Card holders have been a useful tool that has wide variety of uses. It serves as an easy and portable storage for your ID’s and credit cards. You can easily store it anywhere. There are different types of card holders with different capacity. Some are for light use, while some are for multiple use.  Others even protect you from outside scans and pick pocketing. Card holder is free from toxins and is easy to use. Card holders are an essential accessory in times of need. Check out the following list of the top 10 best card holders.

List of 10 Best Card Holder Product Review

10 Easyyoulife Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder

Easyyoulife Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder

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Here is a card holder made by a renowned manufacturer. Hence, it is a quality product. This is great for multiple cards. It is also perfect for gifts and giveaways. Furthermore, it has genuine leather construction. Thus, the holder is durable and long-lasting.

In addition, this holder has strong security feature. In fact, it has RDF blocking design. This feature keeps your card information safe from electronic pick pocketing. Additionally, it has a size of 4.72 x 3.15 x 0.7 inches. It has PVC card slots. Thus, cards are secured and sturdy. In addition, it has 26 card slots. With this, the card holder is perfect for numerous cards.

  • Made by renowned manufacturer.

  • 26 card slots for greater capacity.

  • RDF blocking design for better security.

  • Perfect for gifts and giveaways.

  • Card holder is hard to zip if it reached 20 cards.

9 SERMAN BRANDS Front Pocket Wallets

SERMAN BRANDS Front Pocket Wallets

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Using this card holder will give quality performance. It is perfect for students, businessmen, teachers, and those who love to organize. Moreover, it uses bifold closure. Thus, the case is easy to open. In addition, this product engineered with RFID technology. Hence, it gives maximum security against electronic pick pocketing.

Furthermore, it blocks 13.56MHz. With this, it protects against unauthorized scans. The holder comes in a size of 3.9 x 2.85 x 0.5 inches. Additionally, the holder has a full grain leather, top grain leather, and vegan leather material. Thus, it is slim and stylish. Furthermore, it has an easy access ID windows. With this, the product can contain 6 to 8 cards plus bills.

  • Uses RFID technology which blocks 13.56MHz of unauthorized scans.

  • Slim and stylish three-type leather body.

  • Bifold closure for easy access.

  • Compatible with cards and bills.

  • Pull string for card is not elastic

8 DMFLY Business Card Holder Case

DMFLY Business Card Holder Case

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This card holder turns your old wallets into classy looking. The product gives a professional appearance. Moreover, the holder only uses magnetic closure. Therefore, it is easy to close and open. Moreover, it is free from harmful chemicals. Thus, it is safe to use and store.

The product comes with PU leather body material. Furthermore, the material itself is completely flexible. Thus, this product can fit in small pockets. In addition, it has solid construction for longer use. This product has RFID blocking design. Hence, it protects against unwanted electronic pick pocketing. Additionally, it has a size of 3.7 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches. Moreover, it stores up to 15 to 25 business cards.

  • Classy looking and slim.

  • Magnetic closure for easy use.

  • RFID blocking design for protection against electronic pick pocketing.

  • Stores up to 25 business cards.

  • PU leather is thin and can wear faster

7 AgentWhiteUsa Cell Phone Wallet

AgentWhiteUsa Cell Phone Wallet

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This card holder holds both business cards and 4 inches mobile phones. Hence, this saves you the trouble of bringing bulky wallets and purses. Moreover, this holder a USA company manufactured. With this, it guarantees a product with high-quality. The product comes with a size of 0.12 x 0.12 x 0.12 inches. For that reason, it is slim and portable.

It has a strong material composition. In addition, the product has high-quality anti slip material. This is to ensure that the holder will have a strong hold. The product maintains its shape. Furthermore, this card holder holds up to 5 business cards comfortably. In addition, the added flexibility makes the product portable. With this, bring this product and use it anytime and anywhere.

  • High-quality anti-slip material.

  • Can hold both business cards and mobile phones.

  • Flexible material that retains its shape.

  • Made by a US manufacturer.

  • Has no protection against RFID scanning

6 Professional Business Card Holder

Professional Business Card Holder

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This card holder is compact and exquisite. Thus, it is perfect for everyday use. This product is also perfect for giveaways and gifts. It works best for business cards and credit cards. The product includes metallic edges. Thus, it keeps all your cards stay in shape.

The holder also has a size of 3.8 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches. Furthermore, the holder has a PU leather material. It is durable and slim. Therefore, this holder is hassle-free for individuals. In addition, this card holder has RFID blocking technology. Thus, it protects from unauthorized scans and electronic pick pocketing.

  • Compact and exquisite.

  • Perfect for gifts and presents.

  • Portable and easy to use.

  • RFID protection for maximum security.

  • Does not hold a lot of business cards.

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5 RFID Carbon Fiber Wallets for Men

RFID Carbon Fiber Wallets for Men

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The card holder has a high-quality carbon fiber material. The material made it resistant from scratches. It holds up to 12 credit cards and 9 bills at once. Furthermore, it is made from tough aluminum material for extra durability. This product is perfect for classy men and boys. Moreover, it is easy to use. It is great for all occasions and events.

The card holder is safe and free from harmful chemicals. Furthermore, it has RFID blocking design. Thus, it protects against RFID scans that steals card information. In addition, the product has a size of 0.79 x 4.25 x 3.03 inches. The size makes it handy and portable. Plus, the holder has a strong cash clip to hold bills.

  • Carbon fibre surface that is scratch resistant.

  • Made from tough aluminium material.

  • Has RFID blocking technology for better security.

  • Portable and solid.

  • This card holder is not flexible to adapt to pocket bends.

4 Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet Card Holder

Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet Card Holder

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This card holder has an aluminum and eco-friendly ABS plastic material. Hence, it has stronger build that is long-lasting. Moreover, the holder has a clasp closure. Therefore, it is easy to close and secure. The product has rounded corner edges. With this, it does not damage clothes and pockets. Also, this card holder has a classy business appearance design.

The holder has RFID blocking technology. Furthermore, it blocks both 13.56 MHz and 125 KHz signals. Thus, it has stronger security and protection against electronic scanning. The product has a size of 4.3 x 3 x 1 inches. It perfectly fits on front pockets. Therefore, it is portable and easy to carry. In addition, the card holder can cold up to 20 business cards.

  • Dual material composition for better durability.

  • Clasp closure that is easy to close and open.

  • Stronger RFID blocking feature that blocks both 13.56 MHz and 125 KHz signals.

  • Slim and very portable.

  • The design is too abstract and colorful.

3 GOVO Badge Holder/Wallet

GOVO Badge Holder/Wallet

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This purchase includes a patent protected card holder. The holder comes with a lightweight and durable polycarbonate material. Hence, it is easy to store and carry around. Moreover, the holder has a unique manganese metal clip. Therefore, this product fits on belts, pockets, keychains, backpack, or lanyards. The body material has a 2mm thickness. With this, the holder guarantees maximum sturdiness and solidness.

The compartment of this holder is solid and not elastic. Furthermore, it has a spring-loaded card holding system. The spring holds your business and credit cards on both sides. Hence, maintains the shape of your cards. The product doubles as a wallet. From there, it holds even money bills.

  • Patent protected design that cannot be found on other card holders.

  • 2mm polycarbonate material that is lightweight and durable.

  • Slim and portable.

  • Doubles as a wallet.

  • Has no protection against unauthorized electronic scanning.

2 Travelambo Front Pocket

Travelambo Front Pocket

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This card holder comes with a 100% genuine leather material. The product also has a smooth leather lining. Hence, it is classy and elegant. The holder holds up to 6 credit cards. Therefore, it is perfect to hold your most important cards. In addition, this holder is minimalistic and thin. It has a 0.12inch thickness. Hence, it fits even at the smallest pockets.

Furthermore, this product has a premium RFID blocking technology. This feature is lab tested and approved by different labs. Therefore, it guarantees maximum protection and security than most card holders. It has stronger blocking technology compared to other brands. Thus, it blocks both 13.56 MHz and 142 KHz signals. This product assures protection against unwanted electronic scans that steals information.

  • Made from 100% genuine leather.

  • Elegant leather lining surface and design.

  • Stronger RFID blocking technology that blocks both 13.56 MHz and 142 KHz signals.

  • Very slim and portable that fits even at the smallest pockets.

  • Small card holding capacity

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1 Travelambo Women’s Wallet Multi Card Case

Travelambo Women’s Wallet Multi Card Case

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The holder comes with a polyurethane lining. Hence, the product is elegant and perfect for multiple occasions. Moreover, it comes with wide variety of colour ways. This card holder comes with a size of 8 x 4 x 1 inches. Therefore, it fits back pockets and purses perfectly.

This card holder has a high-quality PU vegan leather surface. Its material makes it resistant from dust. Furthermore, the holder uses a bifold closure. Thus, it is easy to access and secure. The holder has RFID blocking feature. With this, protects from electronic pick pocketing and unauthorized scans. Lastly, the holder has 18 card slots and 2 zippered pockets for cash and coins.

  • RFID blocking feature for added security.

  • Holds both cards and money bills and coins.

  • Slim and portable perfect for any pocket sizes.

  • Made from high quality PU vegan leather that is dust resistant.

  • Bigger compared to other card holder brands

Buying Guide for Card Holder –

Check out the following points when buying.


You need to check the important factor of buying one. Choose a holder that has durable and long-lasting material. You can easily spot this out by feeling the material composition of the card holder. The stronger the material, the better your money’s worth.

Card Capacity:

There are different capacities of card holders. To make it simple, choose a holder that complies with your needs. Having a card holder with big capacity when you only have few cards may be an inconvenience. Buy according to your preference and needs. More capacity does not necessarily mean better.


Since card holder holds your delicate business cards and even bank cards, it is best to buy one with added protection. Electronic pick pocketers have been a common occurrence these days. Buy a card holder that offers RFID protection. You can check this by simply asking the seller charged with it. There are different RFID protections with different frequencies. A better and stronger protection will come in handy one day


Always go for card holders that are flexible and portable. Go for holders that can fit to different pocket sizes. The usual problem of card holders is that they are bulky and heavy. This causes the buyer hassle and inconvenience. The portable a holder is, the better.

Easy to Use:

Most holders are easy to use. Consider products that comes with easy access slots. Having an easy to use card holder save you from a lot of hassle. It makes your life easier


It is also advised to buy card holders that are multi-purpose. There are holders that can hold both cards and bill. Some even holds mobile phones and coins. A card holder which doubles as a wallet saves you from bulky and heavy wallets and purses.

Conclusion –

Card holders have been a useful accessory to everyone. It has different uses which anyone can use. Not only it provides more storage, but it also serves as security and protection against online theft. Our team has selected the card holders of various types. Check out all of them before buying as per your preference.