Whether you are planning to have a summer trip with your family or flying to another country for a business meeting, it is important to have reliable luggage to bring your personal items and belongings. With a long history, American Tourister Luggage is definitely one of the market leaders. Therefore, you might expect their products almost everywhere.

The company offers a wide range of luggage models for various purposes and forms of travel. From large checked luggage to small bags, you can easily choose from many size options to pack precisely what you need for the trip. Design is also a bonus point. Most products come with a simple style that can make you feel polished, while allowing for simple travelling. So, if you are looking for a good one and feeling overwhelmed by all the available options, this buying guide can help. We have compiled the following list of the top 10 American Tourister luggage. Check it out and make your decision.

List of 10 Guide American Tourister Luggage in 2020

10. American Tourister Rose Gold Hand Luggage

In particular, the storage compartment of this American Tourister’s product is designed to be both smart and ergonomic so you can comfortably hold a lot of things at the same time. Along with that, toughness is unbelievably tough thanks to advanced materials and stable structure. From there, it can go with you throughout the business trip, travel, or picnic without having to replace another suitcase.

Not only that, but those materials are also able to resist force effectively to serve you enduring for a very long time. Moreover, the surface of it has a convenient cleaning structure to help you save less time washing each time you go home. As a result, you will be comfortable when using tap water and soap to dispel the stain, thereby maintaining the luxurious appearance of the item. Its price is a bit high compared to other similar items

Colors are quite unique and fancy
Appearance is sleek and shiny
Convenient and lightweight to move
The design is classy and elegant
Customer service is pretty good

9. American Tourister Pink Blush Stratum XLT Spinner Wheels Expandable Hardside Luggage

If you are going on a trip to places with a humid climate or during the rainy season, this product from the American Tourister brand is an optimal choice for you. Besides, with an elegant appearance, this item is not simply luggage storage and storage for trips, but also a fashion accessory to help express personality and unique style. of the user. With its sturdy, glossy surface and easy cleaning, you can freely create your own artwork.

And yet, the smooth surface makes the obnoxious dirt particles hard to cling to this luxurious luggage. Moreover, the cleaning is also relatively quick and easier than other similar products that are popular on the market today. From there, you can conveniently maintain the sleek look of the product so that it accompanies your trips from year to year very effectively. The only drawback of this product is that these colors available can be less suitable for male users

Colors are vibrant and eye-catching
Textures are delicate and fancy
The design is both simple and ergonomic
Easy to move and adjust
Usable volume is quite large

8. American Tourister Black Fieldbrook II Upright Tote Softside Luggage

The convenience of this American Tourister item in any journey is one of the greatest advantages that make many customers choose this luggage. All you need to do is simply drag this product to where you want to go. This feature will dispel concerns about shoulder and back pain. And yet, the wheels are extremely well arranged and ergonomically constructed to achieve an ideal rotation.

As a result, every move of your product will become much smoother than before. Manufactured for the purpose of long journeys, the durability of this product has always been a factor that many people are always interested in. However, its appearance does not really stand out from other products that are popular on the market today.

Easy to use and take away
The locks are exquisite design
Simple to clean regularly
Its capacity is relatively significant
Suitable for many different purposes

7. American Tourister Charcoal Arrow Expandable Carry-On Hardside 21-Inch Luggage

With the optimal design, this unique product of American Tourister will meet your usability with relative ease. At first glance, you can immediately notice the simplicity and compactness of luggage. The internal compartments are designed in a variety of styles, large and small, so they can easily meet the needs of many different objects.

Four wheels are arranged for quick and smooth rotation and the wheel is made of high-quality plastic so it can withstand weight and impact without causing the wheel to break or peel off immediately. Plus, the handle is also composed of high-quality materials, so the retractable retract will fit within the reach for the user to easily move. For adults or objects working, then this item is even more popular and the choice to use more. However, its color scheme is a bit monotonous.

The price is quite low compared to similar products
Simple colors to suit many users
The structure is strong and firm
Easy to use and adjust
The material is premium and durable

6. American Tourister Spinner Wheels Belle Voyage Carry-On 21-Inch Black Softside Luggage

Thanks to the special features of this American Tourister product, you can safely carry it during your travel while minimizing the scratches or cracks. Not only that, but the excellent material also provides very good heat resistance, certainly and ensures beautiful durability under all different impacts. And yet, you will easily move with this interesting suitcase without much effort and time. Moreover, if you travel by plane, the product will bring many benefits. The suitcase has an ideal weight to help you carry more things.

On top of that, the product has an eye-catching appearance with beautiful, delicate curves. From small details such as handles, code locks, multidimensional swivel wheels, foot pads are carefully cared for and sure. This has helped the item attract the attention and interest of customers. Its capacity is slightly smaller than competing products.

Colors are combined in a subtle and harmonious manner
The design is classy and elegant
Suitable for both men and women
Convenient to arrange furniture
Customer service is pretty good

5. American Tourister Upright Fieldbrook Navy XLT Softside Luggage

The product from the American Tourister is luggage with tough exterior design and soft inside. Plus, it possesses a simple but extremely sophisticated appearance to make you stand out with luxurious and elegant lines. It is the simplicity that makes the product suitable and ideal for many different occasions such as picnics, camping, travel, or business trips.

Equally important, it is packed with extremely high-security features to ensure you can manage your money, phone, laptop, and tablet on any trip. After a period of use, the suitcase retains its original color. When in the collision, it does not distort or deform thanks to good elasticity. The look of this suitcase does not really stand out from other similar products.

The design is both simple and sophisticated
Lightweight for convenient transportation
Suitable for a lot of different uses
The price is extremely affordable
Simple to use and adjust

4. American Tourister Spinner Wheels Moonlight Hardside Marble Expandable 24-Inch Luggage

This luggage produced by American Tourister is a product introduced as a great companion for trips with outstanding advantages of excellent shock resistance, high elasticity, and durability. get high temperatures. Thanks to that, it protects the utmost of your interior items, especially fragile items. What is more, the 4-wheel layout is reasonably different for easy 360-degree rotation, and they are made of high-quality materials so they can withstand weight and impact without encountering any significant problems.

In particular, the gentle handle can support you as much as possible to pull loads of things with a much lighter weight. From here, it will make the transportation of furniture accompanying you becomes simpler and more convenient. However, it will be more likely to be scratched or stained by mud stains than competing products.

The appearance is very elegant and luxurious
Easy and convenient to clean regularly
Suitable for many different ages
Simple to quickly adjust the size
The design is both versatile and ergonomic

3. American Tourister Mid Navy Blue Spinner 55/20 Soundbox Expandable Suitcase Luggage

Although it is said luggage for travel, this American Tourister product is also compatible with many other uses. Because of the convenience of carrying things, when you are away from school, a long business trip or simply moving house, this item will be a great help for everything to happen in a simple, easy, and faster way. Besides, it is sophisticatedly designed to suit many different user groups so it offers you a variety of choices for coordination.

Made from high-quality and dust-proof materials, it brings the lightest and most convenient way to accompany you on any journey. Plus, premium materials also ensure that the luggage will serve you for years in a row without showing any signs of damage. Even so, it was introduced to be a little more expensive than other competing products on the market today.

Colors are unique and eye-catching
Textures are delicate and fancy
The material is premium and durable
Lightweight and compact for convenient transportation
The wheels are reasonably designed

2. American Tourister Black 4 Kix Grey Expandable Softside 21-Inch Spinner Wheels Luggage

This American Tourister’s luggage is quite good when judged by the criteria of durability because it is manufactured using high-quality materials and is strictly assessed. Also, for this reason, the product has a solid structure and extremely good heat resistance. The outer shell is quite sturdy so the impact of normal external force will hardly affect the product.

In particular, it is more ideal because it does not have any significant problems even when faced with strong bumps. The simple colors but no less subtle will certainly adorn the user with luxurious and elegant lines. And yet, you can easily coordinate this item in various events. This means that the product may not be suitable for young users who love personality colors.


The design is both elegant and powerful
There are many unique compartments
Suitable for use on a lot of different occasions
Its customer service is relatively good
Easy and simple to store


1. American Tourister Spinner Wheels Disney Hardside Mickey Mouse 18/21 Luggage

This luggage from American Tourister has a funny and eye-catching design introduced as a harmonious combination of unique materials to bring the good and necessary characteristics for a premium and specialized suitcase. Besides, it also possesses high elasticity, good strength, and good impact resistance. With the outstanding appearance, the product is suitable for the common tastes of young people, office workers, and those who like to travel.

In particular, the wheel can rotate in many directions, so it will support anti-slip during use extremely effectively. The inner compartment of the luggage is designed with a wide range of small compartments to help users divide the map appropriately. Plus, this capacity is perfectly suited for travel so you do not need to worry about anything. However, it does not seem suitable for older customers.

Colors are fresh and eye-catching
Textures are interesting and unique
The structure is stable and sturdy
The material is durable and premium
Easy and simple to move


Due to the availability of so many models, it can be challenging to choose the right American Tourister luggage for your needs. We have included some particular product recommendations in this guide to help you shop easier. Make sure to read it carefully and take your personal preferences to make the right choice.