Corner tables have been a trend in the modern time. These are tables designed to fit at the corner of your walls. Moreover, corner tables help save a lot of space. There are different types of corner tables to best suit your preference and style. If you are planning to add a furniture décor but lacks space, a corner table is the best choice. Additionally, a well-placed corner table can make your room look way better and larger. Check out the following list of the top 10 best corner tables.

10. Safavieh American Homes Corner Table

Corner Table

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This corner table has a mixture of sturdy wood and grey hue. Hence, it adds a contemporary look to your place. Moreover, the elegant design fits in any room. It comes with a vintage grey finish. Therefore, it can update any decor. In addition, this table comes with a single drawer.

The corner table has a solid pinewood material. Also, it has a dimension of 33.1 x 17.3 x 28 inches. It is perfect for the corners of your room. The single drawer has a size of 4.7 x 15.2 x 11 inches. Hence, it adds more storage and saves space. This elegant and simple corner table is a must have.

  • Made from different materials to add a contemporary look.

  • Elegant design that can fit to any room.

  • Made from solid pinewood that is durable.

  • Offers added space.

  • The drawer has some MDF veneer material.

9. Sedeta L-Shaped Corner Table

Corner Table

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The corner table is sturdy and durable. This furniture has an E1 class protection engineered wood. Hence, this furniture is strong enough for heavy objects. Moreover, the surface of this table is scratch proof and waterproof. Therefore, this furniture stays its shiny surface even if abused. This table comes with an L-shaped desk and open storage shelves. As a result, it gives more space while preserving an elegant look at the same time.

This furniture works best as a computer table. Furthermore, its elegant and sleek black design fits with any room setting. The furniture has a size of 70 x 19.6 / 23.6 inches. It also has a .59-inch thick boards for added stability. In addition, it gives large space for work and reading. Plus, it offers added storage while keeping your room organized and clean.

  • Made of E1 class protection engineered wood that is durable and sturdy.

  • L-shaped table to fit the corner of your house perfectly.

  • Table is scratch proof and waterproof

  • It is easy to assemble

  • It takes a lot of space and is heavy.

8. New Classic Furniture Mid-Century Modern Oscar Corner Table

New Classic Furniture Mid-Century Modern Oscar Corner Table

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Here is a corner table that has a modern design. This superb table is simple and solid. Hence, it can go well with any corner or room. The table has a solid walnut wood and veneer material. Thus, it guarantees long-lasting furniture. Moreover, it fits best as a dining furniture.

The veneer material makes this corner table glossy. At the same time, it has an expert construction. Therefore, this table will last long. Moreover, has a versatile brown color. You can fit this almost everywhere like on your front door, entryway, bathroom, bedroom, and many more. This is because this table only has a size of 35.25″ L x 31.5″ W x 29.5″ H. This small and sturdy cornet table gives the room a sophisticated style.

  • Simple and straightforward modern design

  • Made from solid walnut wood that is very durable

  • Versatile brown color that fits well with any decor

  • It is medium size and does not take mush space

  • Does not completely cover wall corners because of its rounded edges

7. Halter L-Shaped Corner Table

Halter L-Shaped Corner Table

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This corner table has a combination of metal and wood construction. The furniture has an L-shape and industrial design. Hence, it modernizes and adds practicability to any space. Also, the furniture measures 39.3 x 23.6 x 19.3 inches. As a result, this table covers a big space for your items. In addition, the reinforced solid wood has a metal backing. Thus, the table is sturdy and stable.

This furniture has an outstanding flexibility and usage. You can also arrange easily with its added open shelves. Furthermore, this corner table works best for desktop computers. To add on this, this table is fast and easy to assemble. It is completely stable once assembled. From there, it holds heavy weights and objects. Lastly, its thin and comfortable design maximizes space efficiency especially in small spaces.

  • Combination of metal and wood materials for durability

  • Goes well with any space

  • Easy to assemble and hassle-free

  • It offers extra open shelves for added storage

  • Shelves designed for desktop computers

6. BON AUGURE L-Shaped Computer Desk

BON AUGURE L-Shaped Computer Desk

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This corner table comes with an L-shape. Moreover, this corner table is configurable. It has a choice of both right and left-hand setting. Thus, it takes into consideration your preference. The furniture has a rustic appearance. Therefore, the desk stands out in any space. This corner table also has open shelves for added storage. It is one of the best corner tables.

This furniture has a 59-inch wide leg room. Hence, it has ample storage for different large-sized objects. The desk measures 59.06” L x 55.12” W x 30.12” H. Therefore, it is perfect for multiple computers ad laptops. Besides, it has a high-quality MDF material that is lightweight. Last but not the least, desk has an anti-skip rubber footing for greater stability and sturdiness.

  • Rustic appearance that fits to every space

  • Configurable setting to adjust to your preference

  • Made from lightweight yet durable MDF material

  • Very stable and sturdy

  • MDF material is not that durable compared to other brands

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5. Furinno Turn-N-Tube Corner Table

Furinno Turn-N-Tube Corner Table

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Here is a corner table made durable particle wood. Thus, it is lightweight and durable. Also, it comes with two multipurpose shelves. This corner table comes with a strong thick wooden stand. Therefore, it is stable and sturdy. It is also comes with an easy to assemble parts that requires no tools to assemble.

This corner table also has an espresso black finish. It gives ample space and organized storage. In addition, the table measures 22 L x 31.1 W x 28.7 H inches. It can go well with different spaces. Thus, it is perfect on any room or space in your house. This simple and elegant corner table is an eye-catching piece of furniture.

  • Made from durable particle wood

  • Comes with a solid wooden shelve for added storage

  • It easy to assemble that requires no tools

  • Rustic design to improve the vibe

  • Particle woods have lower lifespans.

4. Tangkula Corner Desk

 Tangkula Corner Desk

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The corner table has simple semi-triangular shape and structure. It is flexible and fits to all corners and spaces. Moreover, it has a single drawer included. Thus, it offers added space and storage. The frame of this corner table has a solid particle board. Because of this, the furniture is lightweight. It is one of the best corner tables that you can find.

This furniture has a glossy wood finish. Moreover, it has a polished natural wood design. With this, it adds style and warmth to your home. It also skin-friendly and easy to wipe clean. In addition, this corner table has a dimension of 41.5″L x 28.5″W x 30″ H. Hence, the surface area of ​​the furniture is not that large so you can save space yet gives an improved and warm style to your home.

  • 90-degree corner to fit to any corner of the house

  • Made from particle board and shallow slab making it lightweight

  • Easy assembly

  • Polished finish made it easy to clean by wiping

  • Single D-ring bracket may make the corner table sway easily

3. SHW L-Shaped Wood Corner Table

SHW L-Shaped Wood Corner Table

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This corner table comes two small shelves on your purchase. The furniture has an environmental wood grain particle board material. Hence, this corner table is lightweight yet sturdy. In addition, it has a size of 51 W x 19.7 D x 28.3 H inches. As a result, it is perfect for any corner and space on your house. This corner table comes with an espresso color finish.

You can also easily move this corner table from one place to another. Thanks to its lightweight material. Also, the espresso finish fits with any house design. Additionally, the open shelves supply perfect room for books and files. This made the corner table space efficient. You can use this furniture for multiple uses. As a result, you can keep an elegant look with added storage to your home.

  • Espresso color design that goes well with everything

  • Easy assemble and easy use

  • Offers extra storage with its open shelves

  • Lightweight and easy to move

  •  Particle boards have lower lifespan.

2. VASAGLE L-Shaped Computer Desk

VASAGLE L-Shaped Computer Desk

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Here comes a corner table that has charming design. The firm steel supporting the rustic solid wood tabletop gives a lot of antique style. Hence, this table fits any space of your house. This L-shaped desk comes with two storage shelves. Thus, it offers added storage perfect for books and documents.

The large surface of this table is spacious enough for computers. In fact, this table measures 54.3” L x 54.3” W x 29.5” H inches. This desk has a particle board material composition. With this, the desk is lightweight and sturdy. However, this table has a load capacity of 50kg. Lastly, the rustic design gives work benefits. The design helps boost performance and creates stress-free environment. Indeed, a perfect corner table for everyone.

  • It has a charming rustic glossy design

  • Made from particle board that is lightweight

  • Easy to assemble with easy instructions

  • Perfect for office computers and desktops

  • The material used it not as durable compared to other brands

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1. Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Corner Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Corner Desk

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The collective features of this one makes it the best corner table. The tabletop has a high-quality P2 MDF material. Also, the legs have heavy-duty coated steel material. With this, the table is completely durable and sturdy. Moreover, it offers a fast assembly feature. The assembly of this table is effortless and easy. Furthermore, this corner table is perfect for office work, computers, laptops, and more.

It has a large desktop with ample space. Hence, it provides more room for larger objects. Also, it gives more leg space. In fact, the table has a size of 50.8″ x 50.8″ L x 18.2″ D. This corner table comes with a set of 3 upon purchase. This elegant corner table also offers mini open shelf on the tabletop.  As a result, it gives you more flexibility in working. It is also spacious enough for multi-tasking. With this, this is an excellent corner table

  • Made from high-quality P2 MDF material that is lightweight and durable

  • Gives ample space for the legs when using

  • Metal frame and stands for stability and sturdiness

  • Minimalistic design perfect for any space and room

  • Requires a lot of screws and instructions for assembly

Buying Guide for Corner Tables

Check out the following points when buying:

Stability and Durability:

When buying corner tables, you should check first if it assembles easily. You should also check if it has a sturdy and solid material. You can check the durability by feeling the material. It should feel strong and solid. The stronger it is, the sturdier and stable your corner table. You can also ask the person in charge about the material composition and durability.


Not only corner tables save space, but it also improves the aesthetics of your home. Make sure to buy a corner table that will go well with your home’s design.


When buying corner tables, it is better to buy those which offers extra storage. Having more storage is useful when working or using the corner table. You can place your necessities on the added storage for easy access.


Corner tables not just saves you space but is also useful to our everyday lives. There are different types of corner tables which offers different uses and utilities. It also has different designs and styles which gives different feel to your home, workplace, or game place. Our team has selected the best corner tables with different styles and uses. Make sure to check those out before buying.