Best Electric fuel pump: Maximize efficiency with ease

Electric fuel pumps are a key component in any car’s engine. Nevertheless, its main job is to help power the car. Typically a fuel pump will be part of the full fuel pump assembly. Generally, it is alongside the sending unit, level arm, and the fuel filter. Mainly there are two kinds of fuel pumps. They are electrical and mechanical fuel pumps respectively. Electrical fuel pumps are the most common ones in your car. Eventually, they reside inside the fuel tank. Moreover, electric fuel pump works very well with the fuel injectors in your car. 

List of 10 Best Electric Fuel Pump Product Review

10. Queflago Electric Fuel Pump

Electric Fuel Pump

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You will get superior compatibility with this electric fuel pump. Not only is it compatible with all 12V cars but also trucks, boats, and lawnmowers. This greatly enhances its versatility. Generally, it takes two kinds of fuels. Namely, they are diesel and gasoline. Carefully check which one is the positive pole and which one is the negative pole. Certainly, this is an essential factor that needs your utmost attention.

The inlet and outlet have the same size in this fuel pump. They are both 8mm or 5/16 inch. In addition, the appearance is environmentally treated. And the flow rate on this one is about 80 to 90 LPH. But it only works for 12V. Don’t try to make it function with 24V or 6V. Moreover, they make these high quality and durable materials. As a result, it has no problem meeting all the OEM standards. That is, you don’t need to worry about it being rebuilt. Consequently, this is 100% new.

What we liked

  • Durable design
  • 100% new product
  • Great Compatibility
  • Easy Installation 


  • Not suitable for high load requirements

9. Carbole Universal Electric Fuel Pump

Electric Fuel Pump

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If the universal application is your demand this one will do the trick for you. Of course, it is perfect for not only diesel but also gasoline vehicles. Likewise, they manufacture this at ISO-certified facilities. Additionally, this electric fuel pump has an adequate flow rate. The value is 30 GPH. Also, the output pressure is quite satisfactory. Specifically, the exact value of that is about 5 to 9 PSI. Moreover, you can cross-reference this easily.

This electric fuel pump isn’t very noisy at all. So, it operates very silently. Additionally, the fuel flow is steady enough. They even offer a 24000-mile warranty. Even so, they made this for automotive and industrial applications. Also, you can use it with a car and a boat. But make sure you use a filter for this one. Otherwise, failure to do so will cause damage to the fuel pump. 

What we liked

  • Nearly silent operation
  • Steady flow rate
  • 24000-mile warranty
  • Usable for boats as well as cars


  • Tends leakage

8. CarBole Universal 12 Volt Electric Fuel Pump

CarBole Universal 12 Volt Electric Fuel Pump

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If you need vapor lock elimination this is the one for you. This electric fuel pump eliminates vapor lock. Also, it eliminates flooding. You can use it as a fuel transfer pump. But if you need to you can use it as a booster pump also. It is not, however, made for fuel-injected engines. Nevertheless, you can use it very easily with gasoline and petrol engines.

 The rating of this pump is 12V. Here, it is a universal pump that fits with most 4,6- and 8-cylinder carburetor applications. Moreover, it is a 12S fuel pump. It has a fuel pressure of 5-9 PSI. Also, the flow rate is quite satisfactory at 35GPH. The inlet and outlet sizes are 3/8 inch. So, you have to mount this within a 12-inch fuel tank. On the other hand, the customer support is also quite excellent on this electric fuel pump.

What we liked

  • Vapor lock elimination
  • No flooding
  • Excellent customer support
  • Universal usage


  • Not good for long term usage

7. YONEDA Electric Fuel Pump

YONEDA Electric Fuel Pump

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As far as full copper solutions go this one is a great choice. Even, it even has very strong suction capabilities. Both of these things combine to make it very stable. You can use it very easily with all 12-volt cars. Not only that but trucks, boats, lawnmowers, and generators are also compatible. It has a rating of 1.5A. Moreover, the flow rate on this one is 90 L/h. Additionally, the hose size is about 5/16 inch on this one.

You can expect a one-year guarantee with this one. Because the package includes all the necessary things. It is a plunger-type system. Hence, this is a one-way pump. Again, it has a ¼ ‘ pipe thread. So, it has no chance of splashing gasoline everywhere. It is very easy to install. It is also highly cost-effective. Certainly, it won’t be too hard on your wallet. 

What we liked

  • Full copper construction
  • Steady fuel feeding capabilities
  • Very budget-friendly
  • One-year guarantee period


  • This pump can’t self-prime

6. DOYES Universal Inline Fuel Pump

DOYES Universal Inline Fuel Pump

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Strong suction capabilities make this electric fuel pump a strong contender. This strong suction power makes the fuel feeding of the car much more stable. This is a top-notch fuel transfer pump. It comes with 2 bot fixings. It also has a 2 wire design. There is a built-in check valve. This will eliminate any possibility of backflow. This is mainly a plunger type fuel pump.

This is a universal fuel pump. It flows at a rate of 70L/H. The voltage on this one is about 12V. You can expect an output pressure of 2.5-4 PSI. The inlet and outlet diameters are 8mm or 15/16 inch. Moreover, it can fit all 12-volt electronic devices very easily. You can operate cars, trucks, boats, carburetors easily with this one. Moreover, this product comes with an excellent 2-year warranty. The customer service is also very helpful.

What we liked

  • Strong suction power
  • Steady flow rates
  • 2-year warranty period
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not well suited for long term usage.

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5. Megaflint+ E8012S Electric Fuel Pump

Megaflint+ E8012S Electric Fuel Pump

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They have tested this electric fuel pump thoroughly. In fact, this one is 100% mechanically tested. They rated this for high durability. Additionally, it has the highest 12 inches suction performance. All this combines to provide optimal performance. And, this is of the universal variety. It works seamlessly with all cars, trucks, and generators of this variety.  Finally, you won’t find any reused parts in this one. It’s brand new.

This is a TS16949 quality system certified product. Moreover, it contains a built German-made copper coil. Interestingly, the output pressure on this one is around 5-9 PSI. The input voltage is about 12 Amps. Output flow rate clocks in at 30 GPH. Certainly, this product comes with a whopping 2-year warranty. It ever gives you a 100% money-back guarantee.

What we liked

  • Brand new construction
  • German-made copper coil
  • Mechanically tested
  • 2-year warranty


  • The tendency to leak after prolonged usage

4. Carter P4070 In-Line Electric Fuel Pump

Carter P4070 In-Line Electric Fuel Pump

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This is a rotary vane pump. In fact, Carter fuel systems have contrasted this to be very durable and efficient. These are specifically designed to be internally regulated. Also, they offer a free-flow design. As a result, this leaves no point to burn out. Thus, there won’t be any shaft seals that cause leakage. Also, this has a rating of 12 Volts. The inlet and outlet are of the sizes ¼ inches. Moreover, the output pressure ranges from 4 psi to 6 psi.

The free flow rate on this electric fuel pump is about 72 gph. Interestingly, installing this electric fuel pump is a breeze. On the other hand, Carter fuel systems have packed in a comprehensive installation kit. Simply, follow the instructions to the t and you’ll install it in no time. This electric fuel pump is of the self-priming kind. This also has the capability for direct feed. They include all the necessary bits and pieces in the box. 

What we liked

  • Durability and efficiency
  • Free-flowing design
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Internal regulation


  • Customer service not satisfactory 

3. STEINBRÜCKE E8012S Electric Fuel Pump

 STEINBRÜCKE E8012S Electric Fuel Pump

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The specifications of this electric fuel pump are very satisfactory and high quality. The output pressure is a whopping 5 to 9 PSI. This product provides 12 inches of fuel suction. The fuse specification is 12 Amperes. They manufacture this at high-quality facilities that are all ISO certified. Even this product also features cutting edge two-wire design. You can mount this wherever you want to.

Compatibility is no issue with this electric fuel pump. It is compatible with all 12 Volt cars, trucks, generators, and boats. This greatly enhances its versatility. These guys are TS16949 quality system certified manufacturers. This further enhances its quality. The customer service is also high quality with these guys. If you have any questions or queries just give them a call.

What we liked

  • Great after-sales service
  • High-quality manufacturing facilities
  • Versatile use cases
  • Cutting edge two-wire design


  • Very loud while operating 

2. MOSTPLUS Gas Diesel Inline Electric Fuel Pump

 MOSTPLUS Gas Diesel Inline Electric Fuel Pump

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MOSTPLUS makes electric fuel pumps made of first-class material. As a result, this greatly enhances the durability of the product.Also, it also extends the usage of the product. Moreover, they also follow all the ISO/TS1649 and QS900 standards very strictly. Eventually, this has helped them keep up their brilliant quality. Luckily, they test every pump thoroughly before it leaves the manufacturing plant. So, you can use it for gasoline and diesel engines.

The flow rate on this one is 19-20 GPH. The operating pressure is also quite satisfactory. But it’s between 3 and 5 PSI. Yet, the inlet and outlet sizes are 5/16 inches. YEventually, you can use this for most general cases without a hitch. Hence, it is very easy to fit and connect. Moreover, it comes with 2 bolt fixing. It also has a two-wire design for optimal performance. Sp, you have to check your car before buying this.

What we liked

  • Superior quality control
  • Thorough testing before shipment
  • Great customer service
  • Great for pumping


  • Not great for long-term operation.

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1. JDMSPEED Heavy Duty Electric Fuel Pump

JDMSPEED Heavy Duty Electric Fuel Pump

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This electric fuel pump is universal. You can easily use it for gasoline or diesel engines. Interestingly, it has a rating of 12 Volts. Additionally, the output pressure is quite satisfactory. And the value is about 3 to 6 PSI. Moreover, the installation hole distance is about 2.683 inches or 6.7 cm. Notably, the tubing interface meets all the standards. Also, it has a rating of 0.315 inches or 0.8 cm.

The flow rating is 70 L/H and alongside that, the pressure is 0.032-0.45 MPA. Of course, when you install this, you should make sure you use 12V. Moreover, they make this of high-quality metal. The product dimensions are 5.91 x 3.54 x 3.15 inches. Again, the weight is about 10.6 ounces. In the end, you can use this with cars and generators. You can even use this for golf carts.

What we liked

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Provides steady flow rate
  • Easy to install
  • Pressure rating is adequate


  • Failure may occur after prolonged usage

Electric Fuel Pump Buying Guide –

Before you buy the best electric fuel pump you need to know some things. We have shed some light on it.

Type of fuel pump

Generally, there are two types of fuel pumps. One is mechanical and the other is electrical. Eventually, you’ll find mechanical ones in many old cars. But most recent to modern cars opt for the electric ones. So, check your car type before buying one yourself.

Engine fuel efficiency

Certainly, if you buy the wrong fuel pump your engine will become highly inefficient. But, you can avoid this by carefully checking the engine of your car. Hence, you’ll have to cross-reference that with the fuel pump’s specifications. In the end, if the pressure, flow rate, etc. meet your requirements you’ll gain superior efficiency.

Fuel volume

You need to keep fuel volumes in mind while purchasing your fuel pump. Possibly, your engine may require high volumes of fuel transfer. Of course, you need to take that into account while purchasing. Evidently, a mismatch in this area will lead to unfavorable results. Finally, if it doesn’t produce 13.5 then go for a 12V fuel pump.


Modern-day fuel pumps have different voltage ratings. Nevertheless, with a higher voltage, a pump can deliver higher flow rates. Usually, most cars will produce about 13.5 Volts. For that, you must look at your alternator and see what reading it gives.

Fuel type

Surely, not all electric fuel pumps work with all kinds of fuels. Firstly, you should ascertain what kind of fuel you are going to be using. And then pick the required one.

Fuel pressure

Different types of engines require different fuel pressure. For instance, a carbureted engine requires about 4 to 7 PSI. Again, an average GM LS engine runs at approximately 58 psi. Thus, you must know what max pressure your engine requires before you do anything else.


A good electric fuel pump will give you optimal performance. Eventually, it will greatly enhance the longevity of your engine. But before obtaining these benefits you’ll need to look at your engine’s requirements. On the contrary, a faulty choice in this regard could very well be disastrous for you. Lastly, you must carefully select your fuel pump.