Leather Work Gloves: Protect your hands on the job

Working on outdoor projects can be a liberating and satisfactory feeling. While doing these works, safety may not always be the first thing on our minds, but it should be. There are many dangers to these kinds of projects. If we don’t protect our hands, it may result in grave injury. To do that with ease and comfort, a good pair of leather work gloves are mandatory.

List of 10 Best Leather Work Gloves Product Reviews

10. Wells Lamont 1019 | Men’s Heavy Duty Leather Work Gloves

Wells Lamont 1019 | Men's Heavy Duty Leather Work Gloves

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High-quality water-resistant leather unveils the uniqueness of this pair of gloves. That’s the outcome of the tanning process involved in its construction. Such a method ensures it will stay water-resistant for a long time. The cowhide leather used in these gloves is abrasion and puncture resistant. Gripping your work tools becomes very easy with these gloves. Its sturdy grip is the result of the embedded reinforced leather patches.

You needn’t worry about your gloves slipping off either. Their convenient elastic wrist makes it possible. The wrists ensure that the gloves stay on no matter the job. These gloves are the keeper of such a design to be very versatile in their use. You can use them for backyard tasks such as gardening and small repairs. But they are also well suited for a multitude of professional jobs.

  • Water-resistant material

  •  Leather patches for extra grip

  •  Comfortable fit with the elastic straps

  •  Puncture-resistant material

  •  Stitching can come loose after prolonged usage

9. OLSON DEEPAK Cowhide Leather Shooting Gloves

OLSON DEEPAK Cowhide Leather Shooting Gloves

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Olson gloves come with flexible genuine grade cowhide leather. So, the result is you get higher quality as well as shrink resistivity. These factors add up to a durable and long-lasting pair of gloves. The material used is also somewhat oil-resistant as well as puncture-resistant. These gloves also have double thread sewing that gives it that extra level of protection. The elastic waist makes sure you can take these gloves on or off in a flash. The keystone thumb design makes it so these gloves can take a real pounding. They are also gun cut for superior durability.

The cowhide leather used in these gloves is breathable. Thus, they had been the hallmark of their arena being sweat-absorbent comfortable. As a result, they do not need any extra lining. These gloves have superior versatility that makes them usable for a wide range of use cases. You can do most outdoors work with these.

  •  Keystone thumb design

  •  Elastic wrists

  •  Shrink resistant material

  •  Double thread sewing

  •  The size listen is not appropriate

8. Mechanix Wear DuraHide FastFit Leather Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear DuraHide FastFit Leather Work Gloves

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These genuine leather gloves are durable and are a token of premium quality. They also provide top of the line abrasion resistance to protect you while at work. These gloves are also breathable due to their TrekDry technology. So, in the end, your hands stay cool while on the job gives you a high level of comfort. The flexible thermoplastic rubber on these gloves protects your wrists with ease. You’ll not find an issue of fitting while using it.

The gloves feature a flexible stretch elastic to add furthermore to comfort. As a byproduct, it makes them very easy to remove. They also include cutting edge vibration protection technology. Thanks to the D3O palm padding. The same also aids in reducing fatigue while at work. These gloves also feature superior impact protection for the back of your hand.

  •  High-quality impact protection

  •  Vibration resistant padding

  •  Breathable material

  •  High-quality material

  •  Not durable after a long period

7. Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2

Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2

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These gloves incorporate the patented rolltop seamless fingertips technology in them. That implies they will provide superior dexterity. Its fingertips also provide double layer protection. The Ironclad gloves have reinforcement with Kevlar in areas that experience repeated wear. The thermoplastic rubber cuff puller ensures you can put this on in an instant. They also have a terry cloth placed on the back thumb. So, you can wipe away the sweat that would otherwise obstruct your work.

Washing these gloves is a piece of cake with its machine washable leather. This goatskin leather has no chance of drying out or shrinking. Thus, they will remain usable for a long time. Here the engineering leads to the utmost perfection. As a result, they can meet all the requirements and provide a superior fit.

  •  Quick donning speed

  •  Terry cloth to manage sweat

  •  Machine washable

  •  Reinforcements for durability

  •  The leather used starts to deteriorate after prolonged usage

6. American Made Buffalo Leather Work Gloves

American Made Buffalo Leather Work Gloves

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Genuine American Bison sources this high-quality pair of gloves. As the USA produces them, they come with premium quality leather. This premium material ensures that they are top class durable and last a long time. You can get an excellent fit with these gloves. They gather themselves at the wrist using sheared plastic. Also, they include a hemmed cuff for a superior fit. They also help keep the dirt out. The inset or keystone thumb also add their already high comfort factor.

These gloves are fit for both genders as men and women can use them without any issues. Many gloves may provide rugged protection but offer little to no skill. These gloves don’t follow that trend. It’s because the unlined leather gloves ensure a high level of skill. You can move your hands and maneuver your fingers.

  •  High-quality Buffalo leather

  •  Comfortable fit

  •  Usable for both men and women

  •  High level of skills

  •  Gets wet from sweat after prolonged usage

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5. Wells Lamont 1132L | Men’s Leather Work Gloves

Wells Lamont 1132L | Men's Leather Work Gloves

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These gloves have one of the highest quality, 100% grain cowhide. Hence, it offers them a high degree of abrasion resistance. It also prevents them from getting punctured. These gloves won’t wear out due to their reinforced leather patch. In general, this also bolsters grip and durability. You can even achieve a precise fit while on the job with the adjustable waist. Though a simple feature, it’ll also keep dirt and such material from your gloves. They would otherwise make your work uncomfortable.

These gloves are very multifaceted in their use cases. They are well enough in farming and maintenance. In the case of construction and demolition, they are quite similar in effect. That is, you need not limit yourself to a single activity while wearing them. They provide enough comfort and dexterity for long-term use.

  •  Top-notch quality cowhide leather

  •  High puncture resistance

  •  Wide range of use cases

  •  Durable

  •  Not the highest quality customer service

4. Vgo 3-Pairs Synthetic Leather Work Gloves

Vgo 3-Pairs Synthetic Leather Work Gloves

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This versatile pair of work gloves fit all sorts of jobs around the house and the yard. You can use it on day to day tasks. Such as gardening and driving. As well as more professional work such as construction, logistics, and warehousing. These gloves are abrasion-resistant with its synthetic leather palm filled with padding. It protects you from all sorts of injuries. You won’t have any issues positioning your fingers with these gloves. They are very agile to use.

We check out smartphones now and then. Keeping that in mind, the gloves have compatibility with touchscreen operation. You can use them with your devices. They are also straightforward to clean and wash.

  •  Very lightweight

  •  Useful 3D pre-curved design

  •  Breathable material

  •  Machine washable

  •  The finger portions are not long-lasting

3. OZERO Flex Grip Leather Work Gloves

OZERO Flex Grip Leather Work Gloves

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High quality 100% genuine cowhide leather is the material of choice for these gloves. The leather used is thick. Such cushioning ensures a very high level of abrasion resistance. The same also means that the gloves are shrunk, cut, puncture, and tear-resistant. They even offer slight oil-resistant properties. They are also very soft and flexible. The grip you’ll get with these gloves is something else. They feature a reinforced palm patch to give that extra level of grip. Dirt and other such small debris won’t get inside these gloves due to the elastic waist design.

These gloves have been custom designed to be flexible and durable. They have ensured this by setting the seams away from the palms. The separation puts less stress on the hem and gives you superior hand movement. The inside is also very comfortable and breathable as well as non-irritant.

  •  Both men and women can use it

  •  Inside is sweat-absorbent

  •  Material is nonirritant

  •  High-quality leather

  •  Produced using harsh chemicals

2. G & F 5015L-5 Cowhide Leather Palm Work Gloves

G & F 5015L-5 Cowhide Leather Palm Work Gloves

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These extra-rugged cowhide leather work gloves are fit for all heavy-duty jobs. From driving to construction. They make these gloves from high quality A Grade cowhide leather. The end product is a very durable and long-lasting pair of palm-saver. An extra-long rubberized cuff has been in these gloves. They provide excellent protection for your wrist. These gloves will enable you to tackle most, if not all, heavy-duty jobs with their reinforced palm.

You won’t need to worry about the gloves coming to lose either. Their leather knuckle straps feature latching on and provide extra protection. These gloves comprise enough padding. The padding helps you avoid painful splinters. These gloves will also ensure a tight grip while you are on the job.

  •  Great for long term usage

  •  Material is very durable

  •  Great for use for a variety of projects

  •  Very well padded

  •  The stitching is not of the highest quality

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1. Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves

Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves

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These general utility work gloves come with a high-performance design. They have a custom-designed thermoplastic rubber knuckle. It ensures you get the protection from high impact as well as the abrasive material. They won’t feel uncomfortable at all due to their secure fit feature. It provides an adjustable hook and loop closure for a snug fit. These gloves won’t get sweaty and uncomfortable over time with the terry cloth sweat wipe. It sits at the back of the thumb for ease of use.

You won’t have to go through much hassle to wash these gloves as they are machine washable. Remember to dry them in the air after every wash. It will make sure the size of the gloves stays consistent from the time you bought them.

  •  Machine washable

  •  The engineered fit system ensures a flawless fit

  •  Rubber knuckle for extra protection

  •  Versatile use cases

  •  Quality degrades after prolonged usage

Buying Guide

A good pair of leather gloves can be your best friend while out on the job. They will give you a sturdy grip to wield whatever tools you need to. They will also save you from many injuries. But to buy the one best suited to your needs you need to know about a few things. We have shed some light on them.

Type of Material

There are different types of gloves on the market.


Leatherwork gloves are traditional, but they are quite challenging and durable. A good leather one should be the proper thickness. Thick enough to provide protection but not too thick to hamper dexterity.

Synthetic material

Synthetic materials provide excellent breathability, warmth, and durability. But they are only good at their intended purpose.


These gloves are generally suitable for light work. Heavy workloads can make them crack or peel.


A good pair of gloves have stitching that extends the entire length of each finger. Double-stitched gloves are extra durable.

Palm Grip

Palm grips are generally of two types. One form entertains roughness to provide extra grip. While the other comes with padding to provide adequate impact protection. They are application-specific.


Breathable gloves enable sweat and moisture to get wicked away from your hands. Such integration will make your work much more comfortable.

Sweat Protection

Suitable leather work gloves provide a means to remove sweat. Generally, it is the form of a terry cloth attached to the gloves.

Ease of Donning

Many leather gloves have a unique rubber. Due to their presence, it becomes very swift and easy to put them on.


A good pair of leather work gloves can make any job a whole lot easier. They provide excellent abrasion resistance to protect your hands from injury. They can also offer comfort by removing sweat and moisture. But to make sure you get the most out of your gloves, you should make sure they are optimal for your specific task.