Processing waste material correctly is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Improper disposal of trash can have adverse effects on the economy and cost millions of dollars in the long run. Although Governments worldwide are taking various large-scale measures to solve this issue, we also have a part to play. By ensuring our everyday trash items’ proper disposal, we can make an appreciable dent in this issue. An efficient and cost-effective way to do so is by obtaining a good quality dual compartment trash can for optimal disposal of trash.

List of 10 Best Dual Compartment Trash Can in 2020

10. Safco Products Desk-Side Dual Compartment Trash Can

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This trash from Safco can be explicitly designed for desk side usage. It is a perfect budget-friendly option for personal use or office cubicles. The product can easily hold typical household and office items such as paper, plastic, cans of waste, etc. Additionally, the product molded from polyethylene plastic that makes it lightweight and prevents fade, rust, or peel. It also has a surface finish that’s smooth to the touch.

Moreover, this trash can is very environmentally friendly and has a Greenguard certification, further bolsters that fact. It is also easily recyclable for students and employees alike, which makes it very sustainable. Furthermore, it is highly effective in home offices, schools, workspaces, or any area that needs a simple, lightweight recycling solution. 

  • Versatile use cases

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty garbage disposal.

9. Alpine Industries Double Recycling Center Trash Bin

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This trash can from Alpine constructs with high-density polyethylene. This makes the can resistant to things like impact and moisture. This enables the can to survive everyday wear and tear and increases its longevity substantially. In addition, its heavy-duty construction is further displayed in its openings, which have protective rings on the outside. It also has labels to differentiate the different kinds of trash.

Although the bins are separate, they fit into a single base and are covered by an available lid. Additionally, it is also very aesthetically pleasing with a clean and polished look. Moreover, it also has a concave top opening so you can comfortably place any bottles you desire. It also comes in multiple sizes so you can pick out the one which suits your requirements.

  • Robust build quality

  • Very lightweight

  • Easy to assemble

  • Portable due to built-In handles

  • Material is not very durable.

8. Simplehuman Dual Compartment Trash Can

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This trashcan is a marvel of intelligent design and engineering with its many innovative features. Like most modern trash cans, it has separate compartments for trash and recyclables. In addition, the company contrast this trash can with high-quality materials, which makes it extra sturdy. Even the trash bags of this can are extra strong and durable and fit this can perfectly. Additionally, this makes your entire cleaning experience much more enjoyable. It comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer just in case you come across any problems.

Furthermore, the manufacturer engineered this trash can to withstand more than 150,000 steps. The lids also have many impressive features, such as silent close technology. This keeps the noise to a minimum while closing the lid. Moreover, the lid won’t ever bump into the wall and get scratched up due to the internal hinge. This trashcan will also remain sleek, looking for years to come with its fingerprint-resistant coating. 

  • The lid is very versatile in its functionality.

  • High-quality pedals are used.

  • Durable foot pedal

  • The lid stays open for a long time.

  • Size is too small for many use cases.

7. Organize It All 4904W-1 Step-On Recycling Bin

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This trash can is a double compartment recycle bin that’s side by side. With this particular garbage bin, you are getting the functionality of two trash cans. This has a sizable capacity of 16 gallons, which is more than enough for most households. On the construction side of things, its body is made of stainless steel with the lids, bottom, and inside the plastic. All you need to bother with is wiping the inside and outside, and you’re good to go.

Each compartment of this trash bin comes with its pedal paired with its lid. This makes the individual rooms easy to use whenever you need to. Further usability features include a vibrant color step to keep the different recyclable items separate and organized.

  • Large 16 gallon recycle bin with dual compartment feature.

  • Foot pedals are silent in operation.

  • It’s robust in construction.

  • Has multiple size options

  • Each side has only 8 gallons.

6. EKO EcoCasa II Dual Compartment Trash Can/Recycler

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This state of the art trash can has a high tech deodorizer feature. This keeps your kitchen or wherever you put it free of any foul or musty odors emanating from your trash. Additionally, this trash can is of the dual compartment variety. This helps separate different kinds of garbage, such as the recyclable ones from the non-recyclable ones.

On top of that, there is also a stay-open lid position available for those prolonged garbage disposal sessions. In addition, the manufacturer produce this trash can from high-quality stainless steel, which makes it very durable. It also comes with plastic bag fixers that help keep the bags in place to avoid any garbage spillage. Moreover, emptying this trash can is also very easy due to its removable inner liner. 

  • Generous coating to avoid fingerprints

  • Excellent odor removing capabilities

  • Fingerprint resistant coating

  • Has cantilever foot pedal 

  • The soft-close mechanism is not of the highest quality.

5. Joseph Joseph 70514 Split Trash Can

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This trashcan is excellent for use in the bathroom area of your house. It comes with a nifty split compartment system to separate different kinds of trash. One compartment is reserved for the recyclable material, and the other is for the non-recyclable trash. It also houses an easy to remove an inner bucket that you can remove without a hitch. This saves you a lot of time and hassle.

This trash can has been designed to be cleaned with ease. You won’t need to go to great lengths to clean this one. If you are annoyed with trash cans with a pedal to flip the lid, this can be the best solution for you. It is a perfect fit for relatively small places.

  • Compact size and shape

  • Perfect fit for bathrooms

  • Can be used with or without a plastic liner

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • It is a bit too small for most other use cases.

4. iTouchless Dual Step Trash Can

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This trash can offers 100% satisfaction backed by the manufacturer. Which means you won’t need to worry about faulty parts or to service it. This trash can employs a smart color-coded system that makes your life a whole lot easier and saves much time. You merely have to look for the blue side for recycling and the black side for trash. Additionally, the manufacturer optimize its lid close mechanism for silent and seamless operation. Operating the foot pedal is an effortless procedure.

Furthermore, the company designs this trash can to have a large capacity but with space-saving features in mind. In addition, this means you can quickly get a large capacity of 16 gallons, but this won’t take up too much floor space. It’s also quite slim and rectangular, which means it won’t be an eyesore. Unlike some other trash cans on the market, you won’t have to make a mess while emptying this one due to it’s to separate color-coded 8-gallon buckets. They are easy to remove and empty. 

  • Noise-free foot pedal design

  • Large capacity garbage bags

  • The trash can is entirely smudged resistant.

  • Removable inner buckets

  • This trash can lacks odor control technology.

3. Joseph Joseph Split Step Trash Can

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This trash can comes with separate compartments. This enables you to dispose of your recyclable waste and garbage separately. This way, there is no possibility of mixing them up and make a huge mess. With this particular trash can, you can quickly deposit trash while your hands are full of garbage. This is made possible with the help of the hands-free step pedal. It also has very convenient soft-close lids. This helps you avoid any loud noises and also increases the longevity of the lid itself.

They use high quality stainless steel to construct the product. It also has a very convenient removable inner bucket. So you won’t have to fiddle around too much to remove it and take out the trash. This trash can is suitable for use with 1-gallon trash bags.

  • It has a fingerprint-resistant body

  • It has a removable inner bucket

  •  Resistant to accidental scratches and scuffs

  • Has unique liner retaining holes

  • It is relatively small.

2. NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Trash Can/Recycler

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This stainless steel trash can makes garbage disposal synch with a whole host of convenient features. This trash can has an advanced water-resistant infrared motion sensor. This ensures you won’t damage it by accidentally spilling some water on it. It also has a fingerprint-resistant base that helps it keep clean. Another one of its cutting edge features is its touch-free motion sensor lid closer that automates the lid closing process to save you unnecessary hassle.

This trash can also has a robust ring liner holder that holds the trash bags in place. This can is compatible with any standard trash bags, so you won’t have to waste time searching for a specific one. If you have the misfortune of receiving a faulty unit, then you don’t need to sweat it. It has an excellent two-year warranty feature that can be availed to receive a new unit with little to no hassle.

  • Excellent stainless steel construction that prevents unwanted damage

  • The touch-free motion sensor prevents unintentional openings.

  • The infrared motion sensor makes cleaning effortless.

  • No overhanging of trash bags

  • Includes a permanent divider


1. Simplehuman Hands-Free Dual Compartment Trash Can

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This environmentally friendly trash can has many innovative features to help recycle. It comes with two compartments. One compartment is explicitly used for trash, and the other one is used for recyclable items. Closing the lid becomes a slow and gentle process owing to its Lid Shox technology. Your trash bags have zero chances of slipping with its stainless steel liner film. It even has custom fit liners to provide an excellent fit.

You won’t have to worry about breaking the pedal because this trash can is engineered to last nearly 150,000 steps, which will last 20 years. This trash can won’t become an eyesore in your kitchen due to its superior aesthetics. It is designed to not only look good but also be very functional. Its EPA registered antimicrobial coating inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. 

  • Liner flips can be flipped down to save the liners.

  • The dual compartment ensures a high storage capacity.

  • It has a solid 10-year warranty provided by the company.

  • The pedal can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

  • Isn’t compact enough to fit under a counter 

Buying Guide of Dual Compartment Trash Can

Having a clear grasp of several aspects can help you select the optimal trash can for yourself.  We have shed some light on these concepts.

Build Material

If you want to use the trash can for massive garbage disposal loads, you should opt for a stainless steel one with rugged construction. But if you’re going to use it by your desk-side in your office, school, etc. then you can get away with a relatively cheap plastic one. But even then, try to go for high-density polyethylene plastic.

Cleaning Facilities

First and foremost, you should think about how easily you can clean your trash can. For a mess-free cleaning experience, you should look for a trash can with a removable bucket as well as a handle attached to it.

Foot Pedals

If you’ve opted to go for a non-motion sensor trash can, then pedals are your only way to open the lid. Most food pedals these days are rated for something like 20 years of use, but very few of them live up to their promise.

Traditional Vs. High Tech

High tech trash cans will give you cutting edge features such as voice activation and motion-sensing capabilities. But if you are on a tight budget, you can scrape them by just fine with the traditional foot pedal models.

Trash Bag Facilities

Many trash cans on the market only support a specific size of trash bags. But it is far better to seek out trash cans that can keep all standard sizes of bags.

Size and Shape

If you have a relatively small kitchen or bathroom space, you need to be especially careful to pick a trash can with the right dimensions. Desk side ones are even smaller if you need one of those. But for a large space with heavy trash loads, you should look into the heavy-duty ones.


An excellent dual compartment trash can will help you dispose of your trash efficiently. Its separate compartments allow for more optimized trash disposal. This will not only help the economy through recycling but also the environment as a whole.  Put some serious thought into picking out the best one for yourself.