Small table lamps always have been an essential equipment for most people. People who work at night often prefer to use lamps than ceiling bulbs. Not only it gives off light but it also adds an aesthetic feel to a workspace. To add, the design and power output varies for each small table lamp. Hence you should choose a lamp with features you are most favored in. Here, our team gathered the top 10 small table lamps in the market.

List of 10 Best Small Table Lamp Product Review

10. Amazon Brand – Rivet Caden Adjustable Task Table Lamp with USB Port, Bulb Included, 28.5”H

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The Rivet Caden table lamp is perfect for students and artists. This lamp comes with multiple hinges. With this, the lamp allows the user to easily adjust the lamp’s position. Hence, the user could freely manipulate the direction of the light. Moreover, the small table lamp has a dimension of 18 W x 8 D x 28.5 H inches. It is perfectly ideal to place in a small table.

The Rivet Caden table lamp is also admirably notable for its USB port. With this, the user will have a convenient way of charging. No need to leave your phone to charge on far sockets. However, this lamp is not portable. It is for indoor use only. In addition, the lamp has a black metal shade and base with a brass arm and pole. Hence, the quality of the lamp is durable and sturdy.

What We Like

  • Comes with multiple hinges
  • Dimensions are perfect for a small table
  • Includes a USB port
  • Brass arm and pole

9. Kakanuo 26” Traditional Nightstand Lamp

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The Kakanuo Traditional Nightstand Lamp also comes with a USB port. Its dual charging port have a built in dual 5V/2A. With this, this table lamp supports fast charging for your gadgets. In addition, this product has a unique vintage design. It has a tree branch base and linen fabric lampshade structure. Thus, creating a subtle sense of a harmonized, elegant appearance. Moreover, the design also shows a minimalist practical European design. Hence, it portrays a low-key way of showing its best charm in simplicity.

This lamp has eye protection as well. It softens the light radiation and distributes it evenly. In addition, this lamp prevents the user from eye fatigue too. Therefore, your eyes are protected even after hours of use. With a 26.8 inch height, it is a perfect décor for your living room, study room and sofa.

What We Like

  • Dual USB Charging Port
  • Has a vintage elegant design
  • Has eye protection against eye fatigue
  • Perfect for home decor

8. Touch Control Table Lamp with Dual USB Ports, Rustic Leaf Lamp Torchiere Table Lamp

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This small table lamp’s most notable feature is its touch function. With this, the lamp removes the hassle of fumbling or reaching over the switch. In addition, it has 3 brightness options. You can choose from 3 brightness levels (low, medium, high). Hence, offering different lightings for comfortability. The lamp also features dual USB charging ports. Thus, this lamp is perfectly practical for eliminating clutters of extra power cubes.

Also, this lamp is crafted with an elegant metallic design. Perfect to place in your living room and guest rooms. Moreover, this lamp has climbing vines with small leaves as its structure. It is incredibly perfect as well to gift to your friends. Aside from that, the base weighs 1.88 kg. With this, the user won’t have to worry about the lamp tripping accidentally.

What We Like

  • Has touch function
  • Features 3 brightness options
  • Dual USB charging port
  • Heavy and sturdy base

7. Industrial Dimmable Desk Lamp with 2 USB Charging Ports AC Outlet, Black Metal Table Lamp

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This Industrial Black Metal Table Lamp also has a touch sensor. Its touch sensor applies the latest 2020 touch sensor tech. With this, the user can tap on anywhere of the lamp’s base to adjust its brightness. Also, the lamp features dual USB charging ports. The dual USB ports supports a 5V/2.1 A fast charging system. Hence, it is very convenient and perfect for office work.

This small table lamp features a 360 degree adjustable head. It also has a flexible head combined with golden finish rotary joint. With this, it is perfect for working or even for creating an ambient lighting. In addition, this lamp has a stylish classic design. It is designed with an antique matte black and brass gold finish. Moreover, it features a heavy-duty simplicity tubular metal body. Hence, very durable and sturdy to use.

What We Like

  • Latest 2020 touch sensor
  • Dual USB charing port with fast charging system
  • 360 degree adjustable head
  • Heavy-duty simplicity tubular metal body

6. Dreamholder Desk Lamp, Modern Table Lamp with Cream Linen Shade

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The most notable feature of the Dreamholder Desk Lamp is having three input USB charging ports. It can charge 3 devices simultaneously and efficiently. With this, you can eliminate the problem of having insufficient charging ports. In addition, charging functions can work whether the light is on or off. Aside from that, this lamp features 3 phone slots. It can hold your iPads, phone, and other devices while charging.

This small table lamp also has a safe wooden base. Therefore, it is completely sturdy and solid. Moreover, it has an incredible modern design. It also comes with a simple and fashionable linen lamp shade. With this, it creates a comforting atmosphere to protect your eyes. Hence, this lamp is completely perfect for your bed and guest rooms.

What We Like

  • Three input USB charging ports
  • Charging feature works whether light is on or off
  • Has 3 phone slots
  • Comes with a simple and fashionable linen lamp shade to protect your eyes

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5. HAITRAL Black Modern Table Lamp

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The HAITRAL Black Modern Table Lamp features a high-quality frame base design. It is combined with spray paint and a high temperature furnace fixation technology. Thus, the lamp is enduring, durable, and aesthetic. It can also be a beautiful accessory for one’s room. Moreover, the cord and plug of the table lamp are UL listed. With this, there are no security risks. Hence, you should not worry about any undesirable problems. It is guaranteed safe. In addition, it also has an on/off switch. This lamp becomes convenient for the user by eliminating the hassle of plugging in/out.

This small table lamp also has a very nice minimalist light. It is perfect for a stylish accessory to your modern house. In addition, the quality of the small table lamp is incredibly durable. To add, it is slip and trip-free. Hence, this lamp adds style and fashion while also being very efficient.

What We Like

  • High quality frame base design
  • Combined with spray paint and high temperature furnace fixation technology
  • There is no security risks
  • Adds style and fashion while also being very efficient

4. Set of 2 Industrial Touch Control Table Lamps

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This Bedside Nightstand Reading Lamps provides 2 free LED Edison Bulbs upon purchase. With this, you have two workable table lamps instantly upon receiving. Hence, it saves you the trouble of finding compatible bulbs to buy. Also, the table lamp features dual USB charging ports. Saving you from the trouble of having not enough wall sockets to charge your devices.

Moreover, this table lamp features a touch control. It allows you to only just tap the base for the user’s comfortability. Hence, you can turn on/off the light and adjust the brightness easily. It is easy to use for all, even for kids and elders. Furthermore, this lamp comes with a set of 2. It is a perfect gift choice for birthdays and festivals. Hence, purchasing this lamp will be a very smart choice.

What We Like

  • 2 free LED Edison Bulbs upon purchase
  • Features dual USB charging ports
  • Touch control
  • Comes with a set of 2

3. Albrillo Spiral Design LED Table Lamp

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The Albrillo LED Table Lamp is extremely notable for its spiral-shaped design. In addition, it has a durable stainless steel side. With this, the small table lamp gives you a simple, sturdy, and unique visual impression. Also, this lamp features a clever touch control. A simple touch can easily adjust the brightness to your favor.

Moreover, this lamp has an eye-caring LED panel. Thus, the lamp can weaken the direct emission of light. In this way, it can protect your eyes from eye fatigue even after hours of usage. In addition, this lamp is very versatile to use. Its unique design is suitable for multiple environments. Hence, this small table lamp offers style and versatility in one.

What We Like

  • Spiral-shaped design
  • Durable stainless-steel side
  • Clever touch control
  • Eye caring LED panel

2. Bedside Lamp with USB port with Round Flaxen Shade

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This Bedside Lamp is the perfect choice for an elegant home decoration. It is small in size which is ideal to place anywhere at your house. Moreover, this small table lamp creates a nice and comforting feeling. Hence, it makes it convenient and comfortable for family time. Also, this lamp offers a 3 way smooth dimmable touch control. You could tap anywhere on the metal base to adjust the brightness.

Aside from that, this Bedside Lamp also features a practical dual USB charging port. You can charge your devices whether the lamp is on or off. Thus, the user can charge without leaving the lamp on. Removing the worry of an increase in your electric bill. Lastly, this lamp is of high-quality materials. It is very durable and efficient for indoor use.

What We Like

  • Perfect choice for an elegant home decoration
  • Small in size
  • Offers a 3 way smooth dimmable touch control
  • Features a practical dual USB charging port

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1. Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp

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The Aooshine Minimalist Table Lamp guarantees safety for its users. The cord, socket, and plug of this table lamp are UL listed. With this, the user won’t have to worry about problems regarding its materials. Aside from that, this lamp features an on/off switch control. With this, it is very convenient and easy to use for everyone. Moreover, it has a minimalist design. The elegant sleek look elevates the aesthetic of your home.

Also, this lamp provides a comfortable glow. This small desk lamp creates a nice and comforting feeling in the house. With this, spending time with your family is more comfortable. In addition, the Aooshine Minimalist Table Lamp is also very versatile. It has an E26 universal standard base. Thus, it is completely best for bedroom, living room, and on a coffee table.

What We Like

  • Cord, socket and plug are UL listed
  • Has a minimalist design
  • Provides a comfortable glow
  • Very versatile

Buying Guide for Small table lamp –

Check out the following points when buying.


It is always best to choose small table lamps with a durable base and neck. In addition, you should choose lamps that have a sturdy base. With this, the lamp will stand firm without the worry of it tripping. In this way, using the small table lamp would be very convenient for the user. 

Extra features:

It is also better to choose lamps with added extra features. Some lamps offer USB charging ports. It makes the user convenient and comfortable when using it. Also, some lamps offer touch sensors. It also eliminates the hassle of flicking switches. With extra features, it makes the lamp more versatile and easier to use.


You should also take the size as a factor in purchasing the best table lamp. Some lamps consume a lot of space. On the other hand, some lamps are portable and trip-friendly. Choose lamps that perfectly fit into your tables and rooms.


Lamps portray an elegant style. Others show a simple and modern design. When choosing the best small table lamp, choose a compatible design that matches your table or room. With this, the table lamp will not only add lighting but a sense of fashion as well.  

Conclusion –

Small table lamps answer the need of light and style in one. These lamps not only provide lighting to a room, but also provide an aesthetic feel of ambience. When choosing the right lamp, there are several factors that you should consider. However, there are lamps who stood among the rest. They all provided a great sense of style and a reliable amount of light. Check out these top 10 small table lamps. With a  variety of styles, please choose as per your reference.