Best Nail Drill Machine | Beautify your nails in an efficient way

Want your nails sparkling in the blinks of an eye? Then it is impossible without a nail drill machine. But everyone finds buying a drill machine quite difficult. But don’t worry. We are here with the secret recipe for purchasing the best one.

List of 10 Best Nail Drill Machine Product Review

10. BTArtbox Professional Nail Drill Machine

Nail Drill Machine

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BTArtbox is a kind of machine that bears both space-saving and fashionable design. Not only that, it is available in a compact and lightweight shape. So, anyone can complete your nail artwork anywhere. Because of a small controller, the user can fix her hand in the center of the machine.

BTArtbox Professional Nail Drill Machine is not like the other ordinary nail machines. Notably, the machine provides excellent precision and huge torque. Additionally, you will find no objection to its noise. It works producing low noise and low vibration. In the end, with the advanced ventilation system, your hand will stay cool. To have a perfect drill bit, BTArtbox has bit holders.

What We Like

  • Smooth operation with a speed of 3000 to 25000 RPM. We will suggest you use low speed.
  • Powerful for natural acrylic nails, dead skin removal.
  • Pressing the F&R button, you can control direction. So, any right-handed or left-hander can use it. But it may take 2 seconds while changing the speed direction.
  • Perfect to use in both home and salon for cutting, cleaning, or polishing.


  • Quite expensive.

9. JEWHITENY Portable Electric Efile Drill 

Nail Drill Machine

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The best advantage a JEWHITENY can provide is its smart LED display. This display can show RPM as well as electricity. So, you can fix how much speed you need. JEWHITENY provides a humanized design. And if you find your hands busy, there is a foot pedal to run. Moreover like a developed nail driller, this one produces no noise, vibration, or heat.

JEWHITENY runs faster than any standard machine. Interestingly, manufacturers will provide six nail drill bits than no one does. Moreover, these bits are great for nail buffing, shaping, or polishing. The user will find there a sliding speed control unit. Finally, the unit will work for providing variable speed.

What We Like

  • Can raise to 35000 RPM and a huge torque at an instant
  • Made of aluminum. So, it is long-lasting and lightweight.
  • Easy two direction switch to change the rotation.
  • Bears safety certification and a high-quality adapter.


  • Cannot change the drill bits swiftly.

8. GreenLife Professional Nail Drill Machine

GreenLife Professional Nail Drill Machine

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GreenLife is the name of a high-powered nail driller. It is available with a professional-quality motor. Consequently, this advanced motor raises high precision torque and the capability of stable operation. Generally, most of the nail drillers create so much noise. But GreenLife feels better with lower noise and slight vibration.

There the drill pen is with an air ventilation system.However this ventilation works for reducing high hand temperature. Besides, you will find a soft foot pedal when your hands are busy enough.

So, you need not worry about grinding, sharpening, or polishing.

What We Like

  • Can find your speed from 0 to 3000 RPM with your sliding switch.
  • Forward and reverse direction switch for both right-handed or left-handed persons.
  •   Twist lock system for the easiest changing of nail bits.
  • GreenLife company is ready to give the best solutions to any problem within 24 hours.


  • The metallic handle may get quite warm.

7. AIRSEE Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill

AIRSEE Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill

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If you watch any of the advertisements for AIRSEE, you will fall in love with that. AIRSEE company claims this as an upgraded, powerful, and rechargeable machine. So, no matter if you use it, whether it is a salon or home. The nail machine bears a lithium-ion battery. Forgot to mention, there is a smart LCD to show speed and battery level.

After charging for 2 hours, the user will receive service of 10 hours without any cord. AIRSEE gives flashes when it needs a charge. So, it prevents sudden power off while nailing. Even so, you can’t imagine that you can fix this tool in a small pocket. AIRSEE always tries to give a portable and light-weight design.

What We Like

  • Has a speed of 3000 to 30000 RPM!
  • Advanced design with 6 pcs of metal bits.
  • High-quality aluminum body with low heated handle.
  • Well-engineered wireless and swift operating system.


  • It may become louder after a couple of months.

6. BTArtbox Nail Drill for Acrylic Nails

BTArtbox Nail Drill for Acrylic Nails

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BTArtbox is famous for shaping and making proper maintenance of nails. Maximum drillers claim their ones as noise and vibration-free but they are not. Apart from that, BTArtbox is truly a silent and low heat or vibration producing one. There is a well-designed ventilation system too for user comfort.

The staff assures a speed control knob for faster and smoother control up to 30000 RPM. The dual controlling design with hand and foot remains the same here as the other ones. With a slight step on the pedal, the motor starts to move. And when you stop pedaling, the handpiece will stop.

What We Like

  • Great for fixing cracks, removing acrylics, and filing broken nails.
  • Usable as a corded or cordless machine.
  • Handpiece hole for keeping the handpiece safe.
  • Multiple speed functions for versatility.


  • The pedal may not respond properly after a few months.

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5. AZ GOGO Rechargeable Efile Nail Drill

AZ GOGO Rechargeable Efile Nail Drill

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AZ GOGO has come to market with the approbation of the CE certificate. With an adjustable speed of 0 to 30000 RPM, it is a superfast driller. You can’t imagine that AZ GOGO takes just 2.5 hours to get a full charge. You will find operation for 6 to 8 hours with full battery power.

On the other hand, it is a must to have a forward/reverse direction switch in an advanced driller. So, AZ GOGO also bears that. Forgot to say, you can get the chance to prevent unwanted shut off during drilling. Because you can watch the actual power level by four charge displays. Besides, quiet and smooth operations with slight vibration make this a special one!

What We Like

  • Is available with a hook. So, the user can hang it anywhere.
  • Professional outlook and wireless design.
  • Aluminum handpiece releases temperature and makes a larger life span.
  • Even the Iphone6 plus is larger than AZ GOGO!


  • Finding a replacement for the AZ GOGO adapter is difficult.

4. Cadrim Nail Drill and Nail File Drill Set

Cadrim Nail Drill and Nail File Drill Set

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Cadrim nail drill machine bears high-quality metals in its body. So, it provides outstanding polishing, sharpening, or routing. Besides, it is great for giving long-time operation. The staff is suitable to use in everywhere like spas, beauty parlors or home. Moreover, Cadrim is free to operate for all ages.

The simplest ways to change directions is a major advantage. By the same token, the easiest speed controls made this so popular. The designer of this machine-made the vibration level smallest. So, users can find nearly super smooth-nailing. But don’t change turning direction so often. It may damage the handpiece after a few uses. 

What We Like

  • Comfortable grip for perfect working.
  • Handle holder for keeping the griding handle safe.
  • Lightweight and moves easily while using.
  • Available at a comparatively low price.


  • Sometimes gets overheated and may create a shock.

3. OVX Nail Drill File Machine

OVX Nail Drill File Machine

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This giant is exceptionally great for removing calluses. You can use it for taking off nails and scrubbing also. So, OVX will ensure clean, smooth, and flat nails all year. It must surprise you to exhibit its bit collections. There 6 different drill bits with 106 sanding bands are available.

With two rotating directions, OVX can vary its speed up to 20000 RPM. To change the bits, you need no tools. Just take the bit out, inset the newest one and connect to the power. High-quality and light metals have made this tool so durable and easy to handle.

What We Like

  • Speed adjustment is just amazing!
  • Portable and fits in one hand.
  • Better customer service.
  • Cheap and a little bit suitable for beginners.


  • Not recommended to use for 20 minutes long.

2. Makartt JD700 Manicure Drill

Makartt JD700 Manicure Drill

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Just like an ideal machine, Makartt bears a foot pedal system and two rotating directions. So, controlling the driller simply with foot and hand is not a big deal. 30 pieces of sanding bands are available here. And so, anyone will get salon-quality at a low cost.

There is a large speed control handle. As a result, while drilling, there will be no worries about getting perfect rotation. Also, Makartt contains a Japanese CE certificate. So, there is no risk of safety and warranty. Besides, the machine assures speed from 0 to 30000 RPM with a strong ventilation system.

What We Like

  • Shows the speed signal of the motor.
  • The twist-lock system minimizes the effort to change grinding heads.
  • Truly produce no noise or extreme heat.
  • At any time, you can get the chance to change nail shapes.


  • The top portion may start melting after flowing excessive electricity.

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1. MelodySusie Professional Nail Drill-Scarlet

 MelodySusie Professional Nail Drill-Scarlet

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MelodySusie’s lifetime motto is to bring parlor beauty at home. So, this shows how determined it is to make your nailing beautiful. Moreover, it has cords, smarter, and faster. Certainly, the nail drill keeps ample ventilation holes on its aluminum body. Thus, you will find there no heat and less dust.

Multiple speed settings and speed knob give the accurate speed for professional artwork. So, you will finish fixing cracks, removing lifted acrylics smoothly. Moreover, when the work reaches completion, you can keep your handpiece safely. Like all other models, the user will find 3/32″ shank bits, foot pedal, and adapter.

What We Like

  • Comfortable in hand and feels like a solid one.
  • The handpiece is sturdy and creates no vibration.
  • Doesn’t get heated so easily.
  • Good quality at a reasonable price.


  • Not recommended to use in a wet or moist environment. Electric shock may occur.

Nail Drill Machine Buying Guide –

Following things are important to know while going to buy a nail drill machine.

Powerful Battery

If the drill machine runs on a battery, it must be a lithium-ion battery. And the battery should be near 2600 mAh. Certainly, a better battery will get a full charge in just 2 hours and then run for at least 8 hours.

Smart LCD Display

A smart LCD clearly shows the accurate speed and charging level. Besides, the LCD screen makes your machine outlook gorgeous. But a thousand drillers are working great without any display.

Low Emission of Heat

Maximum drill machines create noise and heat emission. But there are a few ones which create less noise and heat. Besides, a driller with less vibration makes your nailing accurate. So, purchase the noise/heat-reducing one.

Twist-Lock System

The twist-lock system makes your drill locked while working. So, you will never find any disturbance. Not only that, this system keeps your changing of drills easier and faster.

Collection of Metal Bits

Everyone wants a drill machine with a huge variety of bits. So, purchase a machine that provides at least 6 drills and a larger amount of sand bands. So, these variations will create great versatility.

Portable Design

You may need nailing anytime anywhere. So, choose a portable and lightweight machine. Moreover, it is better if there is a hook. So, then the user can hang it on a pocket or clothes.

Foot Pedal

Controlling the drilling with the foot is a blessing for modern drill machines. However, find a machine with a soft and well-censored foot pedal. Then anyone will get the chance to use it with less effort.

High-quality Handpiece

The handpiece must be of aluminum alloy. Aluminum is durable and resists any crack or rust. Besides, it works to reduce hand temperature.


Ordinary people generally prefer machines with foot pedals and durable handpieces. Besides, smooth speed controls are also prime to many. But the need varies from person to person. Also, every nail machine has its characteristics and method of nailing. So, select your nail drill machine according to your needs.