Door mirrors has been a great trend in today’s modern world. These are mirrors attached to a door, a wall, a closet, or anything that has a flat surface. Therefore, door mirrors help save a lot of space. There are different types of door mirrors to best suit your preference and style. If you are planning to buy a mirror and does not have enough space, a door mirror will be your perfect choice. Additionally, a well-placed door mirror can make your room look way better and larger. Check out the following list of the top 10 best door mirrors.

List of 10 Best Door Mirror in 2020

10. FirsTime & Co. Gray Hayloft Farmhouse Barn Door Mirror

FirsTime & Co. Gray Hayloft Farmhouse Barn Door Mirror

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               This door mirror has a mixture of wood, metal, and glass materials. Hence, it adds a vintage rustic but modern look to your place. Moreover, the mirror has smooth and spotless high-quality glass. This door mirror comes with different decorative frames. Therefore, you can easily choose what frame suits your style. In addition, this door mirror only takes a minute to install. The hanging brackets attached to its back made it easy to fix and attach.

The door mirror has a metallic black finish. Also, it has a dimension of 36 x 24 inches that is perfect to cover your upper half body. This offers different styles of frames ranging from arched, barn, designer round, mirror with shelves, and mirror sets. Hence, you can easily choose which one will perfectly reflect your personality and style. This elegant and simple door mirror is definitely a must have.

  • Made from different materials to add a vintage and classy look

  • Easy to install and attach

  • Offers a variety of frame styles to match your style

  • Comes with a high-quality spotless mirror

  • May not suit some settings

9. KEDLAN Jewelry Cabinet Wall Haning Door Mirror

KEDLAN Jewelry Cabinet Wall Haning Door Mirror

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               The high-quality medium density fiberboard material makes this jewelry cabinet outstanding. This MDF jewelry cabinet will surely last long. Hence, this product offers maximum durability even after different extremities. Moreover, the surface of this jewelry cabinet is PVC-coated. Therefore, this product can fight against moisture and corrosion while staying elegant and pleasing. This jewelry cabinet comes with a frameless aluminum mirror. As a result, the high-quality mirror brings you a better and bigger view to check out your beloved face.

This product can be mounted to a wall. Furthermore, its elegant and sleek black design can fit to any bedroom or dressing room. The product has a size of 14.3 x 3.9 x 26.4 inches to give large capacity to store all your jewelries. Plus, it provides both additional storage and effective save of space while maintaining your room large, elegant, and beautiful.

  • Made of MDF and PVC covered to assure long lasting durability

  • Frameless aluminum mirror for maximum use

  • Spacious rooms for all your jewelry

  • Easy to install

  • Cabinet adds thickness to the door mirror which some might not prefer

8. NIKKI HOME 11.25” Vintage Wall Door Mirror

NIKKI HOME 11.25” Vintage Wall Door Mirror

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               Here is a door mirror that has an antique look. This outstanding round door mirror is elegant and solid. Hence, you can attach this door mirror in any room. The mirror has a reinforced solid backing for better stability. Moreover, this door mirror has a dainty sparrow design on top with an antique black finish. Last but not the least, it is easy ready for hanging through its open link chain.

The MDF material also makes this door mirror lightweight. At the same time, it has a cast iron material. Therefore, making this door mirror sturdy and durable. You can fit this door mirror on your front door, entryway, bathroom, bedroom, and many more. Lastly, it has a size of only 11.25 inches, which made it a perfect mirror for your face.

  • Simple and straightforward antique design

  • Reinforced solid backing to protect the mirror

  • Cast iron and MDF made which is lightweight yet durable

  • Open link chain for easy hanging

  • Single hook makes it easy to sway

7.  FANYUSHOW Full Length Tall Mirror Tiles

FANYUSHOW Full Length Tall Mirror Tiles

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               This door mirror comes with four frameless glass mirrors on your purchase. The mirror has a high-quality float glass. Hence, this provides ultra-high definition of reflection. Also, the product measures 14 x 14 inches each. As a result, this door mirror can cover most of your standard-sized doors. In addition, the high-quality silver backing on each mirror ensures that it survive well against corrosion and most humid environments.

This product has a superb flexible arrangement and usage. You can also easily arrange its four-piece mirrors to match your personality. Furthermore, this door mirror comes with a double-sided foam tape, which makes this mirror easy to install and completely stable. To add on this, the foam tape will not damage the surface of your wall. This door mirror is completely stable once installed. From there, this décor is sure to be sturdy and elegant look for this mirror. Lastly, its thin and comfortable design maximizes space efficiency especially in small spaces.

  • Frameless mirrors that has ultra-high definition of imaging

  • Great flexibility in arranging and suiting it to your style

  • Great stability once installed

  • Easy to install and does not damage your walls

  • Hard to remove and rearrange once installed

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6. BEHOME Door Mirror

BEHOME Door Mirror

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               This door mirror comes with a door hook to allow height adjustments. Moreover, this door mirror can be hanged horizontally or vertically. Thus, it can save you a lot of space or use it to express your style preference. The frame has a polystyrene polymer material. Therefore, the material composition makes it lightweight and durable. This door mirror can be installed without drilling holes to your walls. It is one of the best door mirrors.

You can also easily place this product on different doors of your house. It is because of its door hook feature. Hence, this mirror can be installed easily through hooking clasping its hooks on your doors. This product has a size 51 x 18 inches. Therefore, it can easily cover half of your body. Besides, its mirror is made from high-definition silver mirror which creates more lively imaging. Last but not the least, the purchase also comes with double-sided foam tapes. This is to ensure that it does not sway when installed on non-door surfaces.

  • Comes with a door hook to allow height adjustments

  • Has a size large enough to let you see half of your body

  • Made from lightweight yet durable polymer

  • Does not ruin your when installed

  • Door hook may not be compatible to all households

5. FirsTime & Co. Barn Door Mirror

FirsTime & Co. Barn Door Mirror

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Here is a door mirror made from metal caster hardware. Thus, this door mirror is guaranteed to be durable. Also, it comes with a shelf that is made from sturdy solid wood. This door mirror comes with a strong metal bracket. Therefore, you can easily hang this on your wall’s anchors. This door mirror comes with pre-assembled structure which saves you from complicated assembly and installation.

This door mirror also has a rustic black finish. It is designed to give your home a nostalgic vibe. In addition, the frame has a size of 20 x 5 x 25 inches while the mirror, 18 x 14 inches. It is designed to adjust to different spaces. Thus, you can install this piece on any room or space in your house. This simple and elegant door mirror is an eye-catching piece of wall decor.

  • Made from durable metal caster hardware

  • Comes with a solid wooden shelve for additional storage

  • It is pre-assembled and is ready for hanging

  • Rustic design to improve the vibe

  • Shelf takes extra horizontal space

4. RiteSune Round Wall Mirror

RiteSune Round Wall Mirror

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               The door mirror has a unique medallion pattern atop of the mirrored glass. It gives an antique abstract style. Moreover, it has a D-ring bracket hanger in its back. Thus, you can use easily hang and attach it on a wall. The frame of this door mirror has a solid natural barnwood. Because of this, the décor is sure to be sturdy and durable. It is one of the best door mirrors that you can find.

You can also hang this decor on different places of your house. Moreover, this product has a polished natural wood design that adds style and warmth to your home. In addition, this door mirror has a diameter of 30 inches. Hence, the surface area of ​​the product is not that large so you can save space yet gives an improved and warm style to your home.

  • Round door mirror with a unique medallion design which looks artsy

  • Made from solid barnwood that is durable and long lasting

  • Offers an easy-hang feature for hassle-free installation

  • Polished finish made it easy to clean by wiping

  • Single D-ring bracket may make the door mirror sway easily

3.  Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet

Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet

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               This door mirror comes with a medicine cabinet, a mirror, and six open shelves on your purchase. The décor is made from solid natural wood. Hence, this product is sure to give a sturdy look and durable composition. In addition, it has a size of 30.5 x 14.2 x 4.5 inches. As a result, this décor can fit to all walls of your home. This product has a premium pure white painted process that made it waterproof. Indeed, the waterproof feature of this decor ensures suitability for humid environments such as bathrooms.

You can also easily move this door mirror from one place to another. It was because of its easy-hook brackets on its back. Also, this décor comes with a pure white color, which makes it perfect for display at any part of your house. Additionally, the cabinet is secured with magnetic base mechanism. This made the product easy to close and tighten. You can use this product for multiple uses. As a result, you can maintain an elegant look while adding a lot of utility to your home.

  • Elegant pure white design that can go well with everything

  • Waterproof materials for maximum durability against humidity

  • Offers a lot of extra storage options with its cabinet and open shelves

  • Magnetic base mechanism for easy open and close

  •  Needs manual assembly

2. Shappy Removable Acrylic Mirror

Shappy Removable Acrylic Mirror

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               Here comes a door mirror that has an innovative look. The multiple pieces of mirrors offer you great range of arrangement and style. Hence, you can use this decor on different places on your house. This product consists of 24 pieces of small hexagonal mirrors. Thus, you can either group them all in a single place or in multiple places at once.

The mirrors are made from reflective acrylic plastic which makes this décor very lightweight. Moreover, the mirror has a glue on its back for easy installation. With this, it saves your walls from holes and ruin. Lastly, each mirror has a size of 8.66 x 4.33 inches hexagonal which gives you more control in the application of each to your wall.

  • Unique multiple pieces of hexagonal mirrors that gives a honeycomb design

  • Made from acrylic plastic that is lightweight and cannot be broken easily

  • Gives the owner more options on how to attach and style

  • Does not ruin your wall

  • Not an actual mirror but merely uses reflective material that has a blurry image

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1.  Sunix Mirror jewelry Door Mirror Cabinet

Sunix Mirror jewelry Door Mirror Cabinet

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               The collective features of this one makes it the best door mirror. The frame is made from high quality MDF that is sturdy and durable. Moreover, it offers a door hook bracket that is easy to install and is adjustable. Furthermore, this door mirror has an aesthetic white design that is simple but elegant. It also has a well-polished painting to protect from humidity and rust. This décor features a large capacity jewelry cabinet which gives you a bonus extra storage.

It has a 35.43 x 14.57 inches borderless mirror. Hence, it can easily reflect your body from head to toe. In addition, the mirror is made from explosion proof glass. This elegant door mirror can be moved from one place to another.  As a result, you are having full discretion on how to maximize the utility of this décor. It is a door mirror that every household should have.

  • Mirror is made from explosion proof glass for maximum durability

  • Adjustable height through its multiple layer door hook

  • Elegant white design that is rustproof and waterproof

  • Has a cabinet that offers a lot of extra storage

  • May be too bulky for others

Buying Guide for Door Mirrors

Check out the following points when buying:

Convenience, stability, and durability:

When buying door mirrors, you should check first if it can be installed easily. You should also check if it has a sturdy and solid installation. You can check these features by just judging the hooks, anchors, and brackets of the door mirror. It should be able to safely hold the whole structure in place. The more hooks and hinges, the more stable and sturdier it is when installed.


Not only door mirrors save space, but it also improves the aesthetics of your home. Make sure to buy a door mirror that will go well with your home’s ambiance.


When buying door mirrors, it is better to buy those which offers extra utilities such as cabinets, shelves, etc. Since you are already saving space by using a door mirror, why not add an extra space instead?


Door mirrors not just saves you space, but also improves the look of your home. There are different types of door mirrors which offers different uses and utilities. It also has different designs and styles which gives different effects to the aesthetics of your home. Our team has selected the best door mirrors with different styles and uses. Make sure to check this out before buying.