Keyboards are a vital proponent for your pc sets. Before, keyboards are only used for typing and character inputs. Now, people often match the keyboard theme to their pc set-up. They often sync the color and light intensity with their mouse and CPUs. This is where light up keyboard come in place. With the help of light up keyboards, achieve the desired feel and vibe you want. Give your workspace or gaming set-up the best aesthetic feel. Our team has gathered the best light up keyboards in the online market. Do consider these entries in your future purchases.

List of 10 Best Light Up Keyboard Product Review

10.  Basaltech Mechanical Light Up Keyboard

The Basaltech Mechanical Light Up Keyboard entails a blue switch gaming keyboard. Correspondingly, equivalent with cherry blue keyboards. In addition, the design has retro keycaps like a typewriter. With this, type comfortably with stable clicking touch. Along with that, it features medium resistance, audible click sound, and tactile feedback. To add, the keyboard is sensitive and highly responsive as well.

In continuation, the Basaltech Mechanical Light Up Keyboard has 13 LED backlit modes. The user will be able to adjust the brightness and lighting speed. Hence, freely change and match your PC’s theme set-up. Furthermore, feel no conflicts with all the 104 keys. Enjoy high-grade games with fast and simultaneous clicks. What’s more, it details a heavy-duty plastic body with top-grade metal panels. Also, it is finished with a matte-feel texture.

What We Like

  • Design has retro keycaps like a typewriter
  • Features medium resistance, audible click sound, and tactile feedback
  • 13 LED backlit modes
  • Heavy-duty plastic body with top-grade metal panels with matte finish

9.  CHONCHOW Gaming LED Wired Light Up Keyboard

The CHONCHOW Gaming LED Wired Keyboard has a simultaneous key feature. Click multiple keys with no issues. Also, it imitates a mechanical key feeling and rhythm. From this, experience satisfying key clicks and texture. Aside from that, keyboard characters are clear even when dark. Save the trouble of turning on the light to see keys.

In addition, it comes with a seven-color backlit gaming mouse. The mouse provides a high-strength sleeved fiber cable. In support, it gives a super-fast game engine with anti-skid scroll wheel. Thus, a purchase will save you from mouse expenses. Not to mention, the keyboard has three levels of brightness. Freely manipulate the lighting according to your preference. Besides that, it is of a special design for extra durability. The ergonomic tilt design makes it easier to operate.

What We Like

  • Simultaneous key feature
  • Imitates a mechanical key feeling and rhythm
  • Comes with a seven-color backlit gaming mouse
  • Ergonomic tilt design makes it easier to operate

8. 2021 New Version Mechanical Gaming Light Up Keyboard

The 2021 New Version Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is 50-Million-Keystroke-Test-ensured. Consequently, it offers longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. Also, it gives a clicking medium resistance with audible loud crisp. What’s more, featuring precise tactile feedback for typing and gaming. As a result, improve your gaming experience to the maximum. Be at your best when doing work and games.

Apart from that, the 2021 New Version Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has 20 lighting modes and effect. Moreover, the breathing speed is adjustable. Anti-ghosting feature is also enabled. Thus, your keyboard control will be better and more accurate. Additionally, it provides a comfortable gaming height. Easily fold up or unfold to suit your hand. Based on this, this keyboard is user-friendly and very versatile.

What We Like

  • 50-Million-Keystroke-Test-ensured
  • Clicking medium resistance with audible loud crisp
  • 20 lighting modes and effect.
  • Easily fold up or unfold to suit your hand

7. CHONCHOW RGB Compact Gaming Light Up Keyboard

The CHONCHOW RGB Compact Gaming Keyboard is best for an aesthetic feel. There are no additional number keys. Hence, this feature saves more desktop space for mouse movement. To add, it entails a high-performance membrane feature. Moreover, it has 19 anti-ghosting keys. This ensures smooth typing and gaming performance. To sum up, this keyboard brings an elegant and useful experience.

Moving on, this keyboard has two light up modes. Also, CHONCHOW RGB Compact Gaming Keyboard has three levels of brightness too. Choose from different color patterns and intensities anytime. Not to mention, it adopts a comfortable ergonomic design. With this, make use of arc keycaps, stepped layout, foldable feet and crater-switch keys. Correspondingly, typing and gaming is as efficient as ever.

What We Like

  • No additional number keys
  • Entails a high-performance membrane feature
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys.
  • Two light up modes with three levels of brightness

6. NPET K510 Gaming Light Up Keyboard

The NPET K510 Gaming Keyboard is solid and sturdy. To support, it is of premium-grade solid sheets of metal. Along with that, it details an integrated wrist rest and stepped-key layout. Thus, experience ergonomic typing angles with wrist comfort. In addition, it boasts a much more heavy-duty structure. This backlit keyboard is more sturdy than other plastic membrane keyboards.

Moreover, it features seven bright LED colors. Bringing you into a great gaming keyboard atmosphere. Furthermore, the brightness and breathing speed is highly adjustable. So, easily sync your desktop theme with your keyboard. What’s more, the keyboard is extremely efficient and responsive. Also, it entails an ergonomic design with arc keycaps. The lines are smooth and offers anti-fatigue. Not to mention, the keycaps are UV coated and laser-injected. Years of use won’t fade the keyboard letters. Based from this, the NPET K510 Gaming Keyboard is a perfect years-long companion.

What We Like

  • Premium-grade solid sheets of metal
  • Boasts a much more heavy-duty structure
  • Features seven bright LED colors
  • Keycaps are UV coated and laser-injected

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5. BAKTH LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

The BAKTH LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard offers seven cool LED colors. Also, the colors, brightness, breathing mode and speed are highly adjustable. Consequently, this keyboard is very versatile for use. Additionally, it gives a professional mechanical feeling. Along with that, an ergonomic design for maximum comfort. To sum up, this backlit keyboard provides lots of features for comfort.

Moving forward, it is simultaneous-capable. Clicking keys at the same time won’t be a problem. From this, perform best in your work or game without conflicts. Besides that, the BAKTH LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard has enhanced durability and splashproof. Also, it is laser-carved for non-fading characters. In this way, this keyboard is suitable for long hours of battles. Sweat and accidental drink spills will never be an issue.

What We Like

  • Seven cool LED colors
  • Colors, brightness, breathing mode and speed are highly adjustable.
  • Simultaneous-capable
  • Enhanced durability and splashproof and laser-carved characters

4. LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard

The LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard has a unique design and structure. Firstly, the design is of aluminum alloy panel. Next, this metal panel is cool brushed. From this, the keyboard has a smooth, metal-matte finish. In addition, it offers a water and rust-resistant function. Hence, stay away from liquid-sensitive keyboard malfunctions. Also, all the keys are very soft to touch. This offers on-point keyboard keystrokes.

Apart from that, the keycaps are safe to remove. Correspondingly, cleaning will be easy as ever. Furthermore, the keycaps are also double-colored injected. As a result, the letters will never fade away. Additionally, the LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard ensures crystal clear uniform backlighting. This adds an aesthetic feel and more visibility when in dark. Not to mention, it features a seven-color rainbow backlight. Thus, this keyboard maximizes your potential when working and playing.

What We Like

  • Design is of aluminum alloy panel and cool brushed
  • Water and rust-resistant function
  • The keycaps are also double-colored injected
  • Ensures crystal clear uniform backlighting

3. Rii Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard

The Rii Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard provides a strong. rainbow backlight. To add, it also offers breathing lights function. Moreover, it is a full-size standard keyboard. Hence, there are 105 keys and 11 special multi-media keys. Apart from that, it measures 17.1 x 5.3 x 0.9 inches. Just the right dimensions to add to your desk set-ups. What’s more, it is supported by all devices. From this, never worry about incompatibility issues. Use it on any device you want.

Moving forward, the Rii Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard automatically enters sleeping mode. When the keyboard is idle for 10 minutes, the lights shut off. Consequently, it saves power and resource of your pc. Besides that, it features a scientific stair-step keycap design. As a result, fingers will reach all keys easier. Thus, reducing hand fatigue and stress. Overall, this keyboard might seem simple but it packs power.

What We Like

  • Measures 17.1 x 5.3 x 0.9 inches
  • Supported by all devices
  • Automatically enters sleeping mode
  • Scientific stair-step keycap design

2. FLAGPOWER Gaming Keyboard

The best feature of the FLAGPOWER Gaming Keyboard is its inclusions. This keyboard comes with a gaming mouse. In this way, save the cost of purchasing a mouse. Moreover, the keyboard and mouse have three changeable in-sync colors. Also, choose from three levels of brightness and two breathing modes. Thus, the two work well together. Moving on, it features 19 anti-ghosting keys. To add, there are 19 non-conflict keys as well. Improve your work and gaming double-fold.

Apart from that, the FLAGPOWER Gaming Keyboard delivers an ergonomic design. To support, the keyboard has a natural angle tilt. The keycaps are of double injection ABS. As a result, long-term use will not cause hand fatigue. Additionally, the key characters won’t ever fade. Use for years without any fading worries. What’s more, the keycaps are removable. Hence, dust and small debris are easier to remove. In summary, this is the best pick economically. Save money by purchasing a 2-in-1 quality deal.

What We Like

  • Comes with a gaming mouse
  • Has a natural angle tilt
  • Double injection ABS
  • Features 19 anti-ghosting keys and non-conflict keys

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1. MAGEGEE Gaming Light Up Keyboard

The design and structure of the MAGEGEE Gaming Keyboard is beyond compare. Just like the previous entry, this comes with a gaming mouse as well. However, this keyboard has more detailed keycap characters and illuminations. Moreover, it offers an adjustable stand. Correspondingly, enabling your hands to type in a more comfortable position. Furthermore, typing is on-point efficient and accurate. The keycaps are of scientifically staircase-designed structure. As a result, stay free from hand fatigue and discomfort.

Moving forward, the structure has an ergonomic design as well. An entirely great design for office use and games. Along with that, it packs a high-resolution LED backlight. Thus, the colors are on a different level of resolution. Also, the included mouse features a high-speed transmission technology. Never experience cursor delays and lags. Not to mention, the MAGEGEE Gaming Keyboard is waterproof. Not just resistant, but entirely waterproof. In conclusion, the MAGEGEE Gaming Keyboard is truly the best light up keyboard in the market.

What We Like

  • Comes with a high-speed transmission gaming mouse
  • Has more detailed keycap characters and illuminations
  • Scientifically staircase-designed structure
  • Waterproof

Buying Guide

Check out the following points when buying light up keyboards


The first thing you need to consider is the size of the light up keyboard of your interest. Think of how much space you have in your workspace/gaming desk. With this in mind, if you have a smaller space, choose the non-standard keyboards. These keyboards are smaller and simpler, yet missing the number pad on the right side.


Keyboards will receive lots of smashes, accidental drops, and many more challenges. That is why it is important to only purchase keyboards with a sturdy and solid body. It is advisable to choose those of metal aluminum alloy. However, a plastic body could also be considered. As long as the plastic body is hard and reinforced.

Lighting features:

Other keyboards in the market only offer a permanent lighting feature. When purchasing light up keyboards, it is preferrable to choose those with customizable light patterns. In this way, it can keep up whenever you want to change your set-up theme.

Feel and Texture:

Each keyboard has a different structure. This will be noticed based on the keycaps’ formation. Others are all flat, while others are rounded and curved. Actually, there is no universal preference for this. With this in mind, it is important to test out the keyboards first. Try it out for a couple of minutes before purchase. As this keyboard will be your companion for hours of use per day, choose only the most comfortable one.


Keyboards have evolved as time passed by. Now, keyboards offer light up features for an aesthetic feel. These illuminations inspire the user in their work or games. In this way, morale is boosted and the user gets to maximize his/her skills. Aside from that, a good keyboard will last with you for years. This is a lifetime investment especially when you choose the best. That is why, you should consider the lighting features, feel and texture, durability, and size of the keyboard of your interest. With these in mind, you are ensured of a long-lasting light up keyboard. Hence, purchasing regrets can be avoided.