Back to the previous decade when Apple first introduced the first iPhone with apps. At that time, we would not predict that interactive apps might soon become dominating in almost all screens that we use on a daily basis. These days, they are everywhere, even in televisions. Televisions with apps, which are also known as smart TV which is able to connect to the Internet.

More importantly ,they could work with many other web-enabled devices to provide everything. From your favorite TV shows to games, you can easily enjoy them at home. In fact, having one in your family can be a great way to entertain and relax. Although large-screen models are becoming more popular, there is still a big market for small sets with screen sizes less than 43 inches. Read on the following list of the top 10 best small smart TVs and make your decision.

List of 10 Guide Small Smart TV in 2020

10. Skyworth 720P LED 32″ A53 Quad Android Operating System Thin Bezel Small Smart TV

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With the arrival of this high-tech device, it is not difficult to experience the cinema sound right at your home. Plus, the recommendations for customized content based on your TV viewing habits will also be controlled by the advanced system of the product. With the arrival of this high-tech device, it is not difficult to experience the cinema sound right at your home.

Not stopping there, the recommendations for customized content based on your TV viewing habits will also be controlled by the advanced system of the product. With the active help of this item, enjoying home entertainment experience becomes more real and vivid than ever. In addition, this sophisticated design helps the product delicately blend into your home space with your favorite images.

Integrated with modern technologies
Convenient to install and adjust
The price is quite affordable
The structure is stable and durable
The design is elegant and refined

9. Samsung Electronics 2018 Model 720P Smart Small 32″ LED TV

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With the ability to accurately reproduce light and dark shades with brilliant detail, you will never want to watch your favorite shows on anything other than this Samsung smart TV. Equally important, the ultra-high-definition, high-definition purity filtered through a special layer enhances the vibrancy of images. This feature also gives color gamut and brightness to an almost absolute level.

What is more, this advanced home appliance is uniquely designed to increase the contrast ratio, thereby giving you a more beautiful and fuller image. Hundreds of localized areas are accurately dimming, for a sharper, more beautiful screen. Last but not least, it is made up of high-quality materials and durable to serve your family effectively for many consecutive years without showing any signs of damage.

Suitable for many rooms in the house
Colors are true and crisp
The structure is strong and sturdy
Experience watching is true and alive
The stand is durable and stable

8. VIZIO D-Series Diag 24” Class Small Smart TV

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The structure of this VIZIO smart TV is both slender and elegant, but no less hardware is not going to disappoint you. On top of that, it also has the ability to reproduce more detailed images and more natural colors for a more realistic experience with the ideal number of pixels. With that, HDR mode ensures that the contrast will be expressed in an extremely accurate way.

In addition to the outstanding features mentioned above, the good brightness of the product is an advantage not to be missed. Moreover, the custom interface in settings is also a quite simple layout so you can easily customize to suit your eyes. Finally, this high-tech item is crafted with high aesthetics that makes it easy to blend in with the surroundings.

Easy to control via mobile applications
The frame is high-end and durable
Integrated with many modern technology features
The design is delicate and elegant
Resolution and sound system are significantly improved

7. Toshiba Fire Edition 32-inch Smart Small HD TV

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In particular, the 4K processor automatically adjusts the colors, optimizes the contrast ratio, and the dynamic color gamut, delivering superior display quality for an unprecedented viewing experience. Above all, it has a streamlined design, so this smart TV is described as a pure borderless picture that gives you a sense of perfection and a cinematic feel.

It is capable of providing your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube plus music streaming services like Spotify and even has a lot of different games and sports content for you to enjoy. Even cable and satellite pay-TV are available on smart TVs. All you need to do is to simply install the application that the cable or satellite company offers without resorting to any other complicated and bulky tools.

Extremely simple to use or adjust
Compatible with quite a lot of online services
Suitable for different areas
Its price is relatively low
The structure is firm and sturdy

6. Samsung Electronics 720p Smart 2017 Model 32-Inch LED TV

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This Samsung smart TV is designed with a strong black tone and a cable hiding solution to keep the power cord neatly organized. With the optimal thinness to bring modern beauty and elegance, thereby helping to enhance the living space, creating a perfect viewing experience. Especially with a sturdy base suitable for putting on shelves or hanging in the space of the office, living room, or bedroom.

Not only that, but it also owns a resolution many times higher than other conventional TVs today.  This unique home appliance is also appreciated for its superior audio technology, which gives you and your family a cinema-like feel. Equally important, this exquisite smart TV is constructed of rugged construction and high-quality materials to endure with your family year after year.

The design is quite classy and elegant
Good compatibility with a lot of different rooms
Easy to adjust and install
The brackets are sturdy and stable
Its customer service is relatively good

5. LG 2017 Model 22-Inch 1080p Small Smart IPS LED TV

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This LG product is a small smart TV that stands out with a dynamic color enhancer. Plus, the advanced image processor can adjust colors for richer, more natural images. From there, you can enjoy the beauty of true natural colors on your TV screen. In addition to the excellent features listed above, the multi-connectivity of the item is a great advantage not to be missed.

All you need to do is simply connect it to a USB or external hard drive to enjoy your favorite movie on a bigger screen at a higher resolution. On top of that, the design is simple but extremely sophisticated to fit quite a lot of different spaces. With slim bezels and modern details, this premium TV design enhances your living space. Thereby, you can make a strong impression on receiving guests and your friends.

The base is designed to be strong and sturdy
The structure is durable and stable
Lightweight and ergonomic for easy installation or transport
Colors are subtle and true
The price is quite affordable

4. TCL 43″ 5-Series 4K Class UHD Dolby Small Smart Vision HDR Roku TV

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This smart TV from TCL was introduced as an effective solution to further expand your entertainment. From there, you can enjoy brighter, more vivid, and more nuanced images. Plus, it is designed with state-of-the-art software and advanced technology, delivering a modern optical system. In particular, the 4K HDR screen has incredible pixel specifications, so you can enjoy vivid colors and high clarity.

Moreover, the local darkening function helps create the perfect depth of image, making movies and games more attractive. On top of that, you can fully enjoy audio and video in a smart optimized way. The chases on the screen will be more intense, the sports section will be more attractive and the sudden changes in sound will automatically be adjusted. This is also paired with creative software, which delivers a superior audio experience.

Easy to control through technology applications
Equipped with lots of ports
Integrated with advanced technologies
The sound and picture quality are significantly improved
The design is both simple and elegant

3. TCL 32-Inch 1080p 2018 Model Roku Smart Small LED TV

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The overall design of this small smart TV from TCL is quite modern. It has a thin screen bezel and strong dark tones to suit different spaces. Besides, the sharp angles help the TV stand out, bringing a modern lifestyle. When you buy this product, you will be given a V upside down stand to help the TV maintain a better focus when placed on the table. Also, a great advantage of this item is that the screen border is quite thin so the screen seems to look bigger every time you watch the movie.

Plus, the application store on TV is diverse with many attractive genres with applications for watching movies, listening to online music such as YouTube, Netflix, or Spotify. Equally important, it is fully equipped with common ports such as HDMI, USB, and Optical so you can connect the TV to the player, the sound system, thereby enhancing the vibrancy while watching movies or listening to music.

Compatible with many technology applications
The images and sounds are very real
The price is relatively affordable
Its customer service is quite good
Easy to layout and install

2. Insignia HD 32-inch Smart Small Fire Edition TV

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The biggest value of this small smart TV from Insignia is the ability to enjoy content beyond ordinary TV channels. No matter how much content you have, it’s important to be able to find it right away with the help of this state-of-the-art technology. With the endless amount of content available online, choosing what to watch is not an easy task. That is why this smart TV possesses an extremely convenient search function.

On top of that, the ability to convey vivid colors and images gives you and your other family members the most realistic viewing experience possible. Not only that, but the advanced audio system of the device is also gradually conquering users by its superiority. It provides a more multi-dimensional sound. Ultimately, its performance is said to save your monthly electricity costs, while also preventing the rise in TV temperatures that could shorten television life.

Convenient and easy to navigate through the application
Compact and ergonomic for simple installation
Integrated with many advanced technologies
Its price is quite low compared to competing products
The sound system and colors are modern


1. Samsung Small 32Q50 Series QLED 4K Flat 32″ Smart TV

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This small smart TV from the Samsung brand will bring you perfect and easy experiences. With this item, you can immerse yourself in each colorful frame with a wide range of colors. Equally important, advanced technologies help optimize the display color and bring a surprisingly vivid viewing experience. You can combine multiple photos or create short videos to look back at the moment in a more unique and interesting way.

What is more, brightness is greatly improved with modern manufacturing technology. From there, this interesting home appliance allows you to easily control without having to lag. Thanks to that, you fully enjoy each smooth motion and there is no blur or vibration. Plus, the cable part is hidden neatly in the stand, bringing a sophisticated and harmonious overall to the home space.

Colors displayed are clear and true
The frames move smoothly and subtly
Easy to use and adjust
Suitable for quite a lot of different spaces
The sound quality is significantly improved.


Whether you are looking for a new smart TV for your dorm, apartment, or living room, this buying guide can be a great start. Make sure to take into consideration important factors mentioned above to choose the right one for your family. We hope you find this guide helpful and share it with your friends.