here, you can select up to 8 distinct places as a bookmark for a quick look. Additionally, the night vision mode of the camera is also efficient enough to relay info over the app. Moreover, a distinct feature of the camera is to limit the LED light’s illumination range. Certainly, it helps not to disturb your baby with a light glare.

What we like

  • Standard 2-way audio system and privacy cover for indoor usages
  • Alexa device supported with 8 bookmarks preferred locations settings
  • 345-degree horizontal and 115-degree vertical rotation enabled
  • 1-year warranty


  • No timestamp in downloaded videos.

4. Conico WiFi Surveillance 360 Security Camera

Conico WiFi Surveillance 360 Security Camera

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If real-time communication is your priority, this one can meet that need. And why not since, this indoor camera can provide you clear communication. Undoubtedly, thanks to its mic and speaker system. Certainly, the experience gets more interactive with the help of Alexa supported devices. Yet, you are bound to mesmerize the crisp video quality of this indoor camera.

You can zoom up to 8 times with the camera to get a clear view. Besides, 350-degree panning with 100-degree rotation helps cover all the surroundings. In fact, both cloud and local storage options are available. It comes with a handy app interface to control the camera. Last but not the least, motion tracking is effective to take a look at the baby back home.

What we like

  • 350-degree pan option with 100-degree horizontal view
  • Real-time 2 away communication with standard sound
  • Up to 128G local SD card storage
  • 32 feet night view


  • The motion detection process is not accurate

3. Wansview Wireless 360 Security Camera for Pet/Nanny

Wansview Wireless 360 Security Camera for Pet/Nanny

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At this price point, this can be a hassle-free solution. Undoubtedly, this camera is effective for all-round surveillance. It has 320-degree horizontal and 80-degree vertical rotation. Besides, this camera comes with a 4x zoom for further detailing. Minimal light glare ensures comfortable surroundings.

About a 5-meter range in night vision and it can work efficiently in dark. Thanks to 4 piece IR supported LEDs. In case, it detects any movement, it will send a 10s video through the cloud to the app to notify you. Besides, an optional SD card and cloud storage are there to store the videos. In the end, this camera is compatible with Alexa devices to get more interactive.

What we like

  • Comparative price point
  • 2-way audio communication with Alexa support
  • 5 meters night vision
  • Strict cloud protection


  • Pan option in the app lags frequently

2. Victure 1080P Pet Camera

Victure 1080P Pet Camera

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The camera can offer surround coverage. Of course, thanks to the 355-degree horizontal and 100-degree vertical viewing range.  Besides, its compact design and sleek profile appearance are appealing. Greatly, its design has made the camera a considerable choice. Also, you can attach a micro SD card to store the streaming and the system ensures proper security. As a consequence, the SD card is unreadable even if someone steals the camera.

Interestingly, this camera has a 10 LED array to cover 30 feet in complete darkness to pick up images. Moreover, a noise-canceling microphone functions to transfer voices. Besides, the built-in speaker helps to relay your voice. Certainly, motion detection is effective enough to detect movement and send you notifications.

What we like

  • Wider viewing angle
  • Effective 2-way communication with clear audio
  • 30 ft. night mode works even in pitch dark
  • Easy app environment


  • Initial compatibility of SD card with the app is slightly difficult.

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1. Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom

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Simplistic- this is the word that better described this indoor camera from Wyze. Amazingly, this one can be a good companion in-home surveillance. Certainly you can blend into the environment. Also, the camera can automatically scan your room through the 4 preferred points that you can set. In addition, it can capture crisp full HD resolution video and store it in a micro SD card or cloud storage.

Your phone will recieve a  12-second notification motion alert. Helpfully, those clips will remain in cloud storage for 14-days. Again, 6 LED light setup enables 30 ft. dark view. Moreover, the camera is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. Additionally, you can easily use the app that controls camera functions.

What we like

  • Complete 360-degree panning with 93-degree vertical rotation
  • Compact size for easy compatibility with any surface
  • The easy and clean app environment
  • Effective cloud storage


  • Comes at a slightly higher price

360 Security Camera Buying Guide –

In this section, we have described the features. So, you must know before picking up any security camera.

Video Quality

Most of the users of security cameras don’t feel comfortable about the video resolution. But, surely a camera that is capable of capturing 1080P footage is cordially welcomed. Nowadays, most of the manufacturers give the option to stream HD videos. However, to get a crispier video you should check the image sensors in the camera.

Night Vision

As security cameras are operational at night, they need to have a night vision mode. However, there are subtle differences between night vision modes. Some manufacturers use 8 LED arrays, while some use 12 LED arrays. Besides, in some cameras, the LEDs have position in such a manner that the lights don’t reflect at the lens. Manufacturers write these details in product descriptions to provide great insight.

Local Storage Option

Some users don’t want to upload live video footage of their properties into cloud servers. And for them, there are adequate security measures to protect those images. Yet, some still prefer local storage. For these, you have to check the SD card storage options.

Cloud Storage Option

Presently, cloud storage plans are getting popular among users for flexibility. Of course, note that cloud servers are helpful for seamless communication. But it’s wiser to check the offered cloud plans by the manufacturer.

IP rating

IP rating certifies the effectiveness of the camera against water and dust. However, the IP rating is sometimes neglected for cost savings. But for the longer-term, it is better to spend a few bucks for assurance.

Home Assistant Support

Most of the cameras are now home assistant supported. Certainly, it’s a wonderful feature to have to control the actions of the camera. But you need to check that the camera supports your desired home assistant.


For security purposes, a 360 security camera is almost unbeatable. And with its pan, zoom, and night mode and speaker options, surely, it can be a good companion for safety. However, you need to be aware of the details about the camera features, especially, the cloud plans.