If you are making your car a dumping ground, then it’s high time you need a car trash can. This fact is especially true if you have a family full of kids riding your car. It is highly effective as you won’t need to clean your whole vehicle to eliminate the filth. A small spill from a drink can ruin your carpets permanently. You can just store the drink or food in it as a storage unit, expanding its scope. The ideal car trash can will make sure you have no problems managing all the filth.

List of 10 Best Car Trash Can in 2020

10. Farasla All-in-One Car Trash Can

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The Farasla, All in One product, is made from a 500D polyester with a 2mm plastic clipboard to last long. There are extra hooks on each side to keep the bag secured in place. It eliminates any possibilities of all the filth from ever coming out. Moreover, there is a large 40.2-inch adjustable strap to allow the bag to be hung anywhere in the car.

Additionally, the fitting process, along with the removal process, is pretty straightforward. It has a massive capacity with 1.8 gallons of space. This is perfect for family vehicles as you can store your kid’s toys & drinks in it.  There is also an adjustable tissue holder that can hold any tissue box size. Furthermore, two removable liners make it very easy to remove, wash & put back in its place without any hassles.

  • Easy cleaning of the interior.

  • Easily fits inside your can in any position.

  • Massive space to accommodate all your needs

  • Tissue box holder.

  • Too big for some vehicles

9. IPELY Universal Back Seat Headrest Litter Can

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IPELY litter trash can is constructed of high-quality Oxford material. It is highly durable for long-lasting use, even outside your car. The height & width of the bag is approximately 15 inches & 7 inches. So if you are looking for a small space inside your vehicle that doesn’t affect the spacing, then IPELY can be perfect.

The top of the trash can is made of an elastic material so you can stretch the opening, but when it closes, you can be sure nothing spills out of it. There is an adjustable tighten belt that can be modified according to others’ needs, especially with little children. The bottom can have a velcro design that allows a more profitable way of dumping the trash. It can also be effortless to wash too.

  • Small spacing for the smaller vehicle

  • It is overall built for a long-lasting experience.

  • Adjustable tight belt.

  • Easy to dump the trash.

  • Not suitable for family vehicles.

8. Timorn Car Trash Can

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The Timorn Car Trash is designed using premium PU leather for more diverse use such as camping, climbing, or traveling. The container has a double leak-proof layer & waterproof PVC lining so that no drinks spill in your precious vehicle. It has a washable interior & detachable straps that make it easy to wash.

Besides, adjustable straps make it easy to adjust to your backseat headrest or car door, or any hears. It adds a great look to the interior as it has a decent design outside. Additionally, the manufacturer provides ten pcs liners with extra four clips to fix the garbage bag & 1 velcro as a bonus. If you are going for a long drive or a picnic, you can easily use it as a storage space.

  • Versatile usage of a trash can

  • Enough space to use in your vehicle

  • Waterproof & leak-free

  • Comes with extra accessories

  • It doesn’t have a lid to cover it.

7. Lusso Gear Spill-Proof Car Trash

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Lusso Car Trash is manufactured using waterproof Oxford & PVC materials for a long-lasting experience. It can hold up to 2.5 gallons worth of trash so that you don’t need to worry about space. Flip over the lid can cover the whole thing up. There are even three additional; storage pockets organize small items such as water bottles or chargers, or even tissues.

Also, adjustable straps help you install it anywhere you want. The trash can includes a vinyl trash liner that is leak proof & washable. You can have an odor-free and mess-free cleaning on the trash can every time. It is designed to perfectly fit any family vehicle such as minivans, SUVs, RVs, or even boats too. Lusso also has a lifetime warranty on it for assurance to the users.

  • Has a lot of space

  • Adjustable straps to install anywhere t=you want.

  • Odor-free & Mess-free interactions

  • It can easily be cleaned.

  • It can be a bit too big for some smaller models.

6. High Road TrashStash Hanging Car Trash Bag

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High Road has designed this heavy-duty garbage bag using 500 denier polyester with metal frame closure and reinforced webbed straps. It keeps any sort of drinks or trash from spilling due to its leak-proof design. Three gallons of garbage can be easily stashed inside the bag. In addition, adjustable heavy-duty straps can be easily adjusted in any position you are comfortable with.

Also, heat-sealed seams with an exclusive liner material can easily store any sort of trash materials. Moreover, this adjustable trash bag can easily be detached using the quick release buckle. You can just wipe or rinse out the internal trash & rehang the bag. There are hinged spring frames that are closed when the bag is not in use. The black one goes nice in a gray and black car interior.

  • Huge storage space.

  • Leak-Proof design to store any trash

  • It hinged frame lids to close

  • Easily washable.

  • Difficult to open using one hand.

5. Carbage Can Premium Car Trash Can

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Unlike the other trash cans you have read so far, this one from Carbage Can is made of 100 % recycled plastic. This gives the literal trash can a sleek black look with a robust structure. Moreover, as it’s made of fully plastic, you don’t need to worry about getting your car floor wet. There are patented anchor clips that are installed easily to your floor mat. They enable the trash can to stay in place no matter what.

Besides, the dimension of the trash can is 10″ x 5″ x 10″. You don’t need any tools to install the can. Boxed storage ensures you have extra space to keep all the filth rightly. Additionally, it is perfect from minivans to trucks & SUVs to taxis too. They even offer a full refund if you don’t find the trash can as ergonomic or reliable.

  • Has a solid build

  • It can easily be installed.

  • Topple proof & Leakproof

  • It can easily be cleaned.

  • Has no lids to cover the trash.

4. Auto Car Vehicle Garbage Can | Trash Bin | Waste Container

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Here we have another garbage can that is made of quality plastic material that fits in almost all vehicles. The overall dimension of the garbage can is 7.2″ wide x 7″ tall, with a total 1 gallon capacity for all the filth.  You don’t want any of the trash to slip out of the can; that’s why you have anti-slip arms with spikes on the bottom to stabilize the trash can while you are driving.

Washing a trash bag can become a headache. But not with this one. Just soaking it in water & drying it would do the trick. Also, you can put any sort of filth inside due to the leak-free design. Putting a plastic bag inside would lessen your work as you just need to clear the bag before you drive again. Lastly, it has a universal fit for almost all types of vehicles.

  • Durable build for long-lasting performance.

  • Leak-free waste disposal.

  • Universal fit to any vehicle.

  • Large capacity for family vehicles.

  • Sometimes it tends to tip over.

3. Drive Auto Products Auto Trash Bag

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Drive’s advanced trash bag has reinforced padded wall & rugged oxford fabrics to sum up its spectacular build. The dimension of the bag is 13″ across by 7″wide x 9″tall. It can hold a capacity of almost 2-gallons. So it is not too big to take a lot of your car space but compact enough to take all your family’s trash for the day. Additionally, this car trash bag can use as a storing space for drinks or snacks.

The interior linings & pockets are double reinforced so that it can withstand the toughest of rides. Moreover, if you are storing filthy waste, then there are 20 disposable internal liners. This keeps the garbage bag odorless & your car filth free every day. In addition, the velcro strap is easily adjustable to secure its position in any given scenario. You can use it with your car, boart, VAN or RV.

  • Large space for entire family trash

  • Durable design.

  • Quick disposable liners to keep the inside odorless

  • Velcro to keep it in place.

  • Does Not have a closed lid

2. KMMOTORS Jopps Foldable Car Garbage Can

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This Korean made trash can has a minimalist design bit once fully opened, and have huge space. This sort of design is so convenient to organize it anywhere in the car. The manufacturer use Pleather and Oxford clothes to make this car trash can. Additionally, there are two buttons to stick both sides. The overall dimensions are 8.6 x 5.7 x 8.6 inches. It is capable of holding up to 7 liters of liquid.

Besides, as it has no interior lining, you have to use a disposable garbage bag with it. There is a strong strap that loops around the seat or any other gears to trip over. Moreover, this bag can act as a storage bag to keep drinks or snacks for long drives. Furthermore, with a maximum length of 24 inches, it fits most cars. Overall it is a decent foldable garbage bag.

  • Simple, minimalistic design

  • Long-lasting build.

  • Foldable option.

  • Can keep anywhere with the strap.

  • No inner linings to keep it leakproof


1. EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can

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With a liquid shield waterproof interior build, it stands strong with a solid structure. The overall dimension is decent enough to settle in any standard car. There is an adjustable buckle to keep it anywhere you like, such as backseat headsets or any gears through the adjustable buckle. Moreover, this product can use in most vehicles and can stretch up to 29 inches.

There is a velcro lid so that you can keep the trash out of your sight. Additionally, with a 2 gallon capacity, you can organize your trash to any length. In addition, it can be said to be the perfect family trash can as it can hold in any sort of filth from drinks to diapers. But you need to provide a grocery bag for all this. There are even side pockets to help in storage.

  • Leak-proof design

  • Velcro lid to keep the filth away

  • Side pockets for storage

  • Easy installation

  • The inner disposable lining is missing.

Buying Guide for Car Trash Can

You may keep the following shortlist at easy access before you solve the car trash can buying maze.


You will find different types usually made from either plastic or fabric. Plastic bins provide a more sturdy feel & leak-proof design. On the other hand, the material made ones are more lightweight & convenient to handle for passengers. But if you are getting a fabric one, make sure the interior is leak-free.


You can’t just go & pick the most oversized trash bag you find. You have to give into account your car size & your family requirements. If you have a large family with a large minivan or SUV, then going for a bigger size is smart. But for personal use in small cars, compact size will do.

Inner Lining

The interior lining of the bag prevents any sort of liquid from spilling out. If you choose a bag with no internal linings, you must have grocery bags as disposable inner linings. But if your trash bin has inner linings, they must be removable & washable to use it again.

Easy to Secure

The last thing you need is all the filth you have stored inside the trash bag littered all over your car floor. This can be very frustrating. So you need secured strips to hold the bags in positions even when you drive on uneven surfaces.

Easily Washable

Getting rid of all the filth daily is the key to keeping your trash bag clean. But you need to wash it; otherwise, it might develop foul odors. Your trash bag should be easily detachable with a hassle-free wash to keep entirely up to shape.


You will find that not all the garbage cans you see have lids. You may not think it is essential, but do you keep the trash in your home uncovered? Lids allow the debris to be kept out of sight. If your pet dogs, then this might prevent them from making a mess.


It’s not like choosing the right trash can is rocket science! Aspects such as material, leak-proof, inner linings & secure positioning are essential for looking for a good car trash can. You just need to get your priorities straight to get the perfect one that suits all your needs.