Cute Airpod Case has become a trend for so many years, until now. As much as a phone case is a needed complementary to cell phones, airpods need airpod cases too. They have a high risk of falling. Unlike cell phones, a single drop from the airpods could lead to significant damage. Moreover, the price of these are not a joke at all. Hence, having its protective gear is indeed a need for users who have airpods. It might not only save you the cost of buying another pair, but it can also add a different kind of style into them.

List of 10 Best Cute Airpod Case Product Review

10. Ownest Sheep Cartoon Animal Design Cover Case for Airpods 2 and Airpods 1

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The Ownest Sheep Cover Case is made with high quality soft TPU material. It protects your airpods from damage when dropped. In addition, it protects it from scratches as well. With this, the airpods is safeguarded at utmost protection. Hence, damage is minimal to none incase of falls and drops.

The appearance design of this product is unique. It has a blue, cute sheep theme design. With this, it adds a kawaii sense of fashion to it. To add, this airpods case is mostly intended for girls and women. What makes it cuter is that it features a keychain. A blue beaded keychain with a sheep attached. Hence, this is perfect for people who are into cute fashion.

What We Like

  • Made with high quality soft TPU material
  • Airpods is safeguarded at utmost protection
  • Unique appearance design
  • Features a keychain

9. (2 Pack) Cartoon Cute Airpod Case Airpods Protective Cover

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This is perfect for you if you are saving. The Cartoon Kawaii Bubble Gum and Drink Airpods Cases only sells at $12.99 only. You would be able to save about 55% than purchasing two cases. In addition, these are made from premium silicone materials. With this, they offer better elasticity and touch feeling. Hence, you will have two premium quality cases at a very low price.

The Airpod Cases are also fingerprint proof. The user won’t have to constantly clean the case. In addition, it features all round protection with shock absorption. Dropped it? Don’t worry. Your airpods are in safe and sound condition. Moreover, it features convenience in charging. No more taking off the case when charging. Hence, a good product deal in terms of durability and quantity.

What We Like

  • Save about 55% than purchasing two cases
  • Made from premium silicone materials
  • Fingerprint proof
  • Features convenience in charging

8. MOLOVA Brown Bear Cute Airpod Case Airpods 1 and 2 with Ring Rope

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Most airpods cases are bulky. However, some users like to keep airpods portable. The MOLOVA Brown Bear Airpods Cover is perfect for them. This cover case has a thin structure. Yet, it has high shock absorption. With this, your airpods are protected from falls and bumps. Thanks to the high quality silicone materials.

Moreover, this case has an animal stylish design. It is also designed with super cute 3D cartoon style. Thus, adding an elegant and cute appearance. The MOLOVA Brown Bear Airpods Cover also supports wireless charging. Remove the worry of your wireless charger not working. Most of all, it has a lightweight, thin, and comfortable touch. Perfect for user who prefer portability.

What We Like

  • Keeps airpods portable
  • Has high shock absorption
  • High quality silicone materials
  • Supports wireless charging

7.  MOLOVA Boba Tea Cow Cute Airpod Case Airpods 1 and 2 Cover with Keychain

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The MOLOVA Boba Tea Cow Airpods Cover is best for its inclusions. The package includes a pair of ear hooks, anti-lost lanyards, a brush and a watch band holder. With this, it has all support your airpods will need. Aside from that, it has a stylish 3D cartoon animal design. It follows the shape of a boba tea cow. Thus, giving your airpods a new cute look.

This case cover flaunts its design and durability. It offers powerful protection, is flexible, and will not break or deform. Moreover, it is anti-impact and scratch resistant. Hence, your airpods will surely benefit fashion with security. In addition, the cutouts are precisely cut. Remove the hassle of removing the case while charging.

What We Like

  • Includes a pair of ear hooks, anti-lost lanyards, a brush and a watch band holder
  • Has a stylish 3D cartoon animal design
  • Offers powerful protection, is flexible, and will not break or deform
  • Is anti-impact and scratch resistant

6.  Oqplog Fun Soft Designer Airpods 1 and 2 Cover (Bonty Paper)

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The Oqplog Fun Soft Airpods Cover is made of soft silicone. With this, the airpods will be very comfortable to touch. Moreover, it will not be deformed by kneading and pulling at will. Fingerprints won’t leave a trace as well. Also, the case is designed into a fashionable unique shape. Thus, making the airpods conspicuous and cool.

This cover case protects the airpods from deep cuts and scratches. Providing security and reliability. Not to mention the included keychain carabiner. Hence, you can hang your airpods on backpacks and keys. Moreover, this case will make your airpods more portable. Thus, you could bring your airpods on every travel at ease.

What We Like

  • Made of soft silicone
  • Will not be deformed by kneading and pulling at will
  • Fingerprint proof
  • Includes a keychain carabiner

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5. Oqplog Chocolate Bottle Cute Airpod Case Airpods 1 and 2 Cover

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The Oqplog Chocolate Bottle Airpods Cover has high quality silicone material.  It has good elasticity and will not deform by force. With this, your airpods are as secured as ever. Moreover, it features a Nutella bottle design. Despite being cute, it also adds a new fashion sense. Hence, this cover case is perfect for users who prefer cute fashion.

The airpods cover case is also smooth and small in appearance. Thus, it is very portable to bring around. To add, the case also features a carabiner keychain. The user would be able to clip this on backpacks and belt strap holes. It is also scratch resistant and has shock absorption. Promising the outmost protection for your airpods from accidents.

What We Like

  • High quality silicone material
  • Good elasticity and won’t deform by force
  • Smooth and small in appearance
  • Has a carabiner keychain for portability

4. Ownest Purple Soft Silicone Airpods 1 and 2 Cover with Keychain

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The Ownest Purple Airpods Cover has a simple purple hue. This case is thin and lightweight. Hence, it is comfortable to touch and use. Aside from that, it has a simple design. Despite being simple, it is perfectly elegant. Perfect for users who prefer simplicity themed cases.

Moreover, the cover case is made from high quality silica gel material. With this, it can protect your airpods from damage when dropped. It also protects your airpods froms scratches and greases. In addition, it features a unique lanyard design. A chain with a flower hanged at the bottom. Thus, adding convenience to its user. Also, it adds a fashion sense to the airpods itself.

What We Like

  • Has a simple yet elegant purple hue
  • Case is thin and lightweight
  • High quality silica gel material
  • Features a unique lanyard design

3. Drink Cup Keychain Kawaii Airpods 1 and 2 Cute Airpod Case

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The Drink Cup Keychain Airpods Cover features a Starbucks design. A pink hue cup with whipped cream on top. If you’re looking for a cute and fancy case, this one is perfect. It is made from premium quality silicone materials. With this, the case is as durable as a rock. Remove the worry of airpods damage from falls and bumps.

The airpods case cover also comes with a lanyard strap keychain. It is color pink, together with the starbucks logo and chain. The user can easily bring the airpods on travels. Hence, proving how portable and comfortable it is. Aside from that, it has precise cutouts on port. The user won’t have to remove the case while charging.

What We Like

  • Features a pink Starbucks design
  • Made from premium quality siliconematerials
  • Comes with a lanyard strap keychain
  • Is portable and comfortable to bring and use

2.  Maxjoy Floral Case Shockproof Cover for Airpods 1 and 2  with Keychain

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This airpods cover brings an aesthetic feel to it. The Maxjoy Floral Case Cover has a clear sunflower design. With this, it shows the white hue of the airpods added with sunflowers. Thus, perfect for users who like aesthetic themed cases. Moreover, it is made of high quality premium TPU material. The surface also polished same visual and feel as bare metal. Hence, very unique and smooth to touch and feel.

The Maxjoy Floral Case Cover also is thin and lightweight. It can protect your airpods from everyday scratches and bumps. Unlike other airpods, this case does not add bulk. Thus, very convenient and portable to bring around. Most of all, it has an anti-lost accessory. It features a heavy duty carabiner. You could bring your airpods anywhere with security ease.

What We Like

  • Brings an aesthetic feel
  • Made with high quality premium TPU material
  • Does not add bulk
  • Has a heavy duty carabiner for anti-lost

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1. MOLOVA Black Backpack Cute Airpod Case Airpods 1 and 2 Cover

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The design of this cover case is the most unique of all. The MOLOVA Black Backpack Airpods Case is themed with a black short bag. To support more, it is basically a replica of a short bag. With a golden butterfly logo and zippers, it is really adorable. Moreover, the charging port is reversed. The charger port is nice so there won’t be any mishappens from charging. Thus, packing an adorable and user friendly design.

Another thing is this case supports wireless charging. Remove the worry of any incompatibility issues. The MOLOVA Black Backpack Airpods Case also comes with a metal strap and keychain. They are both heavy duty materials. With this, your airpods is the most secure of all. It is also lightweight and thinner than most cases. Only proving that this case is really the best of most.

What We Like

  • Has one of the most unique designs of all
  • The charging port is reversed for comfortability of the user
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Lightweight and thin

Buying Guide for Cute airpods cases

Check out the following points when buying:

Material and Durability:

The first thing you need to consider in buying airpods cases is its quality. Make sure that the case you are about to buy is not too thick nor too thin. Check if it is elastic enough. Check also if there are minor factory defects. Also, make sure to check on whether if it has shock absorption and scratch resist. It is strongly suggested to choose cases with those two factors.

Size and compatibility:

Make sure to choose the airpods cases that is right for your airpods’ generation. Each of them differ in size, and the cases should properly fit to your airpods. Choose airpod cases for your model and nothing else. Aside from the danger of buying wrong sized cases, you should also check if the case is quite loose and quite tight. It might destroy or not secure your airpods and might lead to danger.

Design and theme:

Airpods are quite simple in design. It has a white glossy hue, but a case would be able to change its fashion sense. It could have sunflowers, or a plain color, or a transparent one. It totally depends on your nature and personality. Choose the right design for your gender as well. You wouldn’t want to be judged by other people because of your design choice.


Airpods cover cases will always be a need when you use airpods. It does not only add protection, but security and elegance as well. It gives life to the plain airpods default design. It also secures your airpods from theft and lost during travels. But most of all, it protects the airpods from fall and drops. Save the cost of buying new airpods because of accidents. With airpods cover cases, it minimizes or negates any damage done to your airpods from incidents. Thus, it can prolong the life of airpods itself.