Star projectors comes with a lot of uses from recreational to educational. It is a device that casts stars and other celestial images unto your wall or ceiling. You can use it for different settings like parties, romantic dates, and even for educational purposes. It is perfect for enhancing the mood and theme. There are different kinds of star projectors and with different intended uses. They are easy and safe to use. Owning a star projector will give you a lot of options on how to use it. Check out the following list of the top 10 best star projectors.

10. Galaxy Projector Star Projector for Bedroom

Galaxy Projector Star Projector for Bedroom

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Here is a star projector that comes with a Bluetooth speaker making it a flexible product. This has a high-quality ABS plastic casing and is very durable. Furthermore, it has 8 light colors making it perfect for multiple occasions. Moreover, it has its own remote to operate its various functions. In addition, the device has an auto-off timer which can be set using the remote.

The product has a music player that connects via Bluetooth or micro SD card. You can easily operate this device 10 meters away through its wireless remote. Additionally, it offers different lighting modes. You have a wide choice of modes to use according to your preference. Last but not least, it is energy-efficient with its 2-watts power design.

  • Has 8 different light colours and modes suitable for multiple occasions.

  • Comes with a Bluetooth speaker to add music to the setting.

  • Durable ABS plastic body casing.

  • Remote controlled projector for easy operation

  • Needs to be plugged to a power source

9. Misognare Star Night Light Universe Projector Lamp

Misognare Star Night Light Universe Projector Lamp

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Using this star projector will give you excellent performance. It allows you to choose from its 5 different film projections. Moreover, this is powered by 3 AAA batteries, and is rechargeable via its USB charging feature. At the same time, this star projection is easy to use with only two buttons for its operation.

Furthermore, it has a light plastic material that is easy to carry around. It has 5 different films to choose from. You can choose between stars, constellations, birthday cake, planets, and whale image projections. You can also choose to remove the film for its white light mode. Additionally, you can adjust the brightness of its projected light. Lastly, it also has a 360-degree rotating mode to make the projections interactive.

  • Battery powered.

  • 6 light modes to choose from.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.

  • Adjustable brightness for flexibility

  • Changing the films is a manual work

8.  GLOUE Pro Star Projector Night Light

GLOUE Pro Star Projector Night Light

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This star projector comes with a detachable tripod stand. The projector is also excellent for partying environment. Moreover, it features a Bluetooth speaker to add music to your celestial experience. The projector can produce 10 different color modes. It has 4 colors with 10 multicolor combinations. Hence, this projector is perfect for different occasions and uses

The speakers can be connected via Bluetooth, USB, or a micro SD card. Furthermore, the device features a sound activated flicker function. Its light flashes according to the beat of the music played. Moreover, this projector is energy-efficient. It has an auto-off timer and an adjustable brightness feature to help you save unnecessary energy consumption.

  • 10 lighting modes perfect for different occasions.

  • User-friendly design and easy to operate.

  • Has a Bluetooth speaker to add music to your experience.

  • Sound activated flicker function to keep thing lively.

  • Will not work without plugged power source

7. Stars Night Light Projector

Stars Night Light Projector

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This energy-efficient star projector provides you two different options for its operation. This is powered by a USB cord or with 4 AAA batteries. Moreover, this star projector has 9 different colors of projection. It has a silent 360-degree rotating display perfect for your baby’s bedtime.

The device also offers a remote-controlled operation. You can easily operate this projector within 32 feet away. Furthermore, it comes with a high-quality speaker that plays music through its TF card. You can select the perfect lullabies. In addition, this projector also has an auto-off feature. This energy-efficient star projector is perfect for your sweet baby’s precious bedtime.

  • 9 different colours with a 3D starry night effect

  • Powered through either USB cord or batteries.

  • High-quality speakers for additional music experience.

  • Remote control for easier operation.

  • Small device with average durability

6. Lupantte Moon Star Projector

Lupantte Moon Star Projector

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This star projector uses high-quality diode laser beams to project nebula, stars, and moon displays. This star projector is perfect for parties, birthdays, and even bedtime. Moreover, the projector includes a Bluetooth speaker and USB disk slot. It also offers a sound flicker system which makes the projections flicker with the rhythm of the music. In addition, it includes a wireless remote controller. Thus, you can easily operate the functions of this projector even at a distance.

The device offers up to 21 lighting colors and 72 varying effects. It projects a flowing aurora-like lights which is perfect for creating a romantic and comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, the brightness of it lights are adjustable to fit your preference. It also has an auto-off timer that can be set using its remote controller. Furthermore, the projector has an exquisite round body design that can also serve as an ornamental display.

  • Wide colour and style variety for different occasions

  • Bluetooth speaker for an added music experience

  • Elegant body design that is portable and ornamental

  • Wireless remote controller for easier operation

  • Small design but is not battery powered

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5. HOKEKI Night Light

HOKEKI Night Light

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This star projector offers two projection theme modes that adjusts to your preferences. You can choose between star sky theme or a sea world theme. Thus, it is perfect for creating a dream-like atmosphere. Moreover, it offers a USB charging feature. Therefore, this device can be used even without a power outlet.

The star projector offers 8 color modes. Furthermore, your purchase includes two different films with nice different patterns for you to enjoy. The device has a 360-degree rotating projector lamp to give you an interactive moving display. In addition, this device only has three buttons for its operation. Hence, it is easy to use and is user-friendly. Lastly, this projector can also be turned into a night light. Just remove the projection film and you will have a plain night light with 8 different color modes.

  • Easy to use and user-friendly.

  • Offers two themes for a different experience.

  • Portable and easy to carry around.

  • Battery powered and is USB chargeable.

  • Only for small scale projection

4. MOKOQI Star Projection Night Light

MOKOQI Star Projection Night Light

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This star projector is perfect for your kids. The well-built, round, and small design also makes it portable. In addition, it has a built-in battery that is USB rechargeable. Thus, you can use this projector on different locations. Lastly, this projector has 4 buttons with straightforward commands making it easy to use.

The 5.4 x 5.4 x 5.9 inches size of this projector makes it travel-friendly. Furthermore, it has 17 color lighting modes to suit your preference. In addition, it also offers a practical auto-off power mode. Each press increases its timer to 5 minutes which you can see is on its LCD screen. Lastly, it also has a 360-degrees rotating display for a more interactive and lively projection of your favorite stars and moon.

  • User-friendly and easy to use.

  • USB rechargeable device.

  • Offers 17 colour lighting modes to suit your style.

  • Energy-efficient

  • Using fast chargers will burn the LED lights out

3 GeMoor Star Projector Night Light

GeMoor Star Projector Night Light

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The purchase of this star projector includes a remote control. Thus, you can easily operate this projector even at a distance. Moreover, the star projector comes with a Bluetooth speaker to add music to your starry experience. This projector also offers a sound activated flicker feature. Its lights will snap according to the beat of the music or to your clapping.

This star projector also has an improved laser diode LED bulb. Therefore, the lights produced by this projector is much stronger and has a longer range. This star projector can easily light up a small room. In addition, the device offers 10 different colors with adjustable brightness. Hence, you can set this device according to your preference. You can use this star projector for multiple occasions. Also, this device has an auto-off timer feature. From there, you do not need to worry for leaving it turned on while falling asleep.

  • Uses laser diodes for a stronger and longer range of projection.

  • Bluetooth speakers for an added music experience.

  • Interactive projection through its sound activated flicker feature.

  • Can be controlled via a remote for easy operation.

  • Laser diode is harmful to the eyes

2. BlissLights Sky Lite

BlissLights Sky Lite

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Here is a star projector that is patent protected design and output. Hence, this has an original and unique experience. This star projector projects a field of drifting green stars in a changing blue nebula cloud. Moreover, this original effect is achievable with just a click of a button. This star projector has a built-n 6-hour timer. Thus, you will not worry about leaving it on while falling asleep. It is one of the best star projector.

This star projector uses direct laser diodes. Therefore, it has unmatchable bold and vivid colors. In addition, the projector also has an adjustable brightness, rotating light motion, and light effects that can be adjusted through its simple buttons. Lastly, it comes with a simple yet elegant white design that is perfect for display even when not in use.

  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Patent protected features to assure originality.

  • Ergonomic design for improved capacity.

  • Uses laser diode bulbs for bold and vivid colours.

  • Offers less modes than other star projectors.

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1 GRDE Night Light Projector

GRDE Night Light Projector

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The fog machine comes with four projection effects. This device will fill your room with stars in nebula clouds and moonlight. Moreover, it also has 6 light color modes. The light mode has themes like festival, night light, romantic, game room, party, and disco lights. Thus, you can choose what mode will reflect your personality or mood. In addition, it comes with a remote control for an easy operation even in a distance.

This star projector also has a Bluetooth speaker. Also, it offers a unique voice control mode that is not found in other star projectors. Thus, this device perfectly enhances the atmosphere with an added element of music. The lights also flash with the music. This was made possible by the device’s sound activated flicker feature. Hence, the interactive flickering lights is perfect for making your parties more exciting and fantastic.

  • Bluetooth speaker to add music to your experience.

  • 6 outstanding light colour modes perfect for every theme.

  • Remote control for easier operation.

  • Unique voice control mode for additional convenience

  • Remote uses infrared waves that needs to be pointing at the device’s infrared sensor

Buying Guide For Star Projector –

Check out the following points when buying.


Check out the output first to meet your require preference. You can easily check it out by testing the product and see the range of the light produced. The stronger the light produced, the bigger room it can cover. Also, check the quality of the image projected. Make sure it is sharp and vivid.

Image projection:

Always check the design of the image projected as well as the offered colors. It is best to choose a projector that offers a variety of colors and styles. Choose the one that matches your preference.


It is better to buy a star projector that has a lot of utilities. Extra features such as Bluetooth speakers, Off-timers, rotating displays, sound activated flicker, etc. The more utility the projector has, the better your experience will be.

Easy to Use:

Consider those projectors that is user-friendly and easy to use. There are a lot of products that offer hassle-free operations. You can check by looking at the buttons for operations. The more button a projector has, the more complicated it is. It is ideal to have a projector that can be operated with a few clicks away.

Conclusion –

Star projectors offers a lot of uses to our modern lives. It greatly benefits different situations and events. Moreover, it can be used for your kids, your friends, or for yourself. It is a device perfect for all ages. There are different kind of star projectors, each with different uses and features. Our team has selected the best star projector with different features. Make sure to check them out firs before buying.