Established in 1995 in North Carolina, OFM has been quickly becoming one of the most trusted furniture manufacturers and producers in the county. Among a wide range of offers, their line of gaming chairs called Respawn Gaming Chair is undoubtedly among the leading products on the market. This brand was first introduced in 2017. Only after a few years, it is a popular option that many professional and amateur gamers choose.

There are many reasons for this trend, ranging from affordable prices, unique designs, and supportive bodies to ergonomic features and other advanced things. Spawn chairs are especially great for gamers because they can help them maintain good posture after a long period of sitting. There are also lumbar support pillows and adjustable necks to provide added comfort. So, if you are looking for a suitable option, check out the following list of the top 10 best Respawn chairs on the market.

List of 8 Guide Respawn Gaming Chair in 2020

8. RESPAWN 400 Blue Big Tall Racing Gaming Blue Style Chair

In particular, the impressive point of this RESPAWN chair compared to other traditional chairs that are popular on the market today are the features and designs that bring comfort to users. This unique structure is able to help prevent injuries to the hip, hands, biceps, and even the spine. In addition, the chair is also equipped with the ability to adjust the chair shape. Therefore, you can make the most of it to lean back and relax after stressful and tiring working hours.

Many gamers and office workers today are trying to buy their own products such as this chair instead of office chairs or wooden chairs that are quite uncomfortable when sitting for long. Besides, good ergonomics is one of the outstanding advantages of the item that cannot be ignored. The cooling structure with multiple air vents helps users minimize sweating while sitting in a chair. Not only that, but users can also customize the sitting posture, the tilt of the chair to suit the needs of users.

What We Like

  • The colors are vivid and eye-catching
  • Simple to move to many places
  • Material is smooth and durable
  • The structure is strong and firm
  • Easy to use or adjust

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7. RESPAWN Gaming 105 Racing in Gray Style Recliner Gaming Chair

RESPAWN-105 Racing Style Gaming Chair - Reclining Ergonomic Leather Chair,  Office or Gaming Chair (RSP-105-GRY): Home & Kitchen

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This RESPAWN chair will minimize the negative impact of prolonged sitting on your spine. In essence, this unique product is a type of chair that helps you to always sit in the optimal position, helping to protect your health rather than merely supporting gaming. On top of that, the details on this gaming chair possess a very high degree of customization. Therefore, the lifting and lowering of the chair leg, the tilt angle of the backrest, or the joints of the armrest, headrest, and neck rest can all be adjusted in a very convenient way.

This ensures that the item is compatible with many different forms of people. Moreover, it possesses a unique structure to enable you to change some dimensions of some parts, so choosing the most comfortable position to fit a computer desk becomes extremely convenient and simple. When you have to sit continuously for many hours, perhaps the problem you have to face then is to constantly change the way to sit in the best way on a regular chair but still cannot feel comfortable.

What We Like

  • Comfort and ventilation are significantly optimized
  • Material is relatively supple and premium
  • Customer service is pretty good
  • Easy and simple to navigate
  • Suitable for many different spaces

6. RESPAWN 100 Reclining Gaming Gray Racing Style Chair

If the area where you play games is also the place where you work when you are at home, this RESPAWN chair is an ideal product. It has the appearance of a traditional gaming chair with lumbar support, a reclining seatback, and adjustable armrests, but the overall appearance still fits well in the office environment. Are you tired of having to hunch on the table when playing games or working? Then it’s time to lean back and enjoy the comfort of one of the most unique gaming chairs available today.

In particular, it is introduced as an economical “throne” for you to feel great comfort in many ways. With the enthusiastic support of this item, you will no longer have to worry about the bone and joint problems caused by sitting too long. On top of that, the gaming chair is specially designed with a soft, full-body cushion that helps users to comfortably sit in all sitting positions, reducing restlessness and discomfort. Plus, its rugged construction can withstand sudden and unexpected user movements such as, startling, sudden stretching, spinning, or spinning.

What We Like

  • Compatible with many different working environments
  • The design is both luxurious and sophisticated
  • The structure is ergonomic and rugged
  • Convenient and easy to adjust
  • The material is premium and durable

5. RESPAWN 200 in Racing Style Blue Reclining Gaming Chair

In order to enjoy maximum comfort while playing games or working, in addition to the high-configuration machine and quality accessories, the addition of an upgraded chair seat is equally important. Because of this reason, this modern and luxurious armchair was introduced to the market by RESPAWN. In particular, it will show its maximum performance to give users the most comfortable feeling when sitting for hours in front of a computer screen. Equally important, it actively helps you to improve your posture by supporting the support of the bones, headrest pillows, and handrails, from which you can avoid damaging the spine.

Plus, if used correctly, this advanced device can completely help you reduce the risk of blood circulation, bone, or vision problems if you sit for a long time. You can slide the lever to lower the height, leaning the seat back like in a car to lie down. Therefore, you can even sleep in the chair after tired and stressful working hours without feeling any discomfort. What is more, the feeling of sitting on a specially designed chair makes the gaming and working experience even more enjoyable. From there, your performance improves and grows in a significant way.

What We Like

  • Compact and light for easy transportation or storage
  • Colors are vividly and eye-catching
  • The price is relatively affordable compared to other competing products
  • Its customer service is quite good
  • Suitable for a lot of jobs

4. Fortnite RAVEN-Xi Gaming OFM Reclining Footrest 02 Ergonomic Chair

The unique feature of the RESPAWN is its long service life thanks to its durability. Every office worker or gamer has a long amount of time sitting in front of the computer. So, especially for people with a lot of weight, a good gaming chair, and sure as this product will help you not to constantly change seats after use for several months. This saves you an extremely significant cost.

In addition, the quality of the finished product is the ergonomically designed features to bring the most comfortable feel possible. Moreover, you can take a book or a cup of tea to fully enjoy moments of relaxation. In addition to the outstanding features listed above, the high quality of the chair is a great advantage that cannot be ignored. Premium materials ensure softness and increase ventilation. Thanks to that, you will no longer have to worry about the unpleasant odors caused by sweat. Plus, the feeling of breathlessness and heat will also be dispelled.

What We Like

  • Colors are classy and harmoniously matched
  • Easy to adjust postures when sitting
  • Integrate with many special parts
  • Easy and convenient to move to many places
  • Simple and ergonomic to place it in any area

3. RESPAWN Fortnite RAVEN-X OFM Reclining Gaming Ergonomic Chair

The first and most important feature of this gaming chair made by RESPAWN is that it is extremely useful for the health of users. This is made more evident by the fact that many people now spend a lot of time sitting on chairs for hours. From there, when equipped with this product, you will no longer worry about diseases related to the spine such as back pain, herniated disc, or shoulder or neck pain. Therefore, a properly designed gaming chair can help you sit for a long time but still does not affect health.

Besides, this interesting gaming chair is added by some manufacturers such as a back pillow, neck pillow. This allows you to completely relax and rest instantly on a comfortable gaming chair instead of having to fidget with a traditional chair. What is more, you can completely recline, take a quick nap to rest for a short time thanks to the ergonomic and optimal structure of the item. Plus, the product is made of high-quality materials so you can rest assured that it will serve you effectively year after year without any sign of damage. With these materials, you will no longer be uncomfortable by the smell caused by sweat

What We Like

  • The color is fancy and eye-catching
  • The design is both ergonomic and versatile
  • Easy and simple to adjust many parts
  • Good compatibility with a lot of different spaces
  • Compact and convenient to move

2. RESPAWN 110 Reclining Racing Style Ergonomic Gaming Gray Footrest Leather Chair

This gray and black product from RESPAWN is a unique gaming chair. It is not only an expensive decoration, but it will bring a complete experience no matter where you put it in any space. Thereby, it makes the image of your home space more beautiful. At the same time, the versatile and ergonomic structure of this device is able to protect your health from spinal, back, shoulder, and nape problems.

Equally important, this elegant gaming chair is made not just for gamers, but it’s essential for everyone who works with computers for long periods of time due to the practical benefits it has. can bring. If you sit for hours in front of your computer every day, this product will be worth considering and investing. With the enthusiastic support from this unique home appliance, you can lean back to the ideal angle. Not stopping there, you can also adjust the footrest to feel comfortable working.

What We Like

  • Many parts can be adjusted easily
  • The design is both modern and elegant
  • Colors are harmonious and subtle
  • The structure is durable and sturdy
  • Material is smooth and premium


1. RESPAWN 900 Racing Style in Blue Gaming Recliner Chair

The main use of this RESPAWN gaming chair is to keep your spine straight and ensure that you will sit in the correct position for a long time. So, it is not necessary to play a lot of games, you need the support of this versatile item. Anyone who has to sit and work for a long time needs them. Equally important, it has a very high backrest compared to other types of the backrest, usually as tall as until through the user’s head. In particular, the product is accompanied by a soft pillow and neck pillow to help support every point of your spine.

If used properly, this radio can protect you from most health risks such as vision damage, lack of blood circulation, or spinal cord damage. Although not absolute, it certainly will make you worry less about protecting your health a lot. Sitting on a high-end chair, you will find that it has a very tight-fitting form, helping to support the body from all sides. Thanks to that, you will focus more on all your work with the highest comfort that the chair brings.

What We Like

  • The colors are subtle and harmonious
  • The design is both modern and luxurious
  • Simple on easy to use or adjust
  • The structure is strong and durable
  • Its customer service is relatively good


Respawn provides gamers, both amateur and professional, with a wide range of chairs in various price ranges and with many features. If you are looking for a suitable one and do not know where to start, then this guide is for you. We have done a lot of research and comparison to make sure everything can be much simpler for you.