Tea Light Candles to Caress Moods

Tea light candles are one of the smallest of accessories as home decor. But it can change the whole spectrum of your home. That’s why you need to consider a lot of facts before selecting the perfect one for yourself. We have covered various options for you to choose from with a detailed buying guide.

List of 10 Best Tea Light Candle Product Reviews

10. Lovely Lites Scented Vanilla Tea Light Candles

Lovely Lites Scented Vanilla Tea Light Candles

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Lovley lites candles are a combination of warm glow & an elusive vanilla scent. They are almost 1-inch high tea candles that can serve you many times. Aluminum boxes give a safer containment than plastic ones. Soy wax gives a small & cozy light that burns less than others.

The full box contains 36 sizable high tea light candles. There is also a complimentary glass holder selected from 4 unique designs. In this sense, this goes well as a splendid gift on any occasion. After a long hard working day, you can have a spa-like experience to get rid of your troubles. They have a better height than most other candles, so they burn more.

  • Soothing Vanilla scent.

  • 2x height than other candles.

  • Reusable the tin shells.

  • Great gift item for others.

  • The metal on the outside gets very hot.

9. YMing Scented Tea Light Candles

YMing Scented Tea Light Candles

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These candles are a set of 24 pieces of burning soy candles. But it comes with four different scents for every six candles. Among the four other fragrances are lavender, lemon, Mediterranean Fig & Cherry. This variation can create many vibes around you. The rich aroma will give you a relaxing experience altogether. Soybeans & the essential oils from plants are the primary materials for the candles. The core has a cotton wick.

The more extensive tea light candles can burn for 8 hours. In contrast, the smaller ones burn 2 or 3 times than others within their competition. They don’t produce any sort of smoke & are harmless to the human body. They bring along aromatic bliss to your surrounding to create a relaxing environment. Insomnia, meditation, aromatherapy & removing odors are some of the common uses for them.

  • Many variants for fragrance.

  • Long-Lasting aroma.

  • Extra candle holder.

  • Essential oil is a component.

  • The candles had a minimal scent.

8. CandleNScent Scented Tea Light Candles

CandleNScent Scented Tea Light Candles

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These burning paraffin scented candles are from the USA. Superior Wax gives a more steady burn to the wick. 100% natural fiber makes sure that you can enjoy a smokeless flame. There are four different scents available: French vanilla, sweet lavender, fresh pine, cinnamon spice & warm apple pie.

The total package consists of 150 tea-light candles. There are 30 of each scent. The variety of scents offer a more versatile atmosphere for you according to your moods. They can burn almost 4 hours as the manufacturer has tested. These candles are perfect for any occasion, a house party or even a wedding to entertain them. The price is fair as they come in such a massive unit.

  • Available in several scents.

  • Smokeless flame.

  • The burning time is decent.

  • Perfect for big occasions.

  • There’s paraffin wax in candles.

7. Lavender Candle Scented Tealights

Lavender Candle Scented Tealights

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For Those who love fruit scented candles, then this would be a great choice to use. Wax is the main composition of this candle. That’s why the scent won’t have a problem filling up your entire room. Starting your day with these candles can make the whole day more motivated than ever. It has different color varieties too.

The average burn time for each candle is almost 4.5 hours long. These USA based candles are great for aromatherapy. Spas, bathrooms, yoga rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens are some of the places it is excellent to use. They have a height of half-inch & a diameter of 1 ⅜ inch. So they can fit into any candle holder too. They come in a 30 unit pack so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

  • Burns for a long 4.5 hour

  • Aromatic all around the room.

  • Color variety.

  • Standard size.

  • Some candles burn out very fast.

6. Hollowick Tealight Disposable Liquid Candle

Hollowick Tealight Disposable Liquid Candle

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These liquid candle lights use the smallest fuel cell available to keep them burning. They use liquid wax lamp fuel, which is more enough than solid wax candles. They don’t make a mess & even don’t leave any black soot marks on the lamps. Easy to operate with a simple replacement of the empty fuel cells makes it more preferable to others. They come in 160 units per case package.

These candles are a great alternative to the traditional solid wax candles. And how could they make a mess? You can fit them to your tabletop lamps without any hassles at all. The small candle flame adds a spark to your wonderful evening with your loved ones. The soothing flames & warmth will most change your entire mood in an instant.

  • Alternative liquid wax fuel.

  • Burns a lot more than others on the market.

  • Less messy than solid wax.

  • Comes in large units

  • No scent on the candles.

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5. Candeo Candle Clean Cup Candles

Candeo Candle Clean Cup Candles

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Who doesn’t love the sweet sensation of the ripped apples during the fall season? You can experience it every day with these candles from Candeo Candles. They have made a combination of the aroma of ripe, juicy apples with a slight touch of clove & cinnamon. Due to the USA grown renewable, GMO-free soy wax, which is way more sustainable than paraffin ones.

These candles are capable of burning for almost up to 5 hours. They have used clear cups for the candles to hold in. They are flame flames, so no worries here. Pure cotton wick makes sure that you can enjoy a beautiful unmistakable glow from the flame. You would have a wonderful time with the whole 12 pack of aromatic candles you buy.

  • Soothing apple harvest scent

  • Soy wax candles

  • Capable of burning up to 5 hours

  • Transparent flames from the wick

  • Some have found the cinnamon scent more robust than the apple one.

4. Stonebriar Tea Light Candles

Tea Light Candles

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Quality palm wax is the core material for the Stonebriar. They measure around 1.5 inches to the diameter & ⅞ inches in height. The whole product comes with five different varieties for color options. It gives you the chance to plan any occasion creatively.

These handmade European candles have 100% cotton. It is behind for a smokeless burn & delicate flames. They can stay for almost 6 to 7 hours, depending on their surroundings. You can use them as the centerpiece for any occasion or even add vibrant color to your room. The whole package comes in a 96 pack in a well-packaged box.

  • Multi variant colors are available.

  • Has a long burning period of 6 hours

  • Perfect for party decorations

  • Includes 96 tea lights

  • Has no scent or fragrance

3. Stonebriar Unscented Tea Light Candles

Tea Light Candles

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A few moments ago, you encountered the multicolored candles from Stonebriar. Here we have the unscented plain version from Stonebriar. These tea lights measure 1.5 inches in diameter & ¾ inches in height. These candles are also hand made from Europe. The wick is 100% cotton, lead-free & gives a clean flame throughout the time. The whole package consists of 100 to 300 packs.

Hand-poured palm wax is the reason behind the more excellent burning time. 6 to 7 hour burning time gives the candles extended usability throughout any event. These tea candles are perfect if you are organizing a huge event. You can use these candles for multi-purpose decorations. Even at a wedding, these candles can create a perfect romantic environment.

  • Large units of candles in every package

  • Long burning time

  • Floats on water

  • Perfect for large occasions

  • No scent or colors for the candles

2.Floral Tealight Candles

Floral Tealight Candles

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Bblend hand-poured classic food grade natural paraffin wax & fragrances makes these candles unique. The mix of natural & essential oils gives a more incredible sensation to anyone. Firstly, they contribute to making your atmosphere mesmerizing. And secondly, the super soft paraffin petrolatum blend makes the scent of the candle more exotic.

The classic wax has a lower melting point making it faster to melt. Due to the fast melting, the scent overthrows. Each candle has a 5 hour burning time, making it worthwhile to use on any occasion while you have guests over. The single fiber lead-free wick makes the flame pleasant & smokeless. The floral design of the candles makes them a great addition to your home decor. They come in 3 boxes where you would find 6 of each color pink, purple & yellow.

  • Composed with essential oils

  • Clear plastic cup feature

  • Great scent over the whole time

  • Burns for 5+ hours

  • Used paraffin wax

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1. YMing Store Aromatherapy Candles

YMing Store Aromatherapy Candles

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For our final pick, we have an excellent aromatherapy candle from YMing Store. These candles are a mix of natural soy wax & enriched with essential oils for a spectacular scent. The candles’ flames produce a smokeless burning due to the pure cotton wick. The candles can burn for almost 4 hours.

The best part is that you can enjoy four different types of scents purchasing these candles. The four scents are Lavender, Spring, Lemons & Mediterranean. Every smell is capable of soothing your mind in its way to calm your mind. These are perfect for spas, bathrooms, yoga rooms, or even any household occasions. The candles come in a bulk 48 pack with 12 of each scent in it.

  • Four different fruit scents

  • Contains essential oils

  • Has an excellent burning time of almost 4 hours

  • A great addition to meditation or yoga

  • The scent is a bit weak.

Buying Guide

Before you dive into the ocean of t-lites and pick one, ask yourself if they meet the following.


About materials, there are two types of waxes used for this. The paraffin wax is less expensive, tends to burn down & tends to produce more soot. But, soy wax is the most even burning one available. Essential oils are present to create exotic aromas. It is also more environmentally friendly than paraffin wax.


There are a lot of varieties while going for tea-light candles. But you would find it unscented as a decor item for your household. They can be an excellent addition for any occasion where you need to make creative decor ideas. But if you find scented candles pleasing, you can go for them due to their aromatic sensation.


This quality depends on the size & quality of the candle. A 4 to 5 hour burn time is essential for scented candles as you would want to have the fragrance around you a lot. As for unscented ones, they burn less than the scented ones. But they should burn as much while the occasion is going on.


Though you would never think of a small thread of the candle, it’s essential to look at the ingredient. A good candle should have pure cotton & lead-free wick for a smokeless flame. That even contributes to producing a strong scent.

Number of Candles

Tealight candles usually come in a large number of pieces in a package. The scented ones come in a lesser number than the unscented ones as they are more expensive. But if you are using tea-light candles for the first time, it’s better to go for smaller units. So, you can try them out to see your preference.

Candle Size

Candle size depends on your personal preference. But you want your candle holder to hold the candles. That‘s why looking at the size is essential to fit your holder.


Tealight candles are more versatile than you can think. You can use them as home decor, or you can use them as aromatic relaxation. It all comes down to a personal preference of what you would like in your home.