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The most annoying thing when you enter your kitchen is to see messy. Almost every time, you won’t get the right tool at the right moment if you don’t organize. Even it could be more dangerous if some are sharp, like say, a knife. Having the best magnetic knife holder could be the best solution for this problem. Keep all the metal tools secured, including the knife. It saves much of your time and also protects you and other family members from these sharp tools.

List of 10 Best Magnetic Knife Holder Product Reviews

10. Magnetic Knife Block Stand Set

Magnetic Knife Block Stand Set

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Aesthetics with easy accessibility is the bull’s eye for kitchen apparatus. Keeping that in mind Master Feng brought about this 10-inch knife holder. Both the matte and black-white speckled versions can hold no less than six large knives. Moreover, the fact of being a single pound magnetic holder makes it an ideal knife block. It’s a great alternative to ordinary non-magnetic knife holders. Even if you consider the costliness, the fact goes the same.

Keeping the countertop clean and decorated is the motto of the manufacturer. Hence, be it a chef knife or paring knife, the non-stick coating will take equal care. The 1-inch thick holder block features an excellent black lacquered surface on it. It doesn’t leave MDF as a material behind. Additionally, it incorporates both corrosion and stain resistance. So, you can use it to store and display other kitchen associated steel equipment.

  • Stunning look

  • Strenuous magnets to back

  • Non-stick lacquered surface

  • Resistant to stain and corrosion

  • Less bottom weight

9. Schmidt Brothers – Black Downtown Magnetic Knife Block

Schmidt Brothers - Black Downtown Magnetic Knife Block

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Acrylic is the perfect choice when both visibility and protectivity demand equal space. Schmidt Bros left no stones unturned to avail that with sleek adjustable holes. Likewise, the oak surface adorns exotic ebony stains to home knife blades. Besides, the premium knife holder incorporates a steady metal base. It’s lucky to have this one since not all double-sided knife blocks welcome such a massive base.

Although Schmidt Brothers have a few sets of knives of their branding, the block welcomes any. You can accommodate about six knives having all varying blade widths on each side. Meanwhile, you can stuff in other cutleries and kitchen gears until it can fit between the sheets. Thanks to the robust magnet sitting in the backyard of the oak veneer.

  • Premium acrylic protector

  • Double-sided accommodation

  • Strong metallic base

  • Many block material options

  • Cleaning the surface is difficult.

8. Zulay Seamless Walnut Wood Magnetic Knife Holder

Zulay Seamless Walnut Wood Magnetic Knife Holder

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You’ll fall in love with this compact and smooth walnut hardwood piece. Where others fight on reducing the countertop space consumption, Zulay utilizes the walls. The accent of the wooden block blends in and boosts any background beauty. Besides, the veiled magnets inside grab knives well to pass the shake test. Yet, the delicate surface lets no scratch or dent on the blades.

The associated lifetime guarantee is the hallmark. Producers are confident enough to feature that owing to the simplicity of its body and use. Even the installation comes in a variety. Drill the walls, and you’re ready to go. As alternatives, never prevent yourself from using velcro or mounting tapes.

  • Compact hanging holder

  • The shake test passed a magnetic grip.

  • Scratch-free knife storage

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Doesn’t cover the whole blade

7. Silver Wall-Mounted Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holder

Silver Wall-Mounted Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holder

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If you’re planning to gift someone, this magnetic knife holder has found you. They are coming with a standard box—the metallic block sports one of the most premium vibes in this arena. Chef’s Vision has already covered knives and all its associates. So it’s inevitable that any set of six knives will fit on the well-designed strips. The strip is so useful that even wet blades stick well enough. And the coating will prevent the rust. As a result, rough chefs will love it.

The BEHOLD knife holder comes in both black and silver models to offer versatility in beauty. Likewise, installation is easy since the gap between the metal strips is wide enough. Hence, it’s an optimal solution to the kitchen counter space. Who wants to mess with their knives keeping in drawers when such laminated blocks are around.

  • Sturdy construction

  • Easy to no maintenance

  • Laminated magnetic strips

  • Grips wet knives too

  • Heavy enough even without knives

6. KITCHENDAO Modern Magnetic Knife Strip Holder

KITCHENDAO Modern Magnetic Knife Strip Holder

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Easy mounting and adequate versatility push this magnetic block to the next level. Kitchendao provides some extra strong magnetic strips to accommodate more massive tools. This same feature has enabled this block to penetrate the sphere of kitchenware. Hence it’s often called a rack. Again, the diamond texture on its holding surface offers extra grip to knife blades. Safety concerns can’t be more from a knife holder bar.

The double magnetic strips holder comes with enough hardware to install with ease. To be specific, the screws at the two ends smoothens the process a lot. You need not invoke any tape or velcro, and that’s a lot less pain.

  • Extra strong magnetic strips

  • One of the most versatile among magnetic knife holders

  • Detailed installation process

  • Holds large Bowie knives too

  • Stripes tend to loosen after a few weeks.

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5. Magnetic Knife Strips, 15 Inch

Magnetic Knife Strips, 15 Inch

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Magnetic knife strips from IHOMKIT is the most functional magnetic holder you can get. It ensures no friction and better protection for your cutting tool. The best solution to keep your tools in your kitchen. It has a robust magnetic strip that holds all the knife and other devices. This magnet is powerful to hold a bulk amount of tools at a time. It is a perfect solution for your home, office, garden, and shop as well.

The 15-inch lengthy strip is more than enough for any user. You can rely on them to hold all your tools. It is also small enough to fit on your wall. The quick installation process helps to start using it right away. It is also easy to clean.

  • Powerful magnetic strip

  • 15-inch lengthy strip

  • Quick installation

  • Easy to clean

  • Holes that hold the screws are fragile.

4. Coninx Magnetic Knife Block

Coninx Magnetic Knife Block

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I think the Coninx magnetic knife block has the most elegant look among all other products. Surely you will prefer to keep a beauty like this in your kitchen. The knife holder contains bamboo wood and is super easy to clean. So, you don’t need to put in much effort to keep it clean. The material is entirely safe and durable to use for a long time.

The bottom surface is non-slip, which makes it easy to use, which is a significant advantage. When you need to deal with this kind of sharp and dangerous tools, it’s inevitable. The magnet is super powerful to hold your tools. The significant part is that the piece of an attractor is inside the wood. So it is not visible from outside. But at the end of the day, it performs its task well. Lastly, the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty for this product.

  • Bamboo made that makes it elegant looking.

  • A powerful magnet embedded inside

  • Non-slip bottom surface

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • The block is tiny

3. Magnetic Knife Strip 18 Inch

Magnetic Knife Strip 18 Inch

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This magnetic knife strip from Eco kitchen is a premium and top-notch quality product. The manufacturer uses top grade stainless steel to make the frame. It ensures the prevention of rust and corrosion. It has a powerful neodymium magnet. This one is capable of holding any knife or metal tool with its body. Another good news is that all the used materials are eco friendly.

The product is heavy-duty and capable of serving for a long time in your kitchen. The modern design will surely attract anyone. It also has six stainless steel hooks to hang tools that make it more classy. The system is simple and super slim but looks aesthetic. It is a perfect solution for your kitchen or home to save space in style.

  • Made from top graded stainless steel

  • Heavy-duty usages without rust and corrosion

  • Have a neodymium magnet

  • 6 Stainless steel hooks

  • Low-quality mounting bracket

2. Magnetic Knife Block

Magnetic Knife Block

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If you are looking for an aesthetic looking knife block, here is your desired product. The most satisfying thing is you are getting this at almost half price comparatively. It has double-sided magnets. That means you can hang your tools on both sides. It saves space in your kitchen by holding up to 16 knives. It also helps a lot to organize the stuff stylishly.

The distinction part is its base. The magnetic block has a massive base that makes it stable and durable. It will be in its position that is important while holding knives. It is also easy to clean quickly. There is a much-needed space between the pillars. Keeping them in good condition will be appreciating. The magnets are powerful. The satisfying thing is that they will give you a lifetime warranty.

  • Super classy look

  • Double-sided magnet

  • Separation between pillars

  • Lifetime warranty

  • A little bit heavier than others.

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1. Magnetic Knife Holder, Ouddy

Magnetic Knife Holder, Ouddy

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Top of the top. This magnetic knife holder from the Ouddy store is a premium quality one. The manufacturer uses top-notch stainless steel to build the structure. So, no tension about rust and corrosion. It has one of the strongest magnets you can get in these kinds of products. It holds all of your tools and knife firmly and securely. Even your blades or other kitchenwares won’t slide a little bit at all.

This knife holder is straightforward to install. Thanks to the mountain hardware and detailed instruction. It is a perfect tool to keep neat and organize your kitchen, home, and even office. The extended length helps to use it for multipurpose. But still, it is not that much large. It will fit in your wall pretty nicely.

  • Premium quality build

  • Strong and durable magnet

  • Multipurpose usages

  • Best after sell service

  • Edges are sharp

Buying Guide of Magnetic Knife Holder

Let’s take knives out of drawers. But what’s the best alternative? Here’s goes the quest.

Type of Holder

Blocks and strips are the main types of knife holders as far as magnetic knife holders come in concern. Magnetic docks or blocks usually cover the entire blade. But strips don’t do so. Yet the latter is often better to avoid scratches.

Material Used

Wood and stainless steel knife holders have dominated the market. For wood ones, walnut and maple hardwoods provide better elegance and longevity. In contrast, metallic blocks and strips are generally more durable. But without an outstanding installation, they aren’t the best choice for wall hanging. Of course, metal ones shouldn’t come without a rust-proof coating.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Metal surfaces are easier to clean. Mostly they feature rust and corrosion-free construction. In such cases, maintaining them is easier. But, wooden textures grip more dust and are more prone to get as well as imprint scratches. Well, modern veneers and coats have removed most of these cons.

Number of Knives

An average set of kitchen knives hits a number around six- taking one from each type. It ranges from pairing or bread knife to boning or cleaver knives. Now, if you add chef knives or a couple more to the list, the quantity may exceed half a dozen. Best magnetic knife holders with the single-sided application would do with ease. But more counts of a single type would ask for a double-sided one.


The accent and tint of wood used determine the capability of blending in with the background. Here, decor depends a lot on the location- wall or countertop. Still, smoothness of operation and display hatches from veneer type. Lamination and sleekness dictate the class of metal ones. Nowadays, matte black has found a soft corner of many chefs and kitchen lovers.


If you do not want to limit yourself to knives, go for some extra magnetism. It allows you to store scissors, spatulas, and scores of comparative steel items.


Who doesn’t want to keep their kitchen neat and organized? If you have a child, it should be the top priority to keep knives in a safe place. Having the best magnetic knife holder will solve all of these problems. They are durable, hold your tools, and keep the kitchen organized. Undoubtedly it is the best solution for your kitchen, home, or even office.