Black light flashlights are used to identify wide variety of things that are usually undetectable to the naked eye. It uses ultraviolet (UV) light to help you see what your eyes cannot. Black light flashlight is commonly used in detecting counterfeit money, detecting blood stains in crime scenes, finding pests such as bed bugs, termites, and rats, and even use black light to check the cleanliness of a hotel room.

Black light flashlights have been a useful tool for everyone in the modern days. There are different types and brands of blacklight flashlights with different builds and utilities. Getting your desired detection depends on what black light flashlight you are using. Check out this top 10 list of the best black light flashlights.

10. TATTU U1 UV Flashlight

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               Here is a black light flashlight that is perfect to use at home. With a brightness of 100 lumens and a range of 395 nanometers, it does an excellent job in small to medium case detection. It has a central focus that can reach a distance of up to 100 meters. Moreover, this black light flashlight is powered by a 3600mAh 18650 rechargeable battery and has only one 5-watt LED Ultraviolet emitter which guarantees a lifespan of a whopping 100,000 hours.

               Its long-lasting power comes with a Micro USB charging feature allowing you to charge it easily through your typical phone charger or with a power bank, anywhere and anytime. With a length of only 5 inches, weight of 150 grams, and a single mode On/Off switch, it can be easily stored in your pocket and is comfortable to carry and use around. You are also assured with durability with its high-quality aluminum alloy material. Definitely one of the most convenient and effective black light flashlights out there.

  • Easy to carry around because of its compact size and portability

  • Perfect for daily household use

  • Long lasting battery life with USB charging

  • Easy to operate with its one function On/Off switch

  • 18650 battery prone to aging if overcharged

9.  MOLAER UV Black Flashlight

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               This black light flashlight is designed for your toughest adventures. It features an IP67 waterproof, 5 feet impact resistance, scratch resistant, anti-slip knurling handle, and a military-grade aluminum alloy body. Moreover, it is all designed to endure any harsh weather condition and abuse. It is definitely perfect for outdoors with its compact and lightweight design. Also it only has a 5.3 inch length and 0.6 inch thick and has a weight of only 42.5 grams, making it easy to store in your pockets or attach it to your belt or collar with its removable pocket clip.

               Furthermore, it has a single 5-watt LED UV emitter, powered by two removable AAA batteries. Its UV LED bulb emits 395 nanometers of range with a brightness of 100 lumens. Get comfortable with its soft one control tail push on/off button making it so easy and straightforward to operate. Carry detection on the go with this handy and portable black light flashlight.

  • Super handy and portable which can be clipped to your clothes

  • IP67 waterproof design to fight against water

  • Easy one operation tail switch button

  • Military grade aluminum alloy which guarantees maximum durability

  • Does not offer rechargeability

8. Black Light Flashlight Rechargeable

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               This black light flashlight will serve as your best upgrade to your current flashlight. Not only does this serve as a black light flashlight, but it serves as a regular flashlight as well. Its black light has a range of 395 nanometers with a brightness of 100 lumens, while its white light has an intense brightness of 1000 lumens and has a great range of distance because of its adjustable zoomability. Moreover, it also offers seven modes for its operation: high, low, strobe, UV light, COB white, COB red, and COB side strobe light mode all having a one key turn off so that you can turn off the flashlight at any mode without going through all modes.

               It also features a strong magnetic flashlight tail where you can flawlessly attached it to any surface of metal, as well as a side strobe light to provide large area of lighting, all designed to be flexible to any kind of work you are having. This 5.5-inch flashlight is powered by USB rechargeable 18650 battery with a life span of 10 hours constant lighting in low brightness mode. Lastly, this black light flashlight is made from high-strength military grade anodized aluminum alloy with an IPX5 waterproof design to ensure maximum durability and can be used in every weather condition.

  • Superb multiple modes to cover every possible lighting situation

  • Military grade durability and IPX5 waterproof

  • Offers easy USB charging

  • Very easy and hassle free to use

  • Weighs 380 grams that is quite heavy for a portable flashlight

7.  RENOOK 21 LEDs Mini UV Black Light Flashlight

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               Probably one of the handiest portable black light flashlights out there. This black light flashlight is greatly recommended by campers and mothers. Measuring only 3.78 inches, this will surely fit on any of your pockets or compartments and carry it around with ease. It is made of high-quality alloy which made it super lightweight with only a 65g of weight.

               Along with it, this black light flashlight has a range of 395 nanometers through its 21 pieces of mini LED UV light. Powered by three triple A batteries, this can run continuously for 240 minutes. Moreover, this black light flashlight can be operated easily just by turning it one function on/off tail switch.  Besides, with this ultra-small and handy black light flashlight, detect stains not visible to the naked eye anytime and anyplace.

  • Super small and handy making it easy to store and carry

  • Stable and efficient with its 21 mini LED UV lightbulbs

  • So easy to use with only one button to operate it

  • Lightweight

  • It relies on darker lighting for it to work better

6. Optimal Shop 6 pack UV Blacklight

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               This mini black light flashlight did not let its size impair its performance. with only 3 inches long and 1.5 inches thick, you are assured pocket portability and excellent results. In addition, it is powered by 9 mini low powered LED UV light bulbs for power efficiency. Likewise, this is perfect for detecting counterfeit money, house stains, pet urine in carpets and furniture, and many more.

               Its small and compact size also offers great durability. Its body is made from strong aluminum allow which is also lightweight, making it easier to store and carry around. Moreover, its small compact body housed 3 triple A batteries with a life span of 6 hours continuous usage. Furthermore, get your blacklight flashlight always on the go and detect stains anytime and anyplace.

  • Super small and compact making it easy to store

  • Power efficient low consumption LED UV lightbulbs

  • Easy to use with only one tail switch button to operate

  • Durable despite its small size

  • Does not offer easy USB recharging

5. uvBEAST NEW V3 Black Light UV Flashlight

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               Here is a black light flashlight which offers unique quality and features you will not see on other black light flashlights. This flashlight uses its latest V3 LED UV lightbulb which produces higher UV intensity than any other black light flashlights in the market. It is guaranteed that you will not be seeing a ton of visible light with its high density 395 nanometer UV emission.

               Furthermore, this black light flashlight uses 3 V3 high density LED UV lightbulbs which is powered by a rechargeable Li-on 18650 battery cell guaranteed to give you a battery life equivalent to a life of approximately 93 sets of 6 double A batteries. Unlike other blacklight flashlights that depends on dark light conditions, this product’s high intensity LED UV technology will let you use it even on a well-lit environment. Moreover, this black light flashlight is made from a super tough aerospace-grade aluminum material making it super durable like no one else.

  • One and only V3 LED UV light technology which is stronger than any other product

  • Super durable and long lasting

  • Long battery life and is rechargeable

  • Can be used even in well-lit conditions

  • Super high UV intensity poses health threats and problems

4. Ultraviolet Light UV Black Light Flashlight

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This mini black light flashlight performs the best compared to the other black light flashlight with the same size on the market. Despite its 3.7-inch length size which can be easily hidden by the palm of your hands, it is packed with a torch-like 5 watts UV power with a zoomable 400 nanometer wavelength. With this kind of power, this black light flashlight can be used even in daytime with ease.

It also offers a lot of hidden utilities. In particular, this black light flashlight has a hidden USB charging port waiting to be discovered on its screwable back cover. Moreover, its durability cannot be contested. Furthermore, this product is made of high-quality strong aluminum alloy with an IPX6 waterproof design perfect for anytime use even on wet and humid conditions. Additionally, with just a click on its one function on/off button, your black light flashlight is now ready to go

  • Small and compact yet offers the best performance UV light emission

  • Very easy to use with just one click away

  • IPX6 waterproof designed to last even on the worse weather condition

  • Offers USB charging saving you the hassle of replacing batteries every now and then

  • The flashlight might get warmer on continuous use because of its high-powered LED UV bulb

 3. LETION UV Flashlight

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From high density UV light to a strong high white light, this black light flashlight can offer you both. This 2-in-1 black light flashlight has four modes: high white light, low white light, SOS light, and high UV light. Additionally, all designed to quickly match the situation you are into with just a push of a button. Also, it offers a rotating body to adjust the field of view from a wider scope to a concentrated range.

Not to mention, its UV light emits a 395-nanometer wavelength range. While its white light can reach a brightness up to 2500 lumen. Both are powered by 3 triple A batteries which can last up to 9 hours of continuous use using low light. Particularly, with its length of 5 inches and durable aluminum alloy body, you are guaranteed convenience and portability. In addition, its durability and longevity are also backed up by its IPX4 waterproof design, making it perfect to use even in the dampest situations.

  • 2-in-1 high powered white light and high-density UV light

  • Compact and portable which can fit easily in your pocket

  • IPX4 waterproof making it durable on any weather condition

  • Simple to use and operate

  • High powered black light flashlight should have offered USB charging feature for easier use

2. BRIONAC UV Black Light Flashlight

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This black light flashlight feels like you are carrying a portable UV spotlight. Its power comes from its 128 quality pieces of LED black light that generates 80% denser and wider UV light. Moreover, it comes with it is a 395-nanometer wavelength powered by 6 double A batteries for stronger and long lasting capacity. Additionally, with a black light flashlight this powerful and wide, it can easily cover a whole room saving you time and energy.

In particular, it is made from military grade aluminum material and with dimensions of 7.9 inches by 3.9 inches by 3.8 inches, it promises a long lasting and maximum durability. It is so hard and durable that it can be used as a baton to get out of tight situations. In addition, it also features an IP45 water resist protection to endure every extreme weather condition. Not to mention, it is definitely one of the most durable and heavy-duty black light flashlight.

  • Made from military grade aluminum material which is very sturdy and durable

  • Offers IP45 water resist protection to survive the harshest weather condition

  • Emits strong high-density UV light that is efficient and stable

  • Has long lasting power supply that can last for several hours

  • Too big and bulky


1. Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light

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Guarantees efficient high-density UV light output, this black light flashlight has 51 pieces powerful high-quality LED UV lightbulbs that can last up to 15 years. These LED UV lightbulbs are 30% brighter than other black light flashlights out there. Additionally, it is powered by 3 double A batteries that helps emit 395 nanometers of high-density wavelength which can be used even in daylight.              

Furthermore, this black light flashlight assures you maximum durability. Moreover, it is made from heavy duty aluminum alloy and each single one of the LED UV lightbulbs is assured to be of high quality and durability. On top of its internal features, this flashlight is also waterproof and has an anti-slip technology to make it capable at anyplace and any weather condition without the probability of slippage. It is also easy to use with its single button operation to save you from tedious manuals and instructions.

  • Long lasting and high durability that can last up to 15 years

  • LED UV lights creates high density emission that can be used even in daytime

  • Waterproof perfect to use on any weather condition

  • Anti-slip technology to prevent slippage even on the dampest conditions.

  • Does not work on cat urine

Buying Guide for Black Light Flashlights

Check out the following points when buying.


Make sure to check first the output. The UV light emitted should be dense and can be seen even in well-lit conditions. Denser UV light means stronger and efficient black light flashlight. You do not want to buy a flashlight with weak UV light and inconvenience you by waiting for a darker environment before you can use and scan with it.

Material Composition and Portability:

To get your money’s worth, refrain from buying black light flashlights with cheap material composition. The body of your flashlight should feel solid, sturdy, and durable. It is also better to choose a flashlight that is small and handy yet effective and powerful. The smaller and handier the flashlight is, the more accessible it is.


It is advised to get a black light flashlight that offers USB charging. Not only that it will make recharging your flashlights easier, but it is also cost-efficient since you do not have to buy replacements batteries and separate chargers.


Black light flashlights save you a lot of time from your daily cleaning or detection duties. Also, it helps you locate dirty places in your house, find pet urine stains, bugs and critters, and even harmful fluorescent substances on your household items faster, saving time and energy. Black light flashlights differ from one another especially on the amount of UV light that they emit. Out team has determined and selected the best black light flashlights. Make sure to check them out before buying.