A shower curtain is used to prevent some water from a shower or tub from splashing outside, but their main purpose is to make the shower or tub look presentable. If you only have one layer, it should be on the inside of the tub to keep the water inside the tub and off the floor. A white shower curtain is a great equipment to have in your house and bathroom.

Normally there are 2 shower curtains, one plain white for inside the tub so water does not run into floor. The second is for decoration and hangs outside the tub. Fabric shower curtains are generally higher quality than non-fabric options. If you choose a fabric shower curtain made from a material like satin or silk, you’ll need a shower liner to prevent mould and mildew. A durable liner will also help keep your floors dry.

List of 10 Best White Shower Curtain in 2020

10. Silver Shimmer Sequins Shower Curtain

Silver Shimmer Sequins Shower Curtain

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The curtain is soft and nice like a well-made sheet lol sequins are pretty and sewn on well.It looks so elegant. These are sewn really closely and give a waterfall/mermaid impression. Sequin material enhanced the beauty of the curtain It will look so glamour when they will shine by the light coming from the window. They are white in colour but it not tough to clean them. You can wash it easily. But because the material used is not the one which you could wash in machine so hand washing it will be recommended. They are also not much heavy.

  • White sequin material that will brighten up your washroom.

  • Easy to Wash.

  • Light in weight.

  • Not washable in machine.

9. Black Grey White Boho Striped Chevron Polyester Bath Curtain Set with Hooks

Black Grey White Boho Striped Chevron Polyester Bath Curtain Set with Hooks

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Quality is great (especially considering the price point). If you’re going for a western/tribal look and I think this will work perfect. A simple design, but adds a little more than just a solid white curtain. It have a Beautiful pattern on the down side border. Make your bathroom look aye catching with this beautiful and simple design. These curtains have hooks with it which make it easier to hand on the railing. These curtains are a bit heavy but they are easy to wash.This tassel shower curtain is machine washable and dry.

  • Simple but elegant zigzag design.

  • It don’t require any kind of liner. It will also prevent water from coming outside.

  • Easy to install and wash.

  • It is a bit heavy.

8. Farmhouse Style Bathroom Curtain

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Curtain

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The material is soft and beautiful, but you do need a liner to go with it. The “flower” designs stick out and they’re so unique.It’s well made and hangs evenly.Elegant, fancy and unique are all words that describe this shower curtain. Soft brushed poly with ruching create a perfect backdrop for the crafted flower details that give this shower curtain the perfect look. This Shower Curtain can change the whole look of your bathroom without overwhelming it.

But these curtains are not washable, not even with hands as well as with machine. You will need to dry clean it.

  • Made from 100% polyester.

  • Beautiful flower design.

  • There are fabric stitched loop holes in the fabric for curtain rings, but no metal grommets.

  • Dry clean only due to the delegate nature of fabric used.

7. White Ruffle Shower Curtain 

 White Ruffle Shower Curtain

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While being aesthetic and sound dampening these curtains will enhance the beauty of your washroom. You can also use them as window curtains because it is made of fabric material and ruffle design is not only dedicated for shower curtains but it will also look great in front of windows. Easy to install and the fabric is thick. Dress up your bath with layers upon layers of soft, billowy ruffles. The microfiber cloth provides a beautiful drape, and the design gives your space fairy-tale charm. A wide hem of romantic ruffles gives this airy shower curtain subtle elegance. Cascading ruffles create a sweet, ethereal feel.

  • Long lasting because material is thick and of good quality.

  • You can wash it in machine.

  • It have a soft material and it is easy to install.

  • May get dirty easily because of white colour and fabric material.

6. Heavy Duty Fabric Shower Curtains

Heavy Duty Fabric Shower Curtains

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Material is fine. Curtain may get wrinkle when you’ll unbox it so put in dryer on refresh. The shower curtain is of substantial weight and thickness. The material type that is used for it will prevent the water to go out of it. No liner is needed with it. It is easy to clean because it is machine washable but be cautious because it only allow to get washed with cold water. The hooks are made in a beautiful design that will enhance the beauty of it.

  • Fabric used for it doesn’t require any liner.

  • Beautiful designed hooks are attached to it.

  • Easy to wash.

  • It may get wrinkled up when you’ll unbox it, you have to dry clean it to remove wrinkles.

5. Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain No Hooks Needed

Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain No Hooks Needed

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The curtain goes on a curved special shower rod that u put the rod up in the shower & you weave the curtain thru the holes in & out. It makes the curtain stick out in semi-circle shape to give you more room in shower and keep the curtain from touching you. The material is heavy. The rings are plastic but silver coloured to look like metal.

Furthermore, the product does not look cheap but at least won’t rust. It doesn’t need any kind of liner with it. This white shower curtain designed with “Split Rings” that let you hang them easily. No need to buy hooks and no need to remove the rod. A clear window along the top lets light in and allows you to see out while maintaining privacy. Water repellent treatment can repel the water inside tub.

  • No hooks are needed to install it.

  • You’ll not need to purchase liner for it.

  • Easy to wash.

  • Heavy.

4. Shower Curtain Liner with Hooks

Shower Curtain Liner with Hooks

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This is a great shower curtain. The grommets line up perfectly. The weight is enough to hold the curtain in place at the bottom without magnets yet it does not fold in on itself. And, best of all, without magnets on the bottom there are no seams on the bottom of the curtain to create mildew.

It’s thick and durable and keeps all of the water from your vertical cleaning machine inside and contained. This white shower curtain liner is designed to stay in place and close to the wall of the tub. To clean the liner, wipe it down with a damp cloth as needed. Opening the liner up to fully dry after each use is recommended.

  • Very thick material.

  • Includes plastic curtain hooks.

  • Long lasting and easy to install.

  • The liners are a heavy plastic which tends to attract static electricity. The powder keeps that static electricity at bay. It washed off after a few uses.

3. Resistant Shower Curtain with Hooks

Resistant Shower Curtain with Hooks

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This is a beautiful white curtain. It is heavy so it will keep in place and prevent water from going outside of shower area. This product Includes 12 plastic curtain hooks. They are easy to wash, you can use machine to wash it. This item was treated to prevent deterioration from mould and mildew, thereby extending the useful life of the shower curtain.

The hooks coming with the product was such a huge benefit. One doesn’t have to go buy matching hooks from elsewhere. Putting it together is easy too. Due to this, it will be like plug and play.

  • Hooked are given with the product, you don’t need buy them separately.

  • Easy to install and wash.

  • Made with a mold and mildew-resistant polyester fabric for long-lasting use and good looks.

  • The plastic hooks may break down due to heavy weight.

2. Lush White Shower Curtain

Lush White Shower Curtain

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This is one of which that considered a beautiful white shower curtain ever.  It may take a bit of time fluffing all the flowers when first unpacking. But take your time, it’s worth it. Very delicate looking.  A nice statement piece in the bathroom.

The material is not much thick or thin it is in between of both but is good in resisting water to go out of shower place. It is easy to install and clean it. Due to the delicate nature of the design, this item is dry clean only. Elegant shower curtain with small flower details cascading from the top will add dimension to your bathroom.

  • Soft and made of 100% polyester fabric.

  • Flower design made on it is beautiful.

  • Easy to install.

  • You cannot wash it in machine or by hand, you’ll need to dry clean it every time.


1. LiBa Curtain Liner Anti-Microbial Mildew Resistant

LiBa Curtain Liner Anti-Microbial Mildew Resistant

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Our top 1 is a white shower curtain that can fit on either a straight or curved shower rod. It has magnets inside at the bottom and yes they do work. You keep the liner on the inside of tub and your shower curtain outside. It’s a great product! they’ll keep your new shower curtain with a scene printed on it looking great and so it will last much longer than without one. 

No mildew or rust. The magnets have weight and stick well to the bath. This is a fairly heavy plastic vinyl, with none of the toxic scent of most vinyl shower curtains. No scent out of the package and none while showering. It will prevent water from going outside of the shower area and will also keep your fabric curtains clean.

  • Fits any standard size shower or tub, whether you have a straight or curved shower rod!

  • Three heavy duty magnets on the bottom keep the curtain in place- and away from your body.

  • An active agent with odour protection that works to stop microorganism growth before it can even start, protecting your shower liner for the entirety of its life.

  • Heavy plastic is used in it.

Buying Guide for White Shower Curtains

Check out the following points when buying:


Always go for the one that has high-quality Installation process or there are few options available which don’t even don’t need any hooks to hang them because they made built in holes to install it on rod. You need to see if it lets you use it for a long time. Consider the one that that have good quality material which will long more last.

Size and Weight:

The size is one of the most important factors that you need to see while buying a Shower curtain because it all depends upon your need as well as I’ll recommend you that first measure the height from ground to the rod then find the curtain according to its appropriate height. See if it comes in a lightweight design that will allow easy to move it and clean. But liners should be heavy in weight to keep them in place.


Curtain material should be the priority to check and read descriptions about because if the material is good than curtain will definitely last longer than light weighted low quality materials. I will recommend thick fabrics and thick liners, because they are heavy in weight and can keep themselves in place.

Easy to Assemble:

Consider the one that lets you have an easy assembling of every hook. It must be simple to assemble with or without hooks. There are designs available in given options that may contain such design that don’t even need hooks because these curtains have built in holes to get easily installed.


Some of it may get dirty too quickly so always consider such materials that are easy to wash and clean.


The shower curtains are important product of the washroom as water will come out the area of shower and cause to make whole washroom wet and slippery. To prevent this condition you must hang shower curtains around your tub or shower. They must be water resistant and easy to clean and should keep themselves in place.