Every space in our house needs a good source of light. In addition to overhead fixtures and bulbs, some people even want to have additional lighting to make their home look more beautiful or cozier. Bubble lamp can be a great addition to any nightstand or living space. There are many options available out there that are both fashionable and functional.

You can easily choose from a wide variety of designs and patterns to suit your personal preferences as well as your home’s décor and style. From sophisticated and intricate models to the most simplistic units, these home accessories should be in your consideration list. We have rounded up a list of the top 10 best bubble lamps to help you make an informed decision. Check it out.

List OF 10 Guide Bubble Lamp in 2020 Review

10. Jiesheng Warm White Indoor Fixtures LED Bubble Glass Wall Chrome Finish Modern Lamp

The first bubble lamp on the list is an elegant one from Jiesheng. All parts of the lamp are subtly and harmoniously combined to make it look elegant and eye-catching. For that reason, you can both use it as a luxury bedroom light while you can take advantage of the item’s subtle appearance to turn it into a creative decoration in the hallway.

With the presence of the lamp, the surrounding spaces will surely be adorned with retro and classic lines, thereby bringing a warm and intimate feeling. It is a wall mount made of premium glass bubble material and has a chrome base. Plus, just with a damp cloth, you can quickly wipe the lamp clean to ensure it is always shiny and sleek.

What We Like

  • Elegant and luxurious design to suit a variety of spaces
  • The handy and ergonomic structure for quick dismantling and assembly
  • Durable and sturdy material for stable operation

9. JONATHAN Y Playa 21″ Bubble Metal Glass LED Coffee Table Clear Chrome Transitional Lamp

This bubble lamp from the JONATHAN Y brand is a product with both classic and modern design, complete with sophisticated and fancy details. It is a useful piece of furniture that brings a gentle light source for different spaces in your family without losing the balance and harmony of the surrounding spaces.

In particular, this LED bulb consumes less energy than other traditional lamps that are popular in the market today. From there, you can save a significant amount on your electricity bill. In normal daily use, this bubble lamp can accompany your family for a very long time.

What We Like

  • The modern LED bulb for power and energy saving
  • Safety standards for effective fire and explosion protection
  • Gentle light for meeting different usage needs

8. Emliviar Indoor Black Outdoor LED Finish Wall Sconce Bubble Glass Light Lamp

This bubble lamp from Emliviar is a modern lighting device with an elegant design that works well with a variety of indoor spaces. Equally important, the LED bulb of the product consumes quite a bit of electricity, so it will reduce the cost of the electricity bill significantly. In particular, the sturdy outer shell ensures the product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces no matter how harsh the weather is.

What is more, it is designed with relatively compact and ergonomic design for you to easily install or dismantle with no significant difficulty. On top of that, the light of this lamp is very gentle for reading or slowly put you to sleep. Last but not least, this soft light will spread warmth to the surrounding spaces

What We Like

  • Gentle and soft light for a wide variety of uses
  • Simple and ergonomic construction for convenient installation
  • Rugged outer layer to withstand weather conditions

7. SPARKSOR 4W LED Modern Crystal Chrome Finish Bubble Glass Interior Lamp

This lighting device from the SPARKSOR brand is a bubble lamp with a design that is both modern and innovative. The product can be suitable for most interior styles of many families today. In addition, the ability to respond flexibly is one of the main advantages that makes it attract a lot of customers’ attention.

Thanks to the ergonomic construction, you can arrange it harmoniously in different spaces in the home such as bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, dining rooms, or even bathrooms. In any position, this lamp is capable of becoming a unique and creative highlight. With this cozy and elegant light, the surrounding spaces will become more sophisticated and luxurious.

What We Like

  • Modern and innovative design to suit a variety of spaces
  • Advanced LED technology for efficient power saving
  • A quite remarkable capacity for smooth operation

6. TLLAMP Bubble Glass Large Size Open Straight Cylinder Lamp Shade

TLLAMP Bubble Glass Large Size Open Straight Cylinder Lamp Shade

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This modern bubble lamp from TLLAMP is designed in a cylindrical shape to be suitable for many different spaces in your home. Besides, you can make the most of the product’s flexible structure to turn it into a nightlight, ceiling light, chandelier, or wall lamp depending on your liking.

Equally important, the warm and soothing lighting of this lamp is capable of creating a cozy ambiance and retro vibes. For that reason, it is not only used as a high-end lighting device, but also as a creative decorative item in your home. Plus, you can clean the lamp on a regular basis with just a damp cloth to maintain its glossy appearance.

What We Like

  • Highly flexible for easy repair and cleaning
  • Fine cutting for maximum user safety
  • Simple and sophisticated design for compatibility with a lot of different spaces

5. Victrola Classic Bluetooth Speaker Groovy Bubble Blue Lamp

Victrola Classic Bluetooth Speaker Groovy

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Unlike conventional bubble lamps, this Victrola brand is integrated with state-of-the-art technology innovations to maximize your relaxation with every use. Plus, it is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and laptops, so it is relatively easy to adjust it to your liking.

In particular, it possesses a relatively large light range, so it will operate in an efficient and optimal way in different spaces in your home. And yet, the moderate capacity brings a gentle light so you do not feel dazzled and uncomfortable in every use. Moreover, structure certainly makes you feel secure about the product’s long service life.

What We Like

  • Modern technology innovations for diverse and enjoyable experiences
  • Advanced Bluetooth features for easy connection and control
  • Eye-catching and magical colors for exciting entertainment moments

4. EDIER Mini Fish Decor Bubble Sensory Toy LED Color Night Home Office Lava Lamp

This unique and shimmering dish from EDIER is a breakthrough innovative bubble lamp with many different features. Therefore, besides being an ordinary lighting device, it can also act as a fun entertainment option for your family to gather together. In addition, the lamp’s magical effects can stimulate a child’s creativity.

For that reason, it is considered as a very effective companion to help you relieve stress and fatigue after studying and working. It can be both a sparkling nightlight and a fancy ornament. Besides, the durable and sturdy materials of the lamp ensure that it will illuminate your home for many years without serious damage.

What We Like

  • Many modern features to meet many different usage needs
  • Sturdy construction and durable materials for long service life
  • Educational functions for the effective development of the children

3. Creative Co-op Metal Base Table Transparent Bubble Roosevelt Blue Glass Lamp

This bubble lamp from Creative Co-op has an eye-catching and elegant color scheme to accentuate luxurious lines. Not only suitable for installing the headboard in the bedroom, but the item is also an ideal choice for you to equip the hallway, balcony, dining room, living room, porch, and some other indoor areas.

On top of that, the product’s LED technology both saves energy effectively and gives you the soft light as desired. Plus, you can also make the most of the product’s functionality to turn it into a useful night light. Last but not least, this bubble lamp is a great choice for you to give to your loved ones on special occasions

What We Like

  • Delicate and harmonious color scheme to suit many different spaces
  • The customer service is quite good for enhancing the user experience
  • Ergonomic design for easy adjustment and portability

2. MOEBULB LED Bubble Light Colorful Tube Floor Office Home Plastic Fish 100cm Lamp

This bubble lamp from MOEBULB is an ideal and optimal choice for decorating different spaces. Besides, its stable and solid structure will serve you for quite a long period of time without showing any sign of significant damage. Plus, the gradation feature will make the surrounding space become lively and eye-catching.

Equally important, the installation of the product in different spaces of the house is relatively easy and convenient without the intervention of other complex tools. Not only that, but the product also meets the standards of the manufacturing process as well as the safety of the user. As a result, you can rest assured that it will not cause fires or explosions during use.

What We Like

  • Vivid color change feature for entertainment and fun
  • Durable materials and sturdy construction for long service life
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy installation or portability


1. SensoryMoon Bubble Tube Tall Water Floor Tower Tank Room Decor Column Stand Lamp

The appearance of this bubble lamp from SensoryMoon is quite elegant to add subtle lines and elegance to the surrounding spaces. What is more, the item is also popular thanks to its compact and quite ergonomic design. This ensures that you always feel convenient and easy when you want to move it to different locations.

Equally important, it has the ability to become a notable highlight in any space in your home, thereby creating a strong impression on guests and friends. In particular, the product receives the attention and excitement of customers thanks to its flexibility and high compatibility.

What We Like

  • The design is both simple and sophisticated for easy use
  • The colors are varied and vibrant to meet the needs of customers
  • Soft light for relaxation and comfort

Buying guide for bubble lamp

Below are some important factors that you should consider carefully when choosing a bubble lamp:

– Style

Before deciding, make sure to figure out where you will use the lamp. Take a look to know which decors are available. Are there any existing color themes? Is it traditional, minimal, or modern? Based on the information, choose a unit that can blend well or improve your current space.

– Material

Bubble lamps can be made of many materials. These include wood, ceramic, aluminum, bronze, nickel, or stainless steel. Consider your needs and preferences to choose a suitable option.

– Shade

A lampshade can provide protection for the eyes against the direct glare of the bulb.

– Color

The poles and bases of bubble lamps are available in various colors. Make sure to choose an option that can complement existing décor in your space.

– Controls

There are three types of controls for bubble lamps.

Rotary knobs are the most common option. They have 3 positions: bright, medium, and low. A disadvantage of this type is that it needs a 3-way bulb, which can be costly compared to regular bulbs.

Foot switches are often available in many expensive bubble lamps. They are great for those with back issues or when your hands are full. This type can work as an on and off switch.

Pull chains are not so common for bubble lamps as pulling down on the chain that hangs from a slender unit would make it sway and possibly fall over.


When looking for a bubble lamp, you should take into consideration important factors, such as style, design, settings, and many other features. This guide provides you with necessary facts to make an informed decision. Make sure to read it carefully and choose the best one for your family.