Magnetic phone charger has been a great trend in today’s modern world. It is a phone charger that uses magnetism to connect. You can easily use it to charge your gadgets. There are different types of magnetic phone chargers. It comes with multiple ports and voltage. It saves you from the hassle of deteriorating charger cables. Moreover, it makes your life easier. Check out the following list of the top 10 best magnetic phone chargers.

10 KUULAA Magnetic USB Charging Cable

KUULAA Magnetic USB Charging Cable

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Here is a magnetic phone charger with an electronic safety certification. Thus, it is a safe and reliable product. This has a nylon braided cord for flexibility. Furthermore, this comes an LED indicator. It allows you to find it even in dark. Moreover, this product is useable with one hand. In addition, the device comes with type-c, micro, and IOS USB plugs.

The product has a 3A fast charging speed. Moreover, the product has a superior copper core for high transmission. Additionally, it has a USB 2.0 build. It has a speed of up to 480Mbps. Furthermore, it has an LED light on each end. Thus, you can have easy access even in the dark. Lastly, it has a very strong magnet for faster homing and connection.

  • Has an electronic safety certification that guarantees safety.

  • LED indicator for easy location in the dark.

  • Comes with a 3A fast charging.

  • Has USB 2.0 that has speed up to 480Mbps.

  • Toxic-free material for comfort and safety.

9 LED Flowing Magnetic Phone Charger

LED Flowing Magnetic Phone Charger

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Using this magnetic phone charger will give a gallant experience. It comes with a 3.3ft cord that glows when charged. Moreover, it has a type-c, micro, and apple cords. This makes it able to charge any device. It adds an innovative LED display to show successful charging.

Furthermore, it comes in a durable design and is safe to use. In this, you will find a strong magnetic plug. However, the cable is only for charging. Additionally, the IOS plug only has a single-sided port. Thus, it should plug on the arow up. Lastly, the cord has a flexible material. Therefore, it handles stress well and is not easy to break.

  • Stylish LED glow when it is in use.

  • It offers three USB plugs compatible with every phone.

  • 3.3ft cable that is long and flexible.

  • Strong magnetic plugs for secured hold.

  • Cannot be used for data transfers

8 GLOUE Magnetic Phone Charger

GLOUE Magnetic Phone Charger

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This magnetic phone charger comes with two cables. The interchangeable plug is useable to all smartphones. Moreover, the cable has a length of 6.6ft. Hence, this magnetic charger has a longer reach than other brands. However, the cable does not support data transfers.

The cable has a 360-degree rotation port. Furthermore, it has a very strong magnetic hold. The purchase also includes an LED glowing cable. This made it easier to find and connect in dark places. In addition, this product has a 2A fast charging current. It has a great connectivity partnered with its strong magnetic hold. The connectors have good resistance against heat and corrosion. Moreover, magnetic tips are dust resistant. Thus, it keeps clean and efficient power current.

  • Comes with a non-LED and LED 6.6ft cables.

  • Very strong magnetic connectors.

  • Dust-resistant making it very efficient and durable.

  • Offers a 1A fast charging current.

  • Does not support data transfer

7 Magnetic Phone Magnetic Phone Charger

Magnetic Phone Magnetic Phone Charger

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This magnetic phone charger has a dust-proof magnet connector. Hence, this model has an efficient electric current. Moreover, this magnetic charger is compatible to all smartphones. The connector has an LED indicator. The indicator gives aid in using the charger in the dark. For that reason, this is perfect for drivers, vision impaired, and elders.

Furthermore, this magnetic charger has an ultra-durable cable. It has a braided nylon cord that is tangle-free. Also, the cord is wear resistant and pull resistant. Furthermore, the connector tip has a strong magnetic hold for stable connection. You can lift the phone through the cord without it falling. In addition, the magnetic connector has a 360-degree rotation. It gives flexibility and protection against bad usage and angles

  • Strong magnetic hold that is dust proof for stable connection.

  • Compatible to all smartphones.

  • LED indicator to find it easy in the dark.

  • Tangle-free and pull resistant cable for added durability.

  • Does not support fast charging

6 Magnetic Charging Cable 3 in 1

Magnetic Charging Cable 3 in 1

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This magnetic charger has a visible flow LED light cable. It is perfect for charging in the dark as it is findable. Moreover, the LED flow light has multiple colors. The cable lights up as a sign of successful connection. In addition, it is compatible with all smartphones.

The magnetic charger also has a 360-degree rotating head. It makes the cable flexible and tangle-free. Furthermore, the product is dust resistant. It keeps it away from dusts that ruins the current. This magnetic charger makes charging hassle-free. The magnetic connector tip can carry the phone. It also ensures stable and efficient charging current. Lastly, it has a length of 6.5ft that is flexible and durable.

  • Multiple LED colour light that add unique experience.

  • Dust resistant magnetic tips to keep efficient electricity current.

  • Compatible with all smartphones.

  • Generous 6.5ft long cable.

  • IOS cable is one sided and needs to be plugged in a particular way.

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5 Jasput Magnetic Charging Cable

Jasput Magnetic Charging Cable

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Here is a simple magnetic phone charger. This product comes with a micro USB, type C, and IOS adaptors. Hence, this magnetic charger is compatible to all devices. Moreover, the cable comes in a length of 6.6ft. Therefore, it gives more space from your phone to the outlet. In addition, the cable has a braided nylon structure. Thus, the cable is tangle-free and durable.

The charger has very strong magnet connectors. Furthermore, it supports fast charging up to 12V with 2.4A. The product also supports fast data transfer. In fact, it has a transfer speed of 480Mbps. Moreover, it has a double charging feature. With this, it charges two devices at once with the same speed. Lastly, it has a 180-degree rotating magnet head. This allows users to play games while charging conveniently.

  • Comes with 6.6ft length for longer connectivity from an outlet.

  • Supports fast charging up to 12V.

  • Has a 480Mbps data transfer speed.

  • Offers double charging that charges two devices with same speed.

  • Has no LED indicator.

4 TOPK USB Magnetic Phone Charger

TOPK USB Magnetic Phone Charger

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The purchase of this magnetic cable charger comes with 3 cables with different lengths. The cable also has a durable braided nylon structure. Hence, the cable is tangle-free and flexible. Moreover, it has an LED indicator for easy find in the dark. These LED lights does not affect the charging speed.

The cables included has straight and a 90-degree connector. You can use what cord depending on the use. Furthermore, the magnetic tips are dust proof. This keeps the charging current stable and efficient. You can alternately use the other cable for gaming. Also, the magnetic head has a 360 degrees rotation for more flexibility. Lastly, the cable can support normal charging of up to 5V only.

  • Comes with a 90-degree connector for landscape purposes.

  • LED indicator for better use during night.

  • Dust-proof magnetic heads for stronger and stable current.

  • Supports up to 5V of normal charging.

  • Does not support fast charging.

3 GenX Magnetic Phone Charger Cable

GenX Magnetic Phone Charger Cable

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This purchase comes with a magnetic cable charger with 3 different length cables. The product also supports 480Mbps data transfer. Hence, it is both a charger and a data cord. Moreover, it is compatible with most smartphone devices. The cables come with two 3.3 ft and one 6.6ft cables.

Furthermore, the cables have both 90 degrees connector and a straight one. You can use the 90-degree cable for gaming and landscape uses. Furthermore, the magnetic tips are dust proof. They also have an overheat protection. This protects the charger from heat damage and affect its efficiency. Also, the magnetic head has a 360 degrees rotation for more flexibility. Partnered with a nylon braided cord, the product is very durable and reliable. Lastly, the cable can support fast charging of up to 3.0A.

  • Comes with a 90-degree connector for landscape purposes.

  • Has data transfer speed up to 480Mbps.

  • Dust-proof strong magnetic heads for stronger and stable current.

  • Has overheat protection against excessive heating issues.

  • IOS plug only has one-sided connection

2 Melonboy Magnetic Charging Cable

Melonboy Magnetic Charging Cable

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The magnetic phone charger comes with 3 10ft long cables. The cables have one 90-degree connector and two straight connectors. With this, it gives options on what to use on a certain function. In addition, the tips have a 360 degrees rotation. The charger comes with a very durable magnetic tip. It easily carries the weight of a smartphone. Thus, it prevents the smartphone from falling or slipping.

Furthermore, this magnetic charger has an LED indicator. It helps you find it in the dark and use it. Moreover, the magnetic tip is dust proof. Hence, keeps efficient power supply for charging. However, this charger does not support fast charging. It also has a micro USB, type-c, and an IOS connector. Therefore, it is compatible with every device and smartphone.

  • Comes with 3 10ft long durable cables.

  • It has a strong magnetic tip that can carry a smartphone.

  • Compatible with all devices.

  • Offers a 90-degree port perfect for gaming.

  • Does not support fast charging.

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1 TOPK Magnetic Charging Cable

TOPK Magnetic Charging Cable

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The magnetic phone charger comes with six different sized cables. The product adjusts to your charging needs. Moreover, different lengths make it convenient to use in different scenarios. This cable has a braided nylon material that passed through 10000 bend tests. Therefore, the product is reliable and durable. This cable is compatible with all devices. It is because it offers micro USB, type-c, and apple ports.

This magnetic charger also has an LED indicator. Furthermore, the cables have a length of 1 meter up to 6 meters. In addition, it has a dust-proof interface. Hence, the magnetic port is sure to stay efficient and reliable. In fact, the magnet used in this product is strong enough to carry a smartphone. Lastly, this magnetic phone charger supports fast charging of up to 5V/2.4A.

  • Multi-length for different uses.

  • Passed 10000 bend tests warrants its durability.

  • Supports fast charging up to 5V/2.4A.

  • Compatible with all devices.

  • Does not support data transfer.

Buying Guide for Magnetic Phone Chargers –

Check out the following points when buying.


Buy a product that supports fast charging. Most of the phones today supports fast charging. Thus, it is better to buy a magnetic charger that fits with what modern smartphones demand. Magnetic chargers also have different voltage outputs. Make sure to buy a charger that is compatible to your devices.


Always go for durable cables. Look for cables that has reinforced material. Weak and brittle cables are the usual cause of deterioration. A nylon braided cable can also do the job. The tougher the cable is, the longer it will last.


The strength of the magnet is the decisive factor in buying. The stronger the magnet is, the easier and better the connectivity will be. Strong magnets will attach easily to the connectors. Also, stronger magnets give better and stable currents.


It would be better to go with added utilities. Utilities such as dust resistant, pull-resistant, and tangle-free cables gives you better durability. Features as LED indicators and data transfer support are also good to have.

Conclusion –

Magnetic phone chargers take charging to a whole new level. It makes charging easy. It also saves you from the hassle of frequent replacing of damaged cables. Moreover, it gives a futuristic and high-tech feel. There are different kinds of magnetic phone chargers. Feel free to check out our top list of magnetic chargers first before deciding to buy one for yourself.