Chewing gums are perhaps on the top list of foods for our mental list. However, the stick that we chew daily would contain several components that are not actually great for our health. Even sugar-free gums are not that perfect because nearly all major brands include artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame. This would be problematic as they have been related to obesity and heart disease. The best is to chew gum without aspartame.

Artificial sweeteners could also affect your taste buds and make it more difficult to feel satisfied with other foods. Fortunately, more and more products without these elements are available on the market. They are also known as natural or clean gums. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled the following list of the top 10 best gums without aspartame. Check it out before purchasing.

List of 10 Guide Gums Without Aspartame in 2020 Review

10. Spry Fresh Chewing Sugar-Free Gum Natural Xylitol Dental Defense Without Aspartame

Spry Fresh Chewing Sugar-Free Gum Natural Xylitol Dental Defense Without Aspartame

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The first product on the list is a box of gum without aspartame from the brand Spry. Equally important, the carrying case features a screw-on lid for your convenience to open and close with every use. In particular, because this gum does not contain sugar, you will not have to worry about the risk of tooth decay.

Plus, the product can also be used to kill some bacteria that are common in the mouth. What is more, these gums contain several ingredients that are helpful in supporting blood sugar supplements. On top of that, this gum box is an extremely ideal choice after every meal, thereby ensuring you always get a feeling of refreshment.

What We Like

  • Many ingredients are useful for effective oral care
  • Cool taste for a refreshing and pleasant sensation
  • Compact carrying box for easy portability

9. XyloBurst Natural Chewing Jar Non-GMO 100% Xylitol Vegan Gum Green Without Aspartame

XyloBurst Natural Chewing Jar Non-GMO 100% Xylitol Vegan Gum Green Without Aspartame

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These aspartame-free chewing gums are a product from XyloBurst. They contain xylitol to enhance the health and immune system of the teeth as well as help you maximize in preventing tooth decay effectively. Using these gum after each meal can reduce the number of harmful bacteria in your oral cavity, thereby dispelling worries about tooth decay or some other oral diseases.

On top of that, some scientific studies show that chewing gum can suppress your cravings. Therefore, this is a great solution and companion for those who want to diet. And yet, gums are contained in a compact and handy jar so you can easily carry it anytime, anywhere without trouble.

What We Like

  • Useful ingredients for improving and enhancing oral health
  • The natural taste for comfort and relaxation every time
  • Compact jar for convenient chewing gum anytime and anywhere

8. Dentyne Herbal Accents Pure Mint Sugar-Free Gum Without Aspartame

Dentyne Herbal Accents Pure Mint Sugar-Free Gum Without Aspartame

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Products from this Dentyne brand are mint-flavored gum packs and some other useful herbs. With such ingredients, the gum will bring you fresh breath as well as a great sense of refreshment. Plus, you will feel more confident every time you chat with others. Besides, with the wonderful companion of these gum packs, you will no longer have to worry about bad breath after each meal.

Equally important, they are relatively compact so you can easily put them in your pocket or bag without any trouble. From there, you can chew gum anytime anywhere. What is more, chewing gum also has the effect of improving concentration at work, thereby greatly improving your working efficiency.

What We Like

  • Excellent oral health benefits for fresh breath
  • Peppermint and herbal fragrance for reducing harmful bacteria
  • Small packs for convenient carry anywhere

7. Beyond Gum Mint Vegan Sugar-Free Non-GMO Oil Gum Chewing Hemp Without Aspartame

Beyond Gum Mint Vegan Sugar-Free Non-GMO Oil Gum Chewing Hemp Without Aspartame

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These aspartame-free mint-flavored gums have the ability to help reduce stress, dispel anxiety, and even relieve tension in muscle areas. In addition, they are formulated with a number of special ingredients to improve and enhance overall health in the brain region.

Equally important, chewing gum after lunch will make you have less appetite at the end of the day, so it will help you lose weight much more effectively. In addition, these gums also help reduce the cravings for stimulants like caffeine and nicotine. Therefore, if you are trying to quit smoking, coffee, or tea then chewing these gums is the right choice.

What We Like

  • Reduce cravings for stimulants for the effective cessation of coffee and tobacco
  • Contains no natural sugar for effective fasting and dieting
  • Effects of reducing anxiety and stress for improving work efficiency

6. Glee Project Verified All Natural Eco Chewing Non-GMO Gums Without Aspartame

Glee Project Verified All Natural Eco Chewing Non-GMO

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These eco-friendly gum packs are manufactured by the Glee brand. They are completely natural and contain no artificial flavorings. Equally important, there are no ingredients in each gum that can have a lasting effect on the health of the user. Not only provide your breath fresh and cool, but these gums have a special effect in reducing harmful bacteria that exist in the mouth.

And yet, chewing gum during work or study hours will help increase concentration significantly, thereby improving results. What is more, when you lack confidence in your breathing, as long as you chew on a gum you will immediately feel refreshed and your breath is fresh. Last but not least, this is one of the ideal options for you to share with colleagues or friends after each meal.

What We Like

  • Organic substances for maximum safe oral health
  • Sugar-free for effective diets and fasting
  • Non-preservative for ensuring long-term health for users

5. Dr. Fishman Labs Natural Extract Organic Hemp Sour Fruit Omega Gums Without Aspartame

Dr. Fishman Labs Natural Extract Organic Hemp Sour Fruit Omega

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This jar of gum from the Dr. This Fishman Labs brand contains organic gums with natural fruity flavors to help you feel good every time you chew. Equally important, the gum can help improve the functioning of the digestive system. What is more, chewing them after each meal ensures that you always have a good breath to confidently converse with others.

Plus, they will be effective in removing food plaque on teeth, thereby preventing maximum tooth decay. And yet, the jar is designed quite compact so you can easily put it in your pocket and take it with you anywhere.

What We Like

  • Compact and ergonomic jar for easy portability
  • Soft for pleasure and relaxation when chewing gum
  • Pure ingredients for a refreshing sensation and fresh breath

4. Epic 100% Peppermint Chewing Xylitol-Sweetened Gums Without Aspartame

Epic 100% Peppermint Chewing Xylitol-Sweetened

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This Epic gum box contains natural xylitol ingredients to help improve and enhance your oral health and your family’s health. Besides, the xylitol of these candies is appreciated because it can completely replace sugar and other artificial sweeteners. In addition, this gum does not contain any chemicals that can permanently affect the health of customers.

Equally important, it is perfect for giving you fresh breath and a refreshing feeling after each meal. Thanks to the helpful help of these chewing gums, you can confidently chat with those around you without having to worry about bad breath. Last but not least, using gum can help reduce stress and release nerve energy.

What We Like

  • 100% xylitol for natural sweetness and oral health protection
  • Safe ingredients for perfect experiences
  • Handy and compact for use anytime and anywhere

3. Glee Variety Gum Non-GMO Project Verified Eco All Natural Pack Without Aspartame

Glee Variety Non-GMO Project Verified Eco All Natural Pack

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You can chew these sugar-free gums from the Glee brand to prevent tooth decay. In particular, when chewing this candy, saliva is stimulated to secret many times higher than normal. This amount of saliva secreted will fight dry mouth and kill bacteria in the oral cavity so it works to prevent bad breath caused by bacteria.

On top of that, chewing gum without aspartame not only reduces junk food cravings but also somewhat shaves off cravings for stimulants like nicotine and caffeine. Chewing gum does not directly help you lose weight, but it can help you reduce your appetite, thereby controlling your weight. In particular, it possesses a mild sweet taste so you will feel extremely excited in every chewing.

What We Like

  • Compact and convenient design for easy portability at any time
  • Pleasant taste suitable for both adults and children
  • Several natural essences for fresh breath

2. PUR Vegan 100% Xylitol Wintergreen Sugar-Free Chewing Gums Without Aspartame

PUR Vegan 100% Xylitol Wintergreen Sugar-Free Chewing Gum Without Aspartame

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These mint-flavored gums will be of maximum use in helping you keep your mouth moist as well as creating a fresh breath. This both ensures good oral hygiene and makes you more confident when talking to others. Plus, you can also chew it while studying or working to increase alertness and concentration.

As a result, you feel refreshed while still ensuring remarkable work efficiency. Last but not least, this gum without aspartame bottle absolutely has the ability to become a meaningful gift for your loved ones as a reminder of oral health. In particular, it has the ability to exert great effects in reducing appetite and reducing the consumption of other stimulants, especially tobacco.

What We Like

  • Natural sweetness for maximum safety
  • 100% xylitol for fresh breath and fresh spirit
  • Compact package for easy pocket and carry


1. Simply Gum Peppermint All Natural Non-GMO Chewing Free Plastic Gums Without Aspartame

Simply Gum Peppermint All Natural Non-GMO Chewing Free Plastic Gum Without Aspartame

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Chewing these gums without aspartame from the Simply Gum brand regularly or after each meal will significantly improve the health of your oral area. This not only minimizes harmful bacteria but also gives you very fresh breath, thereby making you feel more confident when talking to others. Plus, at times of anxiety or stress, these gums have the power to calm you down.

In particular, it is integrated with several natural essential oils to both improve the oral health and elevate the user spirits. Besides, this gum bottle has the ability to become a powerful assistant in helping you relax or dispel stress during working hours.

What We Like

  • Peppermint oil for refreshing feelings and a clean oral cavity
  • Natural ingredients for health safety
  • Good customer service for an enhanced user experience

Buying guide for gums without aspartame

There is no FDA-backed label to help you know which gums are natural or clean. However, there are a couple of things to take into consideration when you are looking for gums without aspartame:

– Avoid aspartame and artificial ingredients if possible

There is no study or research that say aspartame is good for our health. Instead, it has many negative effects and is linked to obesity or diabetes. You should look for products with sugar alcohols, such as erythritol or xylitol. If you are a regular gum-chewer, more natural sweeteners like agave syrup and cane sugar are Ok.

– Go for sugar alcohols

Gums do not have to be sugar-free to be considered as clean or natural. However, most dentists recommend these options, particularly when you chew a lot of gums. In other words, sugar-free gums are important but not completely critical. In fact, the sugar in gums tend to disappear after around 10 minutes of chewing. That’s why it often lost flavor after a while. If you are a regular gum chewer, it is advisable to choose sugar-free products. It can reduce your consumption of sugar, which is a major risk factor for tooth decay.

– Find out what the gum bases are comprised of

Many studies have suggested that the use of some artificial ingredients is safe. These include polyvinyl acetate, BHT, as well as emulsifiers. However, it is understandable when you are not precisely excited about the thought of consuming those components. That is the main reason why gum bases with chicle can be a great choice to take into consideration.


Chewing gums without aspartame can help you relax without worrying about negative side effects of artificial sweeteners. This buying guide provides you with all of the important information to make an informed decision. Make sure to take into consideration mentioned factors and choose the most suitable option.