Bubble Machine: Enjoy the Floating Spheres of Joy!

Bubbles! Everyone has had fun with them at some point in their lives. Kiddies love to chase them, and the adults can’t help popping them. Do you remember blowing bubbles in the backyard or at any party? Yeah, we all loved those moments. Now, we don’t have to stand there and blow bubbles with our hands anymore. Bubble machines do the work for you, requiring little action on your end. But which one is the best? Here goes the quest! Find the best bubble machine of your choice.

10. WisToyz Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

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Let your kids have a bubble battle with this WisToyz Bubble Machine! This bubble blaster pack comes with a set of 2 bubble guns of the same size but of a different color. You’ll not need to hold the trigger and continuously push it in and out. Simply install the 3 AA batteries (not included). Then attach the bubble solution bottle and pull the trigger once. A 2-year-old can quickly push the trigger.

Having music during the bubble battle adds more fun to it. Isn’t it? Once you pull the trigger, the bubbles come out with cheerful music. Moreover, the light-up function makes it a fun toy to play with even in the dark! You won’t have to take the trouble to refill the bubble liquid. It’s because it provides larger bubble solution bottles. Well, you should keep in mind is to hold the bubble machine straight up. Do it so that you can prevent the liquid from spilling out.

  • Automatic bubble blaster

  • Larger bottle

  • Delightful music

  • Easy-to-push trigger

  • Not the most powerful one

9. ADJ Products Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

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If you’re looking for something a bit more serious, then you should have a look at this machine from ADJ. ADJ Products BubbleTron is a professional quality machine. It provides you with constant, robust output and emits hundreds of bubbles per minute. Let intimidation not get you for its look; it is relatively easy to operate. All you have to do is fill the tank, plug it in, turn it on, and now have fun with the bubbles!

The BubbleTron uses powerful high-velocity fans. Interestingly it produces large bubbles that can rise and float high. You will get a plug-in remote control to turn the machine on and off from a short distance away.  You can place the 25 feet long power cord in almost any corner of your yard. For easy transportation, it has a carrying handle at the top.

  • Lightweight, easy to move about

  • Professional machine

  • Remote control included

  • Plenty of long-lasting bubbles

  • No maximum fill line, easy to overfill causing leaks

8. Windrio Automatic Bubble Blower

Windrio Automatic Bubble Blower

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Fill your yard with colorful bubbles with the Windrio Automatic Bubble Blower! With one time charge, use it for 30 days. 20.5 ounces capacity adds more fun with fewer interruptions for refills. Moreover, the 3-time settings design and a large oscillation angle covering 800 sq ft. are great. Eight spinning wands produce more than 3000 bubbles every minute. And this makes the machines perfect for any occasion.

This bubble machine has a sophisticated internal airflow structure. It’s lovely since that lowers the dB when it produces excellent bubbles. You will get a dreamy atmosphere. That’s perfect for all gatherings with the bubble output blower. Besides, the Built-in 5000mAh polymer battery and integrated water tank are great. And the bottom drain makes them a bubble blower.

  • Touch screen

  • Lightweight

  • Non-toxic and safe

  • Huge capacity

  • Not so durable as expected

7. WisToyz Bubble Blower with Detachable Wings

WisToyz Bubble Blower with Detachable Wings

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WisToyz blower with detachable wings is for every little girl who loves bubbles. Magic stick appearance, music, and light add more fun to the bubble game. Your little girls will make their princess dreams come true. Get ready with this beautiful magic bubble wand. Lovely colors and pretty patterns are the highlights of this bubble blower. This bubble blower fits both indoor and outdoor. Hence, parties, parks, and wedding ceremonies become next dimension fun.

This cute bubble wand weighs only 0.4 lb and comes with a low sound motor. A single press on the power button in the bow will turn on/off the machine. To refill, unscrew the diamond on the wand’s bottom and fill it with bubble solution. Apart from the product, the package also includes a little screwdriver. That’ll help install batteries, and a bottle of bubble solution pushes the hassles out.

  • Magic stick appearance

  • Kid-friendly materials

  • Lovely music and flashlight

  • Bubble solution included

  • Low bubble producing capacity

6. Balnore Bubble Machine

 Balnore Bubble Machine

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Create a whirlpool of fun with this colorful whale-shaped automatic bubble machine. Made with high quality and non-toxic ABS plastic, this machine is safe for your kids. A built-in-high performance motor and ten spinning wands are there. They’ll readily pour out more than 2000 bubbles each minute. Operation is quite simple. Simply pour some bubble solution at the top of the whale, switch it on, and let the action begin!

Smooth radian design and the surface without burrs ensure that your child’s hand is not hurt. For convenient carrying out, it comes with a portable handle design. There is no chance of unnecessary spills and tip-overs. Because this adorable whale features a system with a flat and supportive base, fortunately, that securely sits on most surfaces. You will need 4 AA batteries (not included) to make it work.

  • Drop-resistant

  • Supportive base bottom

  • Portable and easy to use

  • High-quality ABS material

  • Quite loud

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5. Theefun Remote Control Bubble Blower

 Theefun Remote Control Bubble Blower

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Offering some serious competition to the other professional bubble devices is the Theefun Remote Control Bubble Blower. If you are looking for a machine capable of filling a large space in less time, then this bubble blower is the one for you. The body is made from metal and is lightweight so that you can move around quickly. Design-wise, unfortunately, it still has this metallic robot look.

The heavy-duty design of this device only for larger areas and long periods. Among the manufacturer’s innovative inputs is the ability to control it with remote and changing settings. You can easily control it at close range. And remote can control within 32.8 ft. A massive high-velocity fan alongside a high-performance motor (rotating at a speed of 10-20 rpm) generates thousands of bubbles per minute.

  • Exceptionally high bubble output

  • High-speed fan

  • Lightweight and portable

  • High-quality endurance

  • Not for more than 8 hours use

4. PEFECEVE Portable Bubble Machine

PEFECEVE Portable Bubble Machine

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Get your princess the bubble machine by PEFECEVE if you want to have the privilege of duo-speed mode and anti-spilling features. With the 40-minutes auto mode continuous bubble fun, your princess can have fun without any manual labor, and you can relax by the time. However, the spilling of the bubble solution is irritable, and so the manufacturer focuses on the anti-spilling design. Besides, the portability of the product lets you carry in any family picnic!

You can either plug-in the product or use batteries, which is more convenient for you. Only pouring of liquid and switching it on is all you need to make the stuff run. Be careful not exceeding the maximum capacity line while you pour the bubble solution. Easy usage design confirms the fastened handle, upgraded leak-proof construction, & economical structural design.

  • Portability

  • Auto-mode feature

  • Maximum fill line present

  • Anti-leakage, anti-splitting

  • Lower speed produces more than enough bubbles.

3. Kidziane Bubble Machine

Kidziane Bubble Machine

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Want to have endless bubbles? You better check this out. Kidziane bubble machine blows up to 500 bubbles in 60-seconds with its 10-bubble blowing wands. What attracts the kids about this bubble maker is the funny outer look in a dolphin toy shape. When other manufacturers make the stuff look like a machine, Kidziane focuses on the outlook and performance. As for the capacity, the product can contain 6- Fl. Ounces.

A bottle of 8 oz. capacity for bubble solution comes with the bubble maker. Though it is an electrical bubble maker, you won’t be bothered by the noise. Use 6 AA batteries to power the toy, which won’t come with the package, and switch the on/off button to run. Knowing how safe is the product for children, you better know that it’s well tested and has certification as proof.

  • Innovative toy

  • Safe for children

  • Amazing output

  • Well construction

  • Not that durable

2. iTeknic Bubble Machine

iTeknic Bubble Machine

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iTeknic bought you another portable bubble machine. As the stuff is for both indoor and outdoor, so logically it runs on both batteries and plug-in powers. A total of 6-batteries are your requirement. You can customize between the dual-mode of this automatic machine, while the first one allows you to run for half-an-hour and the second mode supports 25-minutes of continuous bubble creation.

The resistance design of the product’s fan keeps you away from secondary injury. Once you touch the fan, it will automatically turn off, ensuring your safety. What adds a point on the safety list is the non-toxicity of the high-quality ABS plastic. Adjustment knobs represent the duo-mode of speed that we talked about. ITeknis’s bubble maker is suitable for all kinds of occasions, like- parties, weddings, ball, stages, barbecue, kid’s playing, etc.

  • Portability

  • Double speed mode

  • Suitability for all occasions

  • Durable construction

  • Batteries give comparatively less performance.

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1. WisToyz Dog Bubble Blower

WisToyz Dog Bubble Blower

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Designed in a canine’s likeness, most children will find the WisToyz Dog Bubble Blower as an appealing option. Powered by 2 AA batteries, it can blow more than 500 colorful soap bubbles each minute. Although the tank is relatively small, it blows bubbles for more than 20 minutes per tank. A flat base ensures that the device doesn’t involve any tipping over the issue. Toddlers can easily carry it as it weighs less than a pound.

Refilling is quite fun. Just pour bubble fluid on the dog’s mouth. This dog bubble blower features high-quality ABS plastic having smooth edges. Also, the elements of the solution id non-toxic. Fan motor featuring noise cancellation makes it exceptionally quiet, so it’s an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor use. Less noise, more fun!

  • Ultra-lightweight and portable

  • Low power consumption

  • High quality and safe material

  • 4 oz. bubble solution included

  • Not so powerful

Buying Guide

Here are the factors that you should consider while buying a bubble machine:


A bubble machine’s overall size can indicate the device’s capabilities right upfront and how easy it is to haul around and store. Usage of the machine can largely depend on the size, especially if you have a particular stage. If you want to flood the place with bubbles, make sure you have chosen the right size.

Bubble amount or adjustability

You have to pay attention to this factor. Not every machine embeds equally. Some bubble machines can produce over 2000 bubbles per minute, whereas others keep things in the hundreds. You have to choose depending on the area you need to cover and how many bubbles you need to fill it.

Power source

Battery-powered machines are safer as they don’t have AC power. They are also more portable, more comfortable to set outdoor, indoor, or away from home. With the AC powered machines, you won’t have to worry about running out of batteries. These machines are larger, more powerful, and make more bubbles per minute.


How long a machine can make bubbles before refilling depends on the ability of the tank. If you see ten or more bubble wands on the wheel of a device, make sure that it has a larger tank, or you will have to refill it frequently. Most bubble machines can make bubbles for at least 20 minutes before filling, no matter what the size is.


If you want an easy-to-carry bubble machine, pick a lightweight device, and has a sturdy handle. For the kids, you must choose a battery-powered one.


Bubble machines are a lot cheaper in most cases now. You can hastily get a perfectly functional and professional bubble machine for under $50. Well, those might not be able to produce enough bubbles for large areas, but they will be enough for an average person’s needs.


Bubble machines are simple devices and don’t differ much from each other aside from their bubble output, capacity, size, and maybe a handful of additional features such as a remote control. When choosing a bubble machine, find the one that is compact and durable, easy to use, can blow bubbles fast.