Magnetic tape has been a useful tool that has wide variety of uses. It is an adhesive that instantly magnetize an object. You can easily apply it to different surfaces. There are different types of magnetic tapes with different magnetism. Some are for art crafts, while some for heavy handyworks.  It is free from toxins and is easy to use. Magnetic tapes are an essential tool in times of need. Check out the following list of the top 10 best magnetic tapes.

List of 10 Best Magnetic Tape Product Review

10 Scotch Magnetic Tape

Scotch Magnetic Tape

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Here is a magnetic tape made by a renowned manufacturer. Hence, it is a quality product. This is great for crafting projects. It is also perfect for lightweight mounting applications. Furthermore, it allows magnetic repositioning. In addition, the tape can used on any surface.

Therefore, this tape has a strong hold. In fact, it has a magnetic hold of up to 5lbs. This purchase comes with a 4ft length. Additionally, it has 1 inch and 0.5-inch width choice. It has a flexible roll character. Thus, the tape does not curl after mounting. In addition, it cuts easily with standard scissors. With this, the tape is a reliable product to use outdoors or indoors.

  • Made by renowned manufacturer.

  • Strong magnetic hold up to 5lbs.

  • Easy to use and set up.

  • Perfect for DIY and lightweight mounting applications.

  • Not for standard kitchen tools use.

9 MagX Magnetic Tape

MagX Magnetic Tape

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Using this magnetic tape will give quality performance. It is perfect for students, artisans, teachers, and those who love to organize. Moreover, it uses anisotropic magnets. Thus, the magnet has a stronger hold force. In addition, this product engineered with japan technology. Hence, you this magnetic tape is safe and reliable.

Furthermore, it has a strong sticking tape. With this, it is mountable in any clean surface. The tape comes in a length of 10ft. Additionally, the tape has a soft 1mm thickness. Thus, it cuts easily using scissors. Furthermore, the soft thickness is does not leave any marks of damages to the surface. With this, the product is safe and reliable for different uses.

  • Uses anisotropic magnetism which is stronger.

  • Comes with a 10ft length for more uses.

  • Strong adhesive that gives permanent hold.

  • Compatible with a lot of different uses.

  • May be permanent and hard to remove once fixed.

8 Sutter Signs Write on Magnets Roll

Sutter Signs Write on Magnets Roll

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This magnet rolls turns any surface into whiteboards. The product helps in leaving notes or labels. Moreover, the tape only uses magnetism to stick. Therefore, it produces no adhesive residues that damage surfaces. Moreover, it is free from harmful chemicals. Thus, it is safe to use even with kids.

The product comes with a magnetized backing. Furthermore, the material itself is completely flexible. Thus, this product can adjust to any surface shapes. In addition, it can be repositioned signs as you needed. This product has an easy to clean surface coating. Hence, the writings are cleanable and replaceable with one wipe of a cloth. Additionally, it comes with a 25ft length. It also stays clean and shiny even after multiple use.

  • Transforms any surface into a whiteboard.

  • User-friendly design and easy to use.

  • Flexible and adjustable material.

  • Leaves no adhesive stains and marks.

  • Only offers one sided magnetism

7 Promag Adhesive Magnetic Tape

Promag Adhesive Magnetic Tape

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This magnetic tape comes with a portable dispenser. Hence, this saves you the trouble from manual scissor cutting. Moreover, this tape a USA company manufactured. With this, it guarantees a product with high-quality. The product comes with a length of 26ft. For that reason, you will not run short in times of great need.

It applies to different surfaces. However, the surface must be clean and dust-free. This is to ensure that the tape will have a strong hold. The product has a width of .75 inches. Furthermore, this magnetic tape is perfect for DIY, art crafts, and school projects. In addition, the added dispenser makes the product portable. With this, bring this product and use it anytime and anywhere.

  • Comes with a portable dispenser.

  • Made by reliable US manufacturer.

  • Has length of 26ft perfect for multiple uses.

  • Very thin and sleek.

  • It has weaker magnetism compared to other brands.

6 XYRON Wide Magnet Tape

XYRON Wide Magnet Tape

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This magnetic tape has a length of 25ft. Thus, it is perfect for multiple uses. This product is perfect for stationary art works. It works best for refrigerator notes and magnets. The product includes a small dispenser. Thus, it is portable to bring whenever you want.

The tape also has a .75-inch wideness. Furthermore, tape is flexible but strong. The material can be torn by hand. Therefore, this tape is hassle-free for individuals. In addition, this magnetic tape is thinner than most brands. Thus, it is not noticeable when taped to thin materials.

  • Comes with a handy dispenser.

  • The magnetism grows stronger the more tape is used.

  • Portable and easy to use.

  • Thin magnetic tapes that is stealthy.

  • The thin tape does not hold heavy metals.

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5 Labphant Magnetic Tape

Labphant Magnetic Tape

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The magnetic tape has a high-quality magnet material. It holds a weight of up to 50 grams. Furthermore, it holds heavier objects the more tape used and stacked together. This product is perfect for DIY, art artisans, and office works. Moreover, it is easy to use. It is great for teachers, students, and many more.

The magnetic taped is safe and free from harmful chemicals. Furthermore, it has a premium 3M strong adhesive backing. Thus, it has a strong holding power. In addition, the product comes in a length of 15ft. The length gives you more spare for future use. Plus, the durable tape is easy to cut to fit the space you want.

  • Magnetic hold of up to 50 grams.

  • Free from harmful chemicals and is safe to use.

  • 3M strong adhesive backing for stronger hold.

  • Comes in 15ft length for more uses.

  • Must be attached to a clean surfaced wall.

4 Master Magnetics

Master Magnetics

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This magnetic tape holds on one side directly to steel. Hence, it has stronger magnetism compared to other tapes. Moreover, the magnet has multiple poles spread across the tape. Therefore, it prevents sliding and keeps the object steady. The product comes in a 15ft roll. With this, you will have more to use for other purposes. Also, this magnetic tape is perfect for lightweight to medium weight fixatures.

The tape has a pressure-activated adhesive. Furthermore, the tape is an acrylic adhesive and is permanent. However, the tape needs 24 hours to cure for a stronger hold. The magnet of this magnetic tape is stronger. It holds up to 6lbs per linear foot. Therefore, it holds objects such like picture frames easily. In addition, the magnetic tape can withstand temperatures up to 150F.

  • Pressure-activated strong adhesive for sturdier hold.

  • Spread magnetic poles to prevent slippage.

  • Can hold up to 60lbs per linear height.

  • Adhesive does not damage surfaces when removed.

  • The product is not instant since it needs a 24-hour curing time.

3 Adhesive Magnet Tape

Adhesive Magnet Tape

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This purchase includes a 25ft magnetic tape and a small dispenser. The tape comes with a lightweight material. Hence, it does not damage photos and papers. Moreover, the tape has an ultra-thin 0.012inch tape. Therefore, this product is perfect for papers and photos. This product has a balance magnetic polarity. With this, the tape has horizontal and vertical applications.

The dispenser of this tape has a bright and contemporary design. Furthermore, it has a built-in serrated edge. The magnetic tape has a table and flexible material. Hence, this product has little to no curling when applied. The product can stick to itself. From there, it turns a non-magnetic surface into a magnetic one

  • Comes with a contemporary designed dispenser.

  • Ultra-thin tape that is easy to cut and apply.

  • Balanced magnetic polarity that ca stick to each other.

  • Easy to use and toxic-free material.

  • It is not designed for heavy objects

2 Dry Erase Magnetic Strips

Dry Erase Magnetic Strips

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This magnetic strip comes with a small whiteboard marker. The product also has a smooth dry erase surface. Hence, it is rewritable and reusable. The tape comes with a 25ft length. Therefore, it has extra for more uses. In addition, this tape is easy to install. It has a 0.05inch thickness. Hence, easy to cut and use to your artworks and DIYs.

Furthermore, this product has a premium quality magnetic roll. It also has a strong metal backing. Therefore, it is perfect to use on smooth metal surfaces. It uses a MagnetX technology for its magnets. Thus, the magnets are reliable and durable. Additionally, it can hold up to 100 grams. Besides, this product works well for labels and indicators. In addition, the surface area of the tape is 1 inch. Thus, it has a lot of uses and objects that it can work with

  • Reusable and easy to use.

  • MagnetX technology for stronger and efficient hold.

  • Easy to cut and is convenient to install.

  • Smooth dry erase surface for cleaner white colour.

  • The product sticks only to magnetic surfaces.

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1 Flexible Magnetic Tape

Flexible Magnetic Tape

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The tape comes with a heat and moist resistance. Hence, the product is useable even in highly cold and hot surfaces. Moreover, it comes with a free tape measure. This magnetic tape comes with a 10ft length. Therefore, it gives more spare for other use. It also has different opposite poles. Thus, the tape does not stick together with its own.

This magnetic tape is perfect for textiles, metal, and other smooth surfaces. Furthermore, the tape uses a high-quality anisotropic magnet. Thus, the magnet is reliable and trustworthy. The adhesive on this tape has a power of 675 gauss. With this, it has a very strong sticking power. Lastly, the tape is easy to use and cut using scissors.

  • Powerful anisotropic magnet is used.

  • Comes with a free tape measure.

  • Perfect for textiles and metal surfaces.

  • Gripping power of the tape is permanent and strong.

  • Different poles that does not let you stick the tape together.

Buying Guide for Magnetic Tape –

Check out the following points when buying.


You need to check the main reason why you are buying one. Choose a tape that has a decent magnetic force hold. You can check this out by looking at the packaging or by asking the person in-charge. A good indicator of its magnetism depends on what can it hold. The stronger the magnet, the better and efficient it is.

Magnetic Polarity:

There are different kinds of magnetic polarity. To make it simple, choose a tape that can be placed or used together. This means that it can increase its load capacity the more tapes you combine. Always go for this kind of tape. It gives you more choices on how and on what are you using it for.

Adhesive Strength:

The adhesive is important in all magnetic tapes. The stronger the adhesive, the better it works. There are tapes that offers strong magnetism but has weak adhesive. These tapes do not last long. Always go with a tape that has strong adhesiveness.


Always go for magnetic tapes that are flexible. Go for tapes that can adjust to different surfaces and materials. The usual problem of magnetic tapes is that they curl over time. This causes the tape to lose its hold and will eventually fall. The flexible a tape is, the longer it will last.

Easy to Use:

Most tapes are easy to use and cut. Consider products that comes with portable dispensers and freebies. Not only does it make it easier to use, but it also gives you added utilities through its tools.


Length is one of the factors you can consider. The longer the tape, the more uses it will have. Also, go with tapes that has strong but surface-friendly adhesives. It protects the surface you are attaching it upon, and gets the job done at the same time.

Conclusion –

Magnetic tapes have been an added help to everyone. It has different uses which anyone can use. May it be for artworks, projects, or even household use, a magnetic tape can do the job. Our team has selected the magnetic tapes of various types. Check out all of them before buying as per your preference.